HP Pavillion dm3 spotted and priced

HP Pavillion dm3 spotted and priced

HP’s Pavillion dm2 was one of the first few ultraportables in the thin and light category but came with an AMD Athlon Neo processor and was priced way higher than most others in the category. HP seems to have corrected that oversight with the HP Pavillion dm3.

Aside from being priced competitively against other CULV-powered notebooks in the 13-inch category, HP continued the same elegant design (imagine a 13-inch and thin HP Mini 311).


HP Pavillion dm3-1014TU
Intel Pentium Dual Core SU4100 @1.3GHz
13.3″ display screen @ 1366×768 pixels
Intel GMA 4500MHD
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.1
External DVD+RW

I’d look at this unit as a direct competitor of the Lenovo U350, Asus UL30, Acer Timeline 3810T, Toshiba Portege 130 and the Neo Edge Z3265.

Comes with a 6-cell battery and Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed. Suggested retail price is Php39,990 at Octagon Computers.

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30 Responses

  1. MannyV says:

    Good to see HP adjusting to the market. :-)

  2. Bogcess says:

    Reasonable pricing.. Will add on my list.

  3. that’s one hot netbook. :D
    Does AMD based netbooks really cost more than Intel based netbooks? sabi raw nila mas efficient ang AMD computers. I’m no expert, so someone here might want to clarify this :D Kung efficient ang AMD based netbooks tapos mura pa, I think ill go for that option :D

  4. Go says:

    wow! parang mas mura na ang laptop sa pinas compared sa dubai ah

  5. braindead says:

    how do AMD computers compare to Intel based ones? Never owned an AMD before..

  6. joey says:

    Why not buy the Lenovo G450 instead? It’s only priced at 39k, it has a G210m processor (CUDA)(can play nba 2k10 without lag), 2GB ddr3 memory, and also a t6600 core2duo processor, not to mention the Windows 7 64 bit home premium included.

    Plus, it’s also very lightweight.

  7. joey says:

    oops, the g210m is the gpu, i mean. :D

  8. yuga says:

    @joey – the Lenovo G series is for gaming. This one, I think, is pitted against the Lenovo U series which is the ultraportable category.

  9. Darren says:

    Lenovo U350 has better ID

  10. xtian says:

    which 1 is better of all culv in the philippines?

  11. Joseph says:

    Sir meron na din po dito ng dm3z. ito po yung amd variant. sa gilmore ang price nya ay halos parehas

    specs nya neo x2, 3g, 320g hdd, switchable vcard 3200 or 4750(ewan ko lang po kung ito nga yon).

  12. jab says:

    found this displayed over at parksquare… i’m loving the aluminum build…

    i think you forgot to mention that it comes with an external dvd drive… for free…

  13. Marius says:

    Good to hear nasa Pinas na tong model na to. Got the AMD model of this laptop last month, pinabili ko sa states. It costs 549 US dollars (around 25k PHP). Good performance, nalalaro ko mga games ko including Call of Duty 4. Battery lasts 4-5 hours while surfing with wi-fi. Very thin, and sexy. You should see to appreciate, ganda ng aluminum case. ATI radeon 3200 video card is very nice compared to built in intel vid cards. Very good quality, mukhang mahal na laptop. Only one complaint on this laptop, speakers built in needs to be louder, may pagkamahina sya. Overall, its a keeper!

    AMD Neo X2 dual core 1.6ghz
    3Gb DDR2 RAM
    320Gb 7200 RPM Hard Drive
    13.3″ 1366×768 LCD screen (LED backlight)

  14. zirdaj says:

    finally! sana irelease rin d2 sa pinas yung may dedicated gpu. :p

  15. jay says:

    I’ll buy this. I will pull out may laptop from hp. They quoted me 41k for the repair. Wtf!

  16. daddy joey says:

    classy! :)

    lol! @ jay, my colleague was charged 1.2K for diagnostic, even though he already knew the issue with the laptop.

  17. xtian says:

    @marius? how about the heat and the fan noise of your laptop? sir yuga does ati 3200 can play call of duty 4? im interested to buy this product but not the amd processor!

  18. Marius says:

    @xtian, sir i suggest you get a decent cooling pad for this laptop. when in battery mode, heat is quite mild lang and not an issue however, when in AC mode tapos gaming, it could get a bit hot. i’m usually playing in a room where there is no aircon and no electric fan pointed at me so that could be why medyo mainit sya pag playing. regarding sa call of duty 4, yes it’s playable, although you need a little tinkering with the graphics options to get the desired frame rate.

    just to add, the webcam is very nice and kahit low light, kitang kita ka pa rin ng ka chat mo. clear din ung internal mic nya.

    i also have a 4gb SD card configured as a dedicated readyboost drive, made this laptop very zippy. bilis ng response sa loading and exiting ng programs. lastly, i bought an external USB powered speakers, that solved the weak speakers.

  19. xtian says:

    @ marius thnx dude! il think about this stuff. hanap kasi ako ng new laptop ko im planing to replaced my HP TX2 with the culv laptop. gusto ko kac ng longer battery n ung d mainit na laptop.

    any suggestion? (culv) laptop currently available in phil?

  20. Marius says:

    xtian, mas matagal battery life ng hp dm3 with INTEL processor, un nga lang, you won’t get radeon graphics. there are intel variants with nvidia gpus but i think it costs about 50k or so. another laptop you could check out is the acer timeline series. same chicklet keyboard and has aluminum casing too. i went with the dm3 with amd processor since it had the best price to performance ratio, it’s one of the cheapest culv laptops around. ok din pala laptop/tablet mo, tx2, kelan mo pa nabili yan sir?

  21. xtian says:

    since 5 mos ago! tablet pc sya mabilis n with dvd drive! nabili ko to d2 sa yemen! cost me 1k! us dol.

    specs amd turion 2.2
    ati 3200
    4gb ram
    250 hd
    12 inch!

    cons: madaling uminit! tska maingay! maybe because of the amd n ati! me tx2 na ba dyan sa pinas? how much?

  22. Marius says:

    ganda yan sir. yup meron na din dito, it’s a bit more expensive i think at around 55k. may ganyan din po ako nahawakan, ok na yung size pero the heat got to an unbearable point. ganyan din sana kukunin ko pero out of budget, sarap kasi magbasa ng ebooks with that.

  23. Rubelito says:

    meron akong nakitang ganyan sa Sam’s Club store dito s US, ang presyo niya ay nasa $599, ang mahal naman diyan sa Pinas, nakakapanghinayang mamile diyan ng laptop, ang laki kasi ng tapong

  24. jon uydie says:

    mga sir,plan q dn po bilhin an laptop na to kya lan by next mon. q pa po mku2mpleto ung 40k -ngcanvass n kz aq s mga mall d2. Ask q lan po kun masmura tlga sa ibang bansa my relatives po aq sa saudi,israel,london,us nd canada. Ung 5k-10k po n mti2pid q i malakin bagay n pra sa es2janteng gaya q. Salamat po.

  25. Marius says:

    jon, pag sa states talagang mas mura dun. i recommend pabili ka na lang dun. but please take in mind na sa US mo din pwedeng ipawarranty yan. may international warranty ata pero may bayad. pinabili ko po sa states ang dm3 ko sa bestbuy.com. 550 US Dollars po sya dun. May mga ibang websites pa sa states na mas mura kesa sa bestbuy, so you might want your relatives to look around first. Hindi ko lang po alam sa ibang bansa.

  26. jon uydie says:

    thanx po, masmura talaga sa us, oky lan un warranty cguro kun my bayad an international warranty sguro d na aabot un sa 40k D2..Masmakakamura talaga.
    Ung pinsan ko sa london tnanong ko 517 euro nasa 42K d2 sa pinas.. Bakit ganon anlaki ng difference compare sa U.S.

  27. Erich says:

    Ano ang specs difference nung AMD at Intel version pati ung price?

  28. divs says:

    Hi! Tanong ko lang po kung meron po ba itong CD drive? Tsaka how much po yung ganito? Thank you! :)

  29. Marius says:

    wala po itong built-in na cd drive. i hear its about 33+k dito sa pinas sir. i am yet to see a real dm3 d3 sa province namin.

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