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YouTube intros new ways for content creators to earn more

YouTube announced major updates during their Made on YouTube event that highlighted earning opportunities for Creators creating Shorts and Music which are used for long-form and short-form videos.

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It was announced during YouTube’s Made on event that the YouTube Partner Program which originally caters to Content Creators that made long-form videos in the standard horizontal format is now being expanded to other creators who are Shorts-focused.

How will this work? All current and future YPP creators will be eligible for revenue sharing on Shorts starting as early as next year, 2023. With the new Shorts format, ads will be running between videos in the Shorts Feed. The creator will keep 45% of the revenue based on their share of tidal Shorts view regardless if the creator used music or not.

Youtube Partner Program Made On Event

The eligibility for a Creator who is Shorts-focus can join the YouTube Partner Program by having at least 1,000 subscribers and 10M valid public Shorts view in the last 90 days.

There’s also a new YPP Fan Funding which will have lower requirements to let creators gain early access to Fan Funding features like Super Thanks, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships. This new tier will be available to all creators making long-form, Shorts, and Live Creators next year, 2023.

Creator Music Made On Event

And of course, because music is not only essential to long-form video but it has also been a vital part of Short, YouTube created a new Creator Music inside the YouTube Studio that gives creators access to a growing catalog of music. Creators can also now buy music licenses that offer full monetizing potential. Creator Music is currently trialed in the US and will be expanded in other markets starting in 2023.

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