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CM Fusion Bolt gets a boost with new firmware

When Cherry Mobile posted on their Facebook page a photo of the CM Fusion Bolt’s AnTuTu benchmark performance but we were a bit skeptical because of the timestamp. So, we did our own research and got an updated firmware, flashed it on the Fusion Bolt and tried to replicate the results.


The updated firmware we found is actually an Ainol firmware for the Novo 7 Venus which we believed is similar to what CM is using on their final market release. We flashed the ROM using a developer tool for Actions devices.

If you haven’t read our first impressions of the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt I suggest that you take a look at our initial benchmarks by clicking here.

For the new set of benchmarks we used AnTuTu, Quadrant Standard, and NenaMark 2.

Much of the improvements are seen on AnTuTu. From the initial score of 5,985 it now has a score of 11,053. For Quadrant, from the initial score of 2,722 it now has a score if 2,802. It’s not drastic but still an improvement.


NenaMark 2 gauged its Vivante GC1000+MP GPU and from an initial result of 34.9fps it’s now at 45.4fps.


And it’s not just benchmark scores that has improved. The Fusion Bolt is now noticeably smoother and faster. We’re hoping to get our hands on CM’s own ROM or another updated Fusion Bolt and find out if there are any differences.

Editor’s Note: Please note that the firmware update is specific to the Ainol Novo 7 Venus Lite but since the CM Fusion Bolt is exactly the same, we’re very confident Cherry Mobile’s update will be the same (what we think they’re still working on are the labeling details like the boot-up screen, CPU info, etc.)

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Avatar for Diangson Louie

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

33 Responses

  1. Avatar for balahura balahura says:

    natawa ako dun sa unang review ng CM FB.. sabi sa comments hinack daw pati results ng antutu, tapos tricks lang daw to ng CM kasi 5k lang daw score haha, ngayon 11k na ang score.. nagulat kea sila?? lol

  2. Avatar for brent brent says:

    guys, how to do the firmware update for the fusion bolt? nagulat ako kasi wala about sa settings… a little help pls… 092758***** brent here. thanks!

  3. Avatar for kamote kamote says:

    mataas kasi resolution ng screen kaya mas hirap and procie at gpu ng fusion bolt pagdating sa games kesa sa mga dual core na 800×400 lang ang screen. at di naman talaga kalakasan yung vivante na gpu. kung mali400 lang sana ginamit ng ainol para sa venus / bolt gaya nung mga nasa aurora / elf at mga old models e ayos na ayos sana

    • Avatar for rui no onna rui no onna says:

      Hindi kataasan ang resolution nito. It’s just standard nowadays really. The older Ainol Novo7 Flame/Fire (1280*800) with dual-core AML8726 and Mali400 GPU actually performs better than the Venus. Yun nga lang, mas mahal pa yung Fire kesa sa Venus so mukhang mas mura pa yung ATM7025/9 compared to dual-core chips.

      Most tablets use an SOC (system on chip) so magkasama yung CPU and GPU. Basically, any tablet with ATM7025/9 will have a Vivante GC1000+ GPU. If they wanted quad-core with Mali 400 (or Adreno or PowerVR), they’d have to get a different chip altogether and I believe at the time, wala masyadong quad-core choices for the target price point.

      I reckon Ainol chose the ATM7025/9 for marketing hype just so they can sell a “quad-core” tablet. The dual-core RK3066 would have been a better fit.

      By the way, there’s a new 0328 firmware available and reports are it works more smoothly compared to 0203. Alas, can’t really do anything about the crappy GPU.

  4. Avatar for Kahit Kahit says:

    kahit dugain pa nila ang antutu scores still laggy pa rin ito

    kasi nga pangit ang processor at gpu

    • Avatar for TeeYoy TeeYoy says:

      True, bought this for my son and playing Arcane legends is such a drag considering quad-core, CM Flare and our Android HP Touchpad is actually much, much faster…you get what you paid for ‘ika nga :/

  5. Avatar for oyuz oyuz says:

    antutu benchmark score q sa cm fusion bolt q is 11666 wlang update ng rom.

  6. Avatar for lawrence lawrence says:

    Can you provide a link to the Venus Lite rom mentioned here? I’d like to try it on my Fusion Bolt. Thanks.

  7. Avatar for jules jules says:

    paano i-update and firmware sa cm fusion bolt?.. please… tnx…

  8. Avatar for Kent Ryan Kent Ryan says:

    biased benchmark test.. did they really included the s4? wala pa ngang s4 meron na agad dito..

  9. Avatar for eric eric says:

    cherry mobile tablet sucks!! bought a superior plus duo tablet last january 2..it died on january 23..bought it at there main service center the next day..up to this day (march 11, 2013) the unit is still unrepaired and cherry mobile does not give a crap about it!!


  10. Avatar for chacha chacha says:

    Di nagwowork ang antutu app sa fusion bolt:( (March 6 release)
    vellamo lng, pwede if you use the rerooted default ainol firmware like nung nsa taas.

    though sa vellamo almost above lng sa Samsung Tab ung result.
    AVG recognizes the tab as Ainol Fusion Bolt not cherry.

    ps: Cm didnt install many usefull apps on their latest Fusion bolt release, you have to do it manually, also try to unable the auto rotate function, it might cause a problem later when installing apps.
    solution is factory reset, reinstall k nga lng uli ng apps.
    also you have to use a battery saver app to maximize the battery otherwise halos dim light n lng brightness lagi to save it’s juice.

  11. Avatar for george george says:

    mag pipo s1 nalang kau hahah ok pa

  12. Avatar for patrick patrick says:

    pano po ba mag upgrade ng rom? may step by step instruction kau?

  13. Avatar for Jed Ho Jed Ho says:


    request to please review with full HD video playing and actual games again for the new FW. and battery life too. hehe.


  14. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    Got a Fusion Bolt a while ago. It’s noticeably laggy compared to my Nexus 7, but that’s thrice the price. Will be giving this to my parents for them to surf the net and read books.

  15. Avatar for Marco Marco says:

    Fusion Bolt registers 11K+ in AnTuTu for actual users who lined up and bought their production units earlier today. That is unrooted, no mods, and no tweaks done.

  16. Avatar for Boomerwhang Boomerwhang says:

    Paano naman maglalabas ng madaming units? Di naman sila ang gumagawa nung units, binibili lang nila sa Ainol (China) ang mga ito, tapos tinatatakan lang na CM, tulad sa CD-R King.

    Notorious pa man din ang Ainol sa pagawa nang mga units na may short production runs, na biglang phase out (kaya nga konti lang ang Flame tablets na lumabas), kaya madami tuloy bugs at quality issues ang mga gawa nila.

    • Avatar for lilboyblue lilboyblue says:

      ^ this i second. I’ve read a number of complaints regarding quality of Ainol products (especially malfunctioning screens and buttons)

      I’m not sure though if CM really acquires there products from Ainol.

  17. Avatar for oyo oyo says:

    Bakit kailangan pa papilahin ang mga tao. Sana
    maglabas na lang sila ng maraming units. Yung ibang pumipila ni reresale nila ng mas mahal. Local na nga may ganun pa. Nagtatanong lang. Peace.

  18. Avatar for Joe Joe says:

    Just got my Fusion Bolt a couple of hours ago. Will try out the ROM upgrade after I finish with the initial charging. It will be really awesome if this works!

    So far the only ROM I’ve been able to find is for the Ainol Novo 7 (not Lite). Is that the one you used? They should be compatible kasi clock speed lang naman pinagkaiba nila.

  19. Avatar for ManlolokoCM ManlolokoCM says:

    tweaks, magic at overclock = 11k antutu points

  20. Avatar for Rob Rob says:

    It’s 4,000 pesos guys. Buti nga may firmware upgrade pa eh

  21. Avatar for bvGanda bvGanda says:

    the tegra line of GPU’s are wayy better.

  22. Avatar for no way no way says:

    ..forget it…that GPU sucks…if CM releases a quad core tab with atleast an andreno onboard i’ll rethink buying a cm product..and please..the ram,rom and battery should get an overhaul too…

  23. Avatar for ferdinand marte ferdinand marte says:

    Go Cherry Go!!! I’ll get one if the production release is indeed optimized with the new firmware.

  24. Avatar for Justin Justin says:

    CM: Aha! May tweak pala to improve the performance of our Fusion Bolt tablets. So instead of the P3,999 SRP, gagawin na naming P5,999! :)

  25. Avatar for ryanrudolf ryanrudolf says:

    its slow even if the benchmark scores have improved?

  26. Avatar for Freeje Freeje says:

    The Ainol Novo Venus is quite slow when I tried to open document files using Kingsoft Office. It takes awhile to load a ppt file and even slower to load slides. Not so good in gaming given the lowly GPU used.

  27. Avatar for Smokescreen Smokescreen says:

    That’s good news. Hopefully the new firmware is installed upon release And it fixes the bugs when playing games in general.

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