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Asus outs Karim Rashid Eee PC SeaShell

Asus is looking to invade the fashion-accented market of HP netbooks. So move aside Vivienne Tam and Tord BoontjeKarim Rashid is here.

This is basically the Asus EeePC 1008P with Intel’s Atom Pine Trail.

Intel Atom N450
10.1-inch display @1024×600
WiFi 802.11n
Gigabit LAN
Bluetooth 2.1
1.3 megapixel camera
3-cell battery

And it looks like they put some effort in the design of the lids (it’s not just a paint finish but a textured one as well).

The Karim Rashid Collection is available in Hot Pink and Coffee Brown colors and will sell for Php25,900.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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21 Responses

  1. I want the Yugatech EEEPC! :)

  2. simplynice93 says:

    Look very nice! But with 1GB DDR2 RAM, I most likely pass..

  3. josengSISIW says:

    I can buy one with better specs and less than this price…

  4. StrayArrow says:

    Yup… the memory is a downer plus also the colors…defintely not one for the wishlist…

  5. StrayArrow says:

    The memory is a downer plus the color are not great… definitely not one for my wishlist.

  6. StrayArrow says:

    Not one for my wish list… the memory and colors are disapointing.

  7. StrayArrow says:

    Not god enough…considering the price and the specs plus the colors… hmmmm

  8. ryan ang says:


    of course you can.. but that’s not the point here. the price premium is due to the redesign of the case. Kinda like buying a Sony over an Acer, considering same specs.

  9. It comes with an extra battery pack too …. a nice feature when you’re out on vacation, or just working in some coffee shop. :)

  10. Ram is down even though putting a Pinetrail, still its not in my choice. Really don’t like the specs and the looks. Fashion, eh?

  11. paul e. says:

    a good example of style over substance… obviously made for fashionistas… not my cup of tea.

  12. Pusang Kulog says:

    He he he… I’m wondering what the ladies will think about this unit… :P

    The lovely woman behind me is shouting “Girl power! Girl power!”

  13. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    I wonder if Asus will release an eee with replaceable faceplates/laptop skin instead later on.

  14. StrayArrow says:

    Sorry for the multiple comments posts,akala ko hindi nag po post kasi nag hahang at nahuhuli daw ng anti spam defenses ng yuga site…bakit kaya sir abe?

  15. ManChildTech says:

    A very good gift idea for those who value style. Not necessarily over substance but a real winner in the design book. :) And as that girl from ASUS (above) said, it comes with a battery pack, which is a very good deal especially when out and about, or taking breaks from shopping and the like. :)

  16. PS3! says:

    Niceeeee. I like the design!

  17. Jay Ee says:

    Ganda, pangregalo ko sa girlfriend haha :)

  18. Schoolkid.Ph says:

    Me likey!!!

    The designer is what’s putting the price on this one. Karim Rashid is one of the top industrial designers out there.

    But, yeah, this would appeal more for the girls, i think.

  19. Fatima Joy Miranda says:

    I have a question, is this still available in the market here?

  20. Jin says:

    Asus has really step up, regarding the fashion statement of their customer. It really has a very cool design. The style is great, and it is a nice gift to anyone.

  21. Edwin C says:

    Ah, basta! Hintay ko dating ng iPad 2 dito ‘Pinas. Kailan ba talaga, kuya. At ako ay bibili.

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