RedFox to release Multi-OS WizPad Tablet

In a recent presentation by RedFox executives where they previewed 3 ebook readers to the members of CyberPress, they also revealed they are coming out with a tablet this September.

The tablet will be named RedFox WizPad, a play on the popular Apple iPad tablet and is expected to be announced/released this September.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

The WizPad will be powered by an Intel Atom processor (could be one of the new low-powered Atom Z6xx series). Best of all, customers will have a choice of operating system for the tablet — Android, Meego, Windows 7 and and Google’s Chrome OS.

The tablet will be larger than the iPad and as slim (14mm vs. 13.4mm of the iPad) with support for multi-touch (1366×768 pixel resolution).

The device will have WiFi and 3G versions as well as optional GPS. Unlike the iPad, the WizPad will have USB ports, SD card slot, webcam and mini-HDMI port.

No pricing was indicated but RedFox says it will be priced competitively. Will know more when they finally announce this in September.

Note: I delayed writing this entry hoping I could get a copy of the Powerpoint slides they showed during the presentation. I’m still waiting for it. Photo courtesy of Techie.com.ph.

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39 Responses

  1. Avatar for Louis Tan Louis Tan says:

    Not really multiple OS it seems. Bought one and the android OS stuck with airplane mode and no one here in Malaysia can solve this issue for me, for web surfing or anything need wi-fi connections, I can only use Window 7.. One nore things is the leather case for it. Can’t even find an appropriate one searching around the whole IT complex in Malaysia.. Other features are not so bad…

  2. Avatar for myopia myopia says:

    I’ve tried one briefly at their outlet store in SM marikina cyberzone, it seems responsive. It is a netbook turned into a tablet with full windows 7 functionality, meaning I can install Adobe photoshop in this thing and connect a bluetooth KB and Mouse. I can be productive while being portable. Good for frequent travelers.

  3. Avatar for KoLjA-BoY KoLjA-BoY says:

    “sana ma read nang taga Redfox yung mga comment nang user about there wizpad so they can modify it according to customers concern”

    o baka naman:

    …THEIR wizpad


  4. Avatar for KoLjA-BoY KoLjA-BoY says:

    wizpad…49k huh…

    37,799 yung may 3G

    ang mga price nyan, nakita ko sa SM North.
    Ewan ko lang sa ibang panig ng Pilipinas hehe!

  5. Avatar for Silverlokk Silverlokk says:

    @canizares_henry: I got to talk with Andy Te last week and pointed out your concerns about the P49k pricing. He explained that that’s the pricing for the highest-end model, which has Windows 7 Home Premium and a whole lot of other advanced features. I’m not sure I’m at liberty to relay the expected price range but it’ll start much lower than the near-50K.

    Oh, and he gave it to me to play with for a few minutes. I also found touch iffy with the Windows 7 widgets — the Close, Minimize, and Maximize widgets in particular. From the start menu, I also kept hitting the wrong programs. And I don’t think that’s specific to the WizPad — I have to dig around but I think other touch-enabled tablets face the same “challenge” with Win 7.

  6. Avatar for jin kazama jin kazama says:

    …im one of the testers of this product..this one rocks!…i even saw how to install a windows 7 OS on this one!..its a complete mobile pc!..you can install microsoft office 2007 and 2010 and other software..iPad is introuble!..go buy this one guys! its worth it!

  7. Avatar for Lynder Dee Lynder Dee says:

    Acer pa din ako. :P

  8. Avatar for canizares_henry canizares_henry says:


    multiboot sir baka tama ka para lang tumaas ung price nila, for pc users puwede namang tayo nalang ang magawa nang multi boot tablet right?

    redfox should stick with ubuntu and it will lower prices around 5k for the OS

  9. Avatar for lawrence lawrence says:

    @ canizares_henry

    haha.. of course.. for a pc it would be a no brainer.. but multi-boot on an “ipad-like” (considering iOs is so propriety) device would make it look more capable(illusional) , hence manufacturers can demand higher price.

    and technically mahal talga ang mga touch based pc, HP’s and Asus tablet Pcs nagrarange na ng 30K++, with more weight and a resistive screen pa un. pero sana they should make an effort to keep the price lower :)

  10. Avatar for Kielicious Kielicious says:

    The P40k price would be a total downer. Based from the comments, it’s totally not worth the price.

  11. Avatar for canizares_henry canizares_henry says:


    sir efs i dont thnk they made it here they import parts from china and assemble it here or totally import from china and rebrand

  12. Avatar for Efren Sy Efren Sy says:

    RedFox is a local PC company, so dapat walang Import Tax diba?

  13. Avatar for canizares_henry canizares_henry says:

    @ sir abe

    sana ma read nang taga Redfox yung mga comment nang user about there wizpad so they can modify it according to customers concern

  14. Avatar for canizares_henry canizares_henry says:


    sir with respect to ability to boot multiple OS doesnt make the device expensive coz theoretically its simple to make a pc boot in several OS, any pc that runs intel or amd can virtually run multiple OS. marami guide sa google about it. the simplest would be dual boot with Ubuntu coz its straight forward

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