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Asus X101 lands this October for Php9,995

Just got a tip from a reliable source that the super-thin Asus Eee PC X101 will be released in the Philippines this October with an estimated retail price of Php9,995.

Image by Engadget

The Asus X101 is a 10-inch netbook running on Meego OS.


Asus Eee PC X101 specs:
Intel Atom N435 1.33GHz.
10.1-inch display @ 1024×600 pixel resolution
Bluetooth 2.1
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Weighs 950g or 2.1lbs
17.6mm thin
2 x USB 2.0 ports
microSD card slot
2600mAh Li-Ion battery
Meego OS

The price of the Meego OS variant will be at Php9,995 but there’s an option to get the one with Windows 7 and 250GB/320GB HDD. The price for that one is still un-determined.

Update: Changed the photo. The first one was for the Asus UX21.

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43 Responses

  1. Pinoy Persuasion says:

    For the win. Bili ako nya for sure. I am so excited! At least maiba naman, I have Android na rin and na-try ko na iPhone.

  2. Whoa, and just after I got an ASUS 1015px n570 dualcore as a portable-rough-it alternative to my MB. :( Time to ask for a, yep, refund. Hahaha! :D

  3. Sean says:

    wow. it looks like the mac book air.

  4. lawrence says:

    wow ang mura ha, pang masa. sana yung win7 di ganong kalayo sa price

  5. bryan_mmx says:

    wow meego? I’m pretty sure someone’s gonna port an android over this and become the cheapest android netbook ever

  6. godofredo says:

    :-O whoa lang ang nasabi ko pagkakita ko. for the price, wow but still have to test if meego works well though.

  7. lawrence says:

    obviously they went for meego to lower down the price. I fear for the lack of apps for meego, pero I think since atom based to, madali lang maginstall ng ibang OS. Ewan ko lang sa win7 since 8gb lang ang laman ng 9k variant.

  8. brilliant says:

    wow almost 10k lang.. pero pag nandito na sa pinas.. nasa 15k up na yan..haha

    • Icesteam says:

      Sir nakalagay php9995 , php is peso , fyi asus eeepc 1015xpc atom dual core is 13k lang.

    • brilliant says:

      sir fyi estimated retail price of Php9,995. estimated lang so hindi pa sure na php9,995 nga pwede pang tumaas at nako lalo na dito sa pinas labo yan and yes alam ko ang php noh.. :p

  9. May the price will still be what is announced or lesser when i have the means to purchase it.

  10. jonas says:

    astig ah.. talagang portable na

  11. sylv3rblade says:

    We finally have a workable netbook below 10k (well 5 pesos below)

  12. lilboyblue says:

    im just hoping there’s an alternative to red :p hehe

  13. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    So the cheapness comes from the use of an 8Gb SSD drive? I’d install debian or Linux Mint if I get one XD

    it comes in white brown and black

  14. ty says:

    apps wont be a problem if android apps can run on meego.

  15. Pusang Kulog says:

    I could always run Windows 7 on an SD Card.

    My hope is that the internal Card reader will be for SDXC and not just SDHC.

  16. LilBoyBlue says:

    dont know much about meego on netbooks, just a question, can this run MS office programs?

  17. fr0stbyte says:

    Gotta buy this one when it comes out. I heard that there’s an alternative model (X101H) that sports a hard-disk drive which comes with Windows. The processor’s a bit underpowered and the display’s so yesterday but hey, that light weight and thin profile makes up for it, right? Imma get the white one. There’s also the UX21. Gonna save for that too.

  18. lawrence says:

    I got interested with this, until I checked the prices of other current netbooks and found out that yes, you can get a dual-core for 13k and single core for 11k or lesser. That’s some thousands additional to get a much better specs, processor,screen and storage-wise.

    I think the selling point of this one now is the thinness. If they’ll bring this down to 8k mark, then that’s another story :)

  19. 21 says:

    fr sre, others will say i’m carrying a laptop with windows in it. but it’s a meego. something new, hard to go with this.

  20. why meego? aesthetics? meego is only good for super basic usage like browsing the net, doing your social stuff, checking emails and that’s just pretty much it.

    i installed meego on my 1015pem but got pissed at how hard installing media codecs was. i wanted to play some vids like downloaded anime but got disappointed that they’ve no packaged bundle of codecs like that in ubuntu available.

    so i switched back to ubuntu.

    make that netbook with ubuntu and it could be better. ditch the win7 starter one since that one sucks. even if its genuine, i threw it away and overwritten mine with a free linux distro..

    ~just my 2 cents

  21. Sold! says:

    PC Corner already has X101H for sale..


  22. rain says:

    ano po mas maganda? ito o yung lenovo s10-3?

  23. rain says:

    also, ba’t nauna itong lumabas dito kesa sa asus ep121,e matagal na yun sa market. maganda sana yung ultraportable na hindi madaling maghingalo.

  24. cxn says:

    Kaya pala mura kasi meego ang OS… well pwede naman magpalit ng OS anytime ;)

  25. aa says:

    pwede mo naman lagyan ng pirated na win 7 hehehh

  26. go says:

    pwede ba lagyan XP diyan? ahehehe XD mas gusto ko pa xp kaysa sa win7S..

  27. nico says:

    Meego? Ubuntu na lang sana. Haha.

  28. nonie says:

    @nico…maitanong ko lang, ano ipinagka iba between ubuntu at ang meego…di ba linux based din ang meego at pati na rin ang ubuntu…hindi ba maganda ang meego? plan ko kasi to buy this netbook pag lumabas na sa market…thanks. God bless.

  29. lawrence says:

    Kung di ako nagkakamali, ang meego, linux based lang siya, parang variant lang ng linux, maybe like android but performs better. unlike sa ubuntu, pure linux talaga, complete operating system pang pc.

    actually nahihirapan parin ako gamitin ang ubuntu. hirap sa mga drivers, at sa apps medyo kulang. mas ok parin ang windows xp for me.

    • MJ says:

      Ang MeeGo, Linux based OS na gawa ng Intel at Nokia. Hindi siya pang PC. Ginawa ito para sa mga mobile devices.

      Hirap sa drivers? Bakit naman? Stuck ka lang siguro sa WinXP.

  30. lawrence says:

    Sir Yuga, pa confirm naman kung may VGA port tong model para pwede kunwari masalpakan ng projectors o external displays. Malaking factor kasi sakin yung for school purposes.

  31. eason says:

    X101 doesn’t have an VGA out, but the X101H does have VGA Output. :)

  32. MJ says:

    October?! Tagal pa!

  33. hazel says:

    lets wait for october…

  34. bill says:

    sir,, yuga pwede b tong palitan ng win 7…tnx

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