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Dell Philippines to enter PC retail?

That came as a surprise. Read from the Inquirer that Dell Philippines is targeting the PC retail market in the country. Is the Philippine market for desktop PCs huge enough for Dell to join in the fierce competition that’s already fought by Acer, IBM, HP and Lenovo?

Dell PhilippinesDell claims that they already own 21% of the PC market in the Philippines, based on analyst figures, which includes desktop PCs and Intel-based servers (Dell PowerEdge servers).

My guess is that a huge chunk of that comes from bulk purchases of call centers and servers for data centers.

In an interview , Barry Bunyi, Dell Philippines country manager, said Dell was likely to choose a retail partner to serve the local market. This retail strategy is part of Dell’s plan to target consumers and small business users. Locally, Dell sells mostly to corporate customers through resellers.

There’s no definite time line for this according to Bunyi but I reckon that once we see a dedicated retail website for Dell Philippines, that’s the time when they’ve formally entered the retail market. Dell is very popular in the US for carving a huge market in the direct-to-home PC business. It has also penetrated other nearby Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

I first discussed about the viability of Direct to Home PC business during my talked with local PC retail store Rising Sun. It’s also interesting to know if that 5-6% credit card charges being added by stores like PCX will be finally abolished considering that it’s one of the reasons most people resist in using their credit cards.

Will Dell successfully sell to the average Juan dela Cruz? Will there be an online store we can actually shop for bargains? Would be interesting to see how they’ll manage to do that.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

34 Responses

  1. Avatar for zed zed says:

    that’s a great news…weeeeeeeew

  2. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    My wife lives in Cebu City Philippines. Where can she buy a Dell computer. I am looking for the Inspiron i764-5955 in Pink.

  3. Avatar for eya eya says:

    obnoxious queer, please help me naman where i can find the dell store…my laptop was broken kasi and lcd nya ay di na nagfunction di ko tuloy magamit tnag laptop ko kaya kailangan na magawa..please help me..thank you!

  4. Avatar for eya eya says:

    i need to know the dell store, please let me know…

  5. Avatar for eya eya says:

    kailangan ko pong mapagawa ang laptop ko,please let me know the address..thank you!

  6. Avatar for eya eya says:

    the brand of my laptop is dell and its broken so need to fix..please let me know the exact address of your company so that we can visit you and fiex m laptop…please.thank you.

  7. Avatar for maya garcia maya garcia says:

    where are those dell systems can be found?
    i checked pc stores but they dont have dell system,
    meron pero mga old models. I need an Ins 14 with
    red colored top cover..

  8. Avatar for Gelyn Gelyn says:

    does anyone know where the Dell store is in the Philippines and if they they already have the Inspiron 14z?

  9. Avatar for kulangot! kulangot! says:

    XPS is pretty good but beware of XPS M1330 that’s running on NVIDIA video card. DELL and NVIDIA admitted that they put substandard GPU die on its video card that’s why it usually give Bluescreen

  10. Avatar for andre andre says:

    WHere can i buy dell XPS ALL IN ONE DESKTOP ???
    IN CEBU ????

  11. Avatar for andre andre says:

    Why can i not buy XPS desktop all in one 20 inch ?

  12. Avatar for jana jana says:

    is it possible kung bibili ako ng notebuk sa DELL then yung acct ng dad ko sa dell yung ggamitin ko? he’s living sa Canada.. i mean, ill be using he’s account no. pero he will call to talk to them na i was authorized to use his account? ok lang kaya? wat do you think people? kasi he don’t want to order online..

  13. Avatar for rod rod says:

    where can i buy hinges for dell latitude x200
    please i need an exact location here at the philippine…

    Thank you very much…

  14. Avatar for enrie aguila enrie aguila says:

    meron b kyo alam n battery charger ng dell na laptop po,,,magkano po

  15. Avatar for Rofhel Rofhel says:

    Do you sell Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop charger?
    I badly need it.

    Pls email me at


    I would greatly appreciate your response.

  16. Avatar for Squall Squall says:



  17. Avatar for burn out xps m1330 wd Geforce 8400M GS burn out xps m1330 wd Geforce 8400M GS says:

    my posts are not fraud!
    Ill show you wana xps laptop wd 8400.

    X3100 vid graph processor or any integrated vid dont get overheating. At least

  18. Avatar for burn out xps m1330 wd Geforce 8400M GS burn out xps m1330 wd Geforce 8400M GS says:

    anyone who has a contact number to dell for laptop replacement?

    All xps with dedicated gpu are defective. Its a big loss for dell and nvidia.

  19. Avatar for iwannaxps iwannaxps says:

    Try www.cooltoyzph.com

    They have branches in Greenhills and Ayala

  20. Avatar for philip philip says:

    where can i buy dell xps m1530 in manila?

  21. Avatar for philip philip says:

    where can i buy dell xp m1530 in manila?

  22. Avatar for nico gadi nico gadi says:

    im looking for 512mb sdram pc 100 for a dell inspiron3800..pls contact me at 091671*****.thanks

  23. Avatar for Jer-Z Jer-Z says:

    w00t! Dell on the Philippines?
    Been waiting for a news like this…
    I’ve been plannin on buying a $1600 laptop
    for ages and the prob is I don’t know
    anyone who could hand carry it home…
    (customs like to rape w/ their taxes)

    If prices are decent, I’d take that m1330
    any day!

  24. Avatar for Obnoxious Queer Obnoxious Queer says:

    I am working for as a Wireless Tech Support for Dell and I adore their portables and desktops!

    So easy to troubleshoot. Actually, Dell is cheaper and is an established brand in the US.

  25. Avatar for calvin calvin says:

    abe sa office dell na rin mga pc’s. nirereplace na ang mga lumang hp, ibm’s for dell. target siguro nila mga companies and not really the average juan.

  26. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    Hope the price is fair, e.g. 900 dollars for a basic dell inspiron 1420.

  27. Avatar for Shutter Box Philippines Shutter Box Philippines says:

    Hi Abe,

    Do you have additional info aside from the paper? I’m more interested in the support scenario as I don’t there is an local service center for Dell in PH.

  28. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Yup, the XPS M1330 looks rockin’.

  29. Avatar for Kiven Kiven says:

    WoW Dell XPS laptops!

  30. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:

    I agree on that percentage, most of the units in school now are Dell.

    On success hmm.. I guess it’ll largely be dependent on what business model they’ll be implementing and the target market.

  31. Avatar for Arnel Arnel says:

    Go Go Go!

    Just take note that you really have to keep the CD recovery in good place, Most of our Servers in NY and Manila are Dell and based on my experience, most of Dell PC’s peripherals are not auto detected by Windows. Good thing I have ported all our Dell servers to Slackware, Debian and Fedora.


  32. Avatar for JP Loh JP Loh says:

    I’ve been seeing more Dell servers lately so they really must be doing something right.

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