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HP drops TouchPad prices down to $100

Just a day after HP announced it will abandon webOS devices, the company has pushed a major sale on all their tablets in the market with the HP TouchPad now selling at just $100 a piece.

Amazon has started implementing the price cuts (and so is Target).

The 32GB model is also now at $150. You can go see the sale page here.

Update: Amazon just reverted back the price to $299 but my cart is still showing $100. That was quick. Not sure why they changed it again just now. It also just went out of stock at Target.com as well.

Update 2: Office Depot is selling the 16GB at $129 and the 32GB at $150.

Update 3: Target, Office Depot, etc. are quickly running out of inventory as people rush to get the sale.

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37 Responses

  1. Cocopako says:

    Hahaha, ang mura!

  2. Lowell says:

    Can’t find the unit priced at $100 though. Can you please provide us a link. I think I will purchase one. :)

  3. Nitecrawler says:

    I’ll Buy One kung meron dito sa pinas :D

  4. Dudes says:

    It would be worthless coz HP has announced to abandon WebOS already. RIP to TouchPad and WebOS!
    Dont buy, no more update to come!

  5. hyprmanic says:

    if you’re planning on using it for mainly surfing the net, checking mail, watching vids and taking pics… i guess it’s the cheap way to go ^^

  6. xx says:

    baliktad yung nakikita ko

    Price: $299
    You save: $100

  7. Dudes says:

    Out of stock na sa target.com… Siguro error lang sa pag-input sa web. anyway, worthless parin yan kasi dead end na ang webOS

  8. JPZante says:

    wait for the acer iconia 7″. very little price diff at a more portable size.

  9. koolfire says:

    no more update, no future apps to expect, and its still buggy… wag na lang hehehe

  10. Alex says:

    Price $398.00 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

    You Save: $1.99

  11. gonkyouka says:

    ang nakita ko $399.95 eh. you save $0.04

  12. darius09ugger says:

    Link: it went back to $399

  13. Alex says:


    $129 16GB, $150 32GB http://www.officedepot.com/

  14. Name: says:

    Kuryente news?

  15. can u buy this here? says:

    can you buy this here in the philippines?

    saan at paano? anybody?

  16. dancirayos says:

    kung pang surf at ebooks pwede na… will try to ask contacts kung pwedeng makabili at that price

  17. dancirayos says:

    not available na sa officedepot… pinaglalaruan lang ata tayo e… nevertheless, i asked someone to check their outlet

  18. Jay Quing says:

    sobrang mura… price:$100 tapos x 43 or 42 = P 4300… wow… talagang bentang palugi na ang HP after killing their pc projects…

  19. dancirayos says:

    nung sinabi ko yan sa kaibigan ko sa us, umalis agad para bumili… haha…

  20. spbx says:

    nasa hp site din kanina kasi binalik ulit magiging ganyan din kaya dito? <5k sounds good for a tablet

  21. mikewagan says:

    mas ok kesa e-pad na mabibili sa mall for 3.5-4k… san pa kaya meron?

  22. dancirayos says:

    my tita in huntsville said out of stock sa walmart… hehe… sayang!

  23. avenue says:

    WTH? napakamura naman! Kasing price na nung mga japeyks!!

  24. lyka says:

    san nakakabili nyan?

  25. daniel says:

    grabe gusto ko bumili! halos 5,000 lng. mas mahal pa ung pinaka-murang android phone ng samsung! kahit pang internet at games(kung meron) lng. tapos kung pde malagyan to ng android. grabe… dual-core, 10.1 inch and HP product (brandnew) for P5,000? super sulit!

  26. Glen says:

    If you’re going to use this as email, web browsing then its a good deal. Other than that I’d wait for better Android Tablets.

    I still don’t understand HP, why ditch WebOS and license it to others?? Who’d license it when Android is open source?

  27. Johnny says:

    I just wanna know if we can change the OS to Android or what bilang I’m not too tech savvy. Hahaha. And what apps are available and what support will still be available after the total phase-out of this.

    Sayang naman if we have a nice tab that 1) can’t edit docs anymore and 2) has nothing to look forward to. :(

  28. jonski22 says:

    if i can port an Android or iOS on that tablet, i will buy it. But since i cannot, it’s a worthless machine.

  29. Micks says:

    For those still interested, B&N is still selling these at discounted prices. Amazon, OfficeDepot, Staplea are out of stock. Got my 16GB one for $102 + around 13 bucks shipping and tax. B&N doesn’t ship electronics internationally, so you’ll have to ask a friend or relative to receive it and send it to you via UPS.

    I’m just gonna use this as a browser and ebook reader until the Cyano and XDA folks come up with a Honeycomb port, which I figure won’t take too long.

  30. Lance says:

    san pa po pwedeng bumili nito? available pa kaya to sa US? haaiiist sayang naman..

  31. mark angelo says:

    wala na yung sale? back to $245 na yung 16GB

  32. jam says:

    hmm this sure is one great news for techies who want more for less. I’ll give this one a peek though as I have already set my eyes on kingcom’s. Anyways this will only be used as a backup for my lappie ;-)

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