Asus Eee PC 1201N gets priced

Asus Eee PC 1201N gets priced

Looks like Asus decided to release the Eee PC 1201N in the Philippines after all. A month after the sale of the AMD Neo-powered Asus Eee PC 1201T, the Atom N330-powered Eee PC 1201N is now selling in stores.

asus 1201n

The sub-specs are basically the same, except for the CPU and GPU combo.

Asus Eee PC 1201N
12.1″ display @ 1366×768 pixels
Intel Atom N330 dual core 1.6GHz
nVidia Ion (GeForce 9400M)
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
HDMI port
3 USB 2.0 ports
SD card slot
0.3MP webcam
6-cell battery


Prices are listed (from PC Corner) as follows:

Php26,995 (w/ MS Windows 7 Home Starter)

Php30,995 (w/ Windows 7 Home Basic, 3GB RAM and 320GB HDD)

Compared to the 1201T, the 1201N is expected to be faster and have longer battery life than the former. However, earlier reports put the Windows Experience Index of the Atom N330 at 3.1 (that’s according to The Guardian; the 1201T has 3.2 in my tests) and battery gives a decent 3.5 hours (according to Engadget).

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70 Responses

  1. Pretty decent specs and pricing. Good for all-arounder.

  2. gelogs says:

    Yes! I’m getting this!

  3. Pedro says:

    Add to my wish list…

  4. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    nice specs.

    A very feasable gaming netbook XD

  5. guyrony says:

    hmmm…kind of expensive for a netbook and the 6-cell battery is weak.

  6. Paul says:

    It’s not too bad, in Amazon US it retails for about $500, not too far from the 26k it sells for here.

    Of course that comes with Windows 7 Home Premium while around here you only get Starter :/

  7. Jay says:

    “…while around here you only get Starter :/”

    can we get the 1201N WITHOUT the OS? pirated and functional copies of Windows 7 are aplenty. :)

  8. Jhay says:

    Not bad really. It would be great to run this with Ubuntu. :D

  9. this is definitely not a netbook anymore! 12 inchers are best substitutes to your work laptops and an easy-lug-around rig. might have to think again about the G450 now that the 1201N is in the stores.

  10. xtian says:

    guys ive been at MOA yesterday but i didnt see the asus 1201 where can i buy this laptop? plss rep

  11. it has been said says:

    I bought mine at sm north edsa cyberzone at complink (with free small mouse, win7 starter :( and a headset) last saturday for 26,900
    They said that they have five stocks left minus mine so that’ll be four haha.
    When you go to SM try to look to other stores with better freebies (it has been said in another forum that he got two laptop bags)

  12. Is this the first ever Ion powered netbook released here in the Philippines?

    Great balance between graphics power and battery life…

  13. xtian says:

    @ it has been said,,, hows the performance? the heat n the noise?

  14. StrayArrow says:

    Very good… I wonder when can I buy it here in the province I really need a new netbook… since I started blogging 2 weeks ago I had a hard time dividing or scheduling the use of our 1 laptop with the rest of my family… :-)

  15. Kiko says:

    @Sir Yuga
    recently bought an MSI wind U230 which has similar specs than this. What are the advantages of Eee PC 1201N over the U230? Should i have just waited?

  16. limuel says:

    nice specs and price,, i think its much better than hp 311

  17. Hhmmm says:

    Pwede n din, but will never be a gaming laptop (@IC DeaDPiPoL)… Pretty decent for the price but will definitely run slower that regular laptop. But for the “genre” this book is pretty much a nice buy.

  18. BungeeJump says:

    The silver color edition looks very cool.

  19. Thomas says:

    I’m so getting this.

  20. Carolyn says:

    Will this be able to handle programming?

  21. jab says:

    @pusang kulag

    to answer your question… from what i remember it’s the 2nd netbook with ION here… HP Mini 311 is the ION netbook to hit our shores…

  22. xtian says:

    guys where can i buy this asus 1201n with that better specs the 3gb n windows 7 home 3gb 320 hdd? pls rep asap! help me!! ive been seaching the whole day but i cant find this laptop!

  23. John Clark says:

    Specs are great, but I tried several test units in Cyberzone and it seem that the keyboard, specially on the right side has a flex issue. When you hit a button (P,0,L,K,{,}) the other letters seems to go down as well. Not to solid though still a worthy gaming netbook for me.

  24. NineSwordz says:

    Sir Yuga, is this up to 4GB of RAM? just like the MSI Wind12 U230?

  25. NineSwordz says:

    Oops sorry, I already asked that on the other review.. its only 2gb. ^_^ v

  26. FOX says:

    my “N” has a key issue as well, not to mention back-up issue, in which i could not seem to burn the back-up on CD =(.. then ALT key is not locked on the other side so when pressing it, one side tends to move upward …supplier should fix this =(

  27. Zyber says:

    To Yuga or anyone … help naman please!

    I dont know what to buy between these two: ASUS 1201N or MSI Wind U230 – Guys which do you think is the BEST between these two OVERALL?

    Kasi halos parehas ng specs, so i’m decided what to buy.

    Sino po sakanila mas LAMANG overall?? Thanks guys!!

  28. NineSwordz says:

    @John Clark & FOX : Hmm.. keyboard problems huh.. maybe I’ll just wait for the others that already bought this and hear their problems also.. I’ll settle with the MSI Wind12 U230 if that Asus has a defect.. And a lot cheaper too! ^_^

  29. PS3! says:

    mukhang okay ang specs ah. Good Bargain na to diba?

  30. PS3! says:

    @John Clark & FOX: have you heard any other users having the same problem? Baka sa unit niyo lang :( Planning to buy this soon eh. Just wanting to make sure I make the right purchase. Thanks!

  31. FOX says:


    actually ung complaint na keyboard is flexing, normal na pala yan kasi lahat ng 1201N ganun talaga but its not a hassle naman.. ung prob ko sa ALT key dati inayos na nila, but i have my replacement unit instead kasi there are some other issues (natapat lng sakin ung unit na mejo problematic hehe) …

    Anyway overall this is one powerful netbook im telling you sa porma at performance (mejo madali lang uminit) but OVERALL GOOD!.. ;)

  32. PS3! says:

    Good to hear!! :) akala ko hassle napaisip tuloy ako kung bibili ako. :) thanks for the info! much appreciated. hehe

  33. FOX says:


    try to visit our forum on tipidpc about 1201N.. you can ask questions there with our fellow users ;)

  34. NineSwordz says:

    Already bought this baby! I got the silver one, (cause the piano black has full of fingerprints of the agents! =) and its look nice.

    The package comes with a free optical mouse (generic I think..), a bag, and a 4GB flash drive. Not bad I think.. (btw, I included the Windows 7 starter since I bought it using my friend’s credit card.. lol)

    When it comes to performance.. It loads faster than I expected. Graphics were tested using CS 1.6 (portable. =) and the game doesn’t lag or anything. I haven’t tested it with heavy games though..

    And the “Flex” issue in this machine? I think I haven’t seen it in my 1201N.. the keyboard looks normal, I hit the related keys they mention that has the flex and there’s nothing wrong with it. Very smooth typing experience.

    These reviews really helped me in deciding on what to buy. Nicely done sir Yuga! ^_^v

  35. FOX says:


    Wow, that’s a good deal.. ako nga 2 bags lang..(I chose another bag worth P925 instead of the flashdrive.. :D) ikaw may mouse pa ;)

    ako naman di ko nakikita kundi ko pa nalaman sa iba ung flexing ng keyboard.. kasi nga di obvious as in and not bothersome at all.

    and yeah silver is a good one fact i had 2nd thought when i saw that kasi maganda din, but sabi ng salesman mas mganda daw black coz mukang sosyal..hehe – i just hate its bein’ a fingerprint magnet.. welcome to the club bro, good choice!

  36. NineSwordz says:

    Actually, I haven’t got the flash drive hiningi kasi ng friend ko.. payment sa kanya sa paggamit ko ng card niya.. hehe..

    siya nga rin nag recommend na silver kunin ko kasi yung Acer nya glossy type, visible daw talaga yung fingerprints and dusts.. pero ok rin naman yung piano black, punasan mo nga lang lagi. ^_^

    The only downside that I can see so far is yung TEMP ng unit.. Madali siyang uminit.. pero normal temp lang naman, hindi sobrang init. Siguro pumapalo lang talaga yung 2 core + ION..

    Anyway, overall this is an awesome machine. Highly recommended.

  37. FOX says:


    true.. yeah I have 14-inch Acer a black one also, kaya nilagyan ko ng skin..

    true.. ung temp nga nya dali uminit..i believe dahil din sa ION kasi it had been reported nvidia to cause heat up, pero tolerable na din, lagyan nlng ng cooler and dont put it nalang sa cloth. ;)

  38. NineSwordz says:

    Yeah your right bout that..

    Anyway I have a question though.. talaga bang 256mb and dedicated memory ng Nvidia ION? I’ve checked the dxdiag and It says that the ded.mem. is only 256mb.. I thought it was 512 as some reviews said?..

  39. jenny dela cruz says:

    anu poh bha ung OS?…no idea about that..since ala ako laptop but im lookin forward to buy one!

  40. Cyruz says:

    i bought this unit (black edition) here in Saudi and the price is around 1800 sar (Php21,700), it exceeded all my expectation based on a week of reading the reviews and comments from the users worldwide, boot-up is fast (less than 10 sec.) graphics is awesome thanks to Invidia ION, screen size is perfect, keys are well spaced, touch pad also works good, to those guys who thinks this baby cant handle 3d games well you will be disapointed because it handles Need for Speed Carbon, Return To Wolfenstein perfectly, this is a great buy guys and this is the best mobile laptop for me

  41. FOX says:

    kainggit dude nabili mo ng mas mura! hehe.. though i agree with what u commented.. this baby is overall sexy! ;) I’ll get rid of my 1-year-old A*** lappy (bigat 14 incher e).. this “N” is already perfect for me from looks, size to specs… sweeeeet!

  42. FOX says:

    dude, u mentioned playing need for speed. I have one too but its kinda pixeled, may be u can help me – where can I adjust this? big thanks!

  43. NineSwordz says:

    yeah I agree, the ION GPU is superb. I can even play Left 4 Dead 2 at 15 FPS (yeah na-tyaga ko, hehe).. not bad, because the game is one of the newest right now.. CS 1.6 is a perfect 50-60 FPS with MAX graphic settings..

    I’m gonna test it with “The Last Remnant” which needs a massive power of GPU. Let’s see if it can still play this epic game from SquareEnix.

  44. Cyruz says:


    i didnt encountered any pixelization in Need for Speed carbon dude, CS 1.6 also runs smooth, anyway mas malaki tlaga ang binaba ng prize ng mga electronics dito specially laptops, problema tlaga sa atin jan ang tax kya nga i bought all my electronic gadgets here in saudi

  45. mae says:

    san po mkakabili ng cheapest na ganito?within metro manila..i need help..and kung meron ba silang 6months payment or 12months..thanks..

  46. YEN says:


  47. NineSwordz says:

    @mae & yen: Sa mga SM meron yan, yung mga laptop/computer stores. And fixed po ang price nyan, ewan ko depende yan sa kung anong bundle kasama. Yup meron silang 12 months via CC..

    UPDATE: I can’t test “The Last Remnant” cause other files are corrupt (stupid rars.. ^_^). Instead, I install “Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare” and the game is super playable. Without overclock, I manage to get 30-50 FPS.. after updating the ION, it went up to 45-65 FPS! I’m starting to love this machine. ^_^

  48. sab says:

    i read somewhere that the ram memory could still be upgraded, does anyone have any idea how much it would cost?

    compared to hp mini 311, mas okay ba toh? im thinking of getting the hp mini but with all this new ones coming out i’m confused.. :\

  49. mae says:

    mas ok toh, i researched everything about this machine,and its all good..its better than HP mini 311..:) btw,thanks nineswordz..i went to sm annex and checked the price..its about 26k, and if its installment payment, it will be 2.5k smthng per month..:)

  50. YEN says:

    …..tga davao poh ako!merun SM dito sa davao pero try ko check ung mga store! im afraid baka sira2 lang cya tpos di palitan eh! meron bha keo alam na store sa davao na maganda ang service?
    ….help plz

  51. NineSwordz says:

    @YEN: hello! first of all.. hindi me taga davao eh. Pero when it comes to SM naman, siguro pare-pareho lang sila. Ok I’ll name some shop in SM or anywhere that you might visit, mga legit naman to eh..

    I bought mine from “Accent Micro” – SM Mall of Asia, M.Manila. So far the best service nila. And they have the best “freebies”.

    Other shops that offer 1201n are “Villman” and “Asianic”.. but if you like try mo na rin yung iba. Meron yang mga yan sa SM. Pag wala, punta ka nalang dito sa Manila.. ^_^

  52. YEN says:

    hi!! nineswordz^^,.
    too far para punta sa manila,besides mahal pamasahe….heheh…
    tnx sa advice try ko yan!kung meron sila branch dito
    meron ako na kita na 1201n…
    26,800 ang price….
    dko natanung ung freebies nila…
    tpos window 7 starter tpos di license…
    kung di license anu effect? hmmm…..


    ask ko na rin….san mas maganda hp 311 or 1201n?
    anu difference nila..?

  53. NineSwordz says:

    @YEN: Licensed po yang windows 7 starter, di sila nagbebenta ng fake or burn lang. ^^

    311 or 1201n? 1201n.

  54. YEN says:

    sabi nya di daw license haha…iniechos ata ako ng salesman whehe..^_^
    bat ganun ms window 7 home premium nakalagay sa asus na website..same lang bha window 7 starter?hmmm…..
    wew mas maganda pla itong 1201n….^^..excited nako ibuy cya …^^…

  55. shoshin says:


    I have a friend that sells PCs and loptops. Refer kita. He will make you a package for 1201n na complete na softwares and hindi lang Windows Starter (which also affects the speed of the unit) KAhit ultimate ok plus you can add other softwares for free.

    Hindi tayo mismo mag transact but I will be glad to refer you since doon ako bumibili sa kanya.

    All transactions will be through YM then punta ka lang sa kanila pag bibili na.

    DAVAO area only.
    Message me na lang sa YM paul_shoshin

  56. DVS says:

    To all whos interested sa ASUS 1201N. We just bought one almost 2 days ago palang, and I would like to sell it for same price.

    RFS, d naman namin talaga namin need ng laptop, and ok na kahit ung mas lumang model lang para mura, kc sa office babad na kami sa computer. E mahusay ung sales guy napabili tuloy kami, cash pa.

    For P26,995.00

    Contact # 09198607016 – Don


  57. stella says:

    hi? can i ask?….which is better window 7 starter or window home premium?
    help plz…..

  58. I got this around a week ago as a second laptop. I already have my 4-year-old Dell E1505 but I’m loving how the Asus 1201N outperforms my older lappy in terms of games :) Still very handy to drag to school, too :)

  59. jose says:

    how about the keyboard issue?? reflex?

  60. NineSwordz says:

    @stella : Both are good.. but of course.. the best OS around is the Windows 7 Ultimate for it has the most features available (specially the XP mode!) Its price is a little “mabigat sa bulsa”, but its worth it. Or gusto mo punta ka kay “Jack Sparrow” to get one.. hehe! ^^

  61. lerik says:

    Good day guys! just wanna ask, where can I avail this 1201N with 3GB/320GB in its lowest value or with lots of freebies? How much is the cost? Replies are much appreciated thank you :D

  62. mael says:

    Help please. Have a few questions.
    I got one earlier today from PC Express (Putik ang bagal nila don!). Anyway I noticed na sa system information it only says
    Processor: “Intel Atom CPU 330 @ 1.6hz 1.6hz”
    It doesnt say DUAL CORE. Naloko ba ako or ganito talaga pati inyo?
    Tapos sa device manager, under processors apat ung nakalista na “Intel Atom CPU 330 @ 1.6hz”
    Ganun po ba talaga? Feeling ko tuloy nascam ako.
    HELP sa kaya sagutin mga tanong ko.

  63. mael says:

    Help anyone please!
    Did anybody else experience seeing just a black screen when you turn on your machine?
    I got mine 3 weeks ago and this happend.
    Its just a black screen. Windows doesnt boot. It doesnt even tell me if there is any error. No nothing.
    And the jerks at PC Express Gilmore won’t replace it with a new unit saying that the 7 day grace period is over. Screw them! Screw Asus!

  64. alessa says:

    Sir Yuga wen will asus release the latest asus eee pc 1215n in the philippines? im waiting for it po..hehe.and if it’s ok, can u make a review of the said netbook jst to knw how it compares to other asus laptops…thank you and God bless! btw i love reading ur blogs. urs is the best blog i’ve ever read ^_^

  65. FOX says:

    @mael.. a late reply but this might help to ease ur mind… yes it does not indicate dual core when u checked it under system info.. download CPUID HWMonitor program. It does not only give you info regarding running temps of your pc but it also indicate that you have two cores running under ATOM.

    smile.. ;)

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