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Samsung cuts Galaxy Tab price to Php21,990

So, it looks like the tablet market is somehow normalizing with Apple slashing the price of the original iPad down to Php19,990 and now Samsung is following suit and cutting down the Galaxy Tab’s suggested retail price to Php21,990.


The move does not come as a surprise — first, Apple’s 1st generation iPad has definitely become a great buy to a lot of people looking to get their first tablet and at under Php20k, it scores high on the buyer’s list — Samsung needs to be competitive in their price point as well; second, Samsung will definitely be launching their next generation tablets locally — the ones with dual-core processors. That means the Galaxy Tab P1000 is nearing its EOL (end-of-life) and the inventories need to be sold off as fast as possible. Lastly, other competitors like Asus are launching their tablets as well which could disrupt the attention of a lot of new tablet buyers.

The new Php21,990 suggested retail price isn’t completely implemented yet as Samsung needs to coordinate with all retailers and partners (like Globe and Smart) to make sure the price drop won’t disappoint consumers who just bought one at a much higher price and the retailers don’t lose any profits in the process.

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52 Responses

  1. Hi! Is Apple’s 1st generation iPad under 20k wifi?

  2. wow! so mga 16-18k pag wifi lang? buti na lang bumaba, i’ll definitely buy this instead of archos 70 :)

  3. markem says:

    i want to buy my first tablet na.. hehe sana yung magbaba na din price yung mga 3Gs

  4. roiji says:

    i do hope when they launch the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 it will be competitive with the iPad prices! or better yet iPad 2 WiFi price == Galaxy Tab 8.9/10.1 3G prices.
    Then I’ll definitely get a Galaxy Tab even though it takes forever for them to update the OS.

  5. Carlos Jhunie says:

    I got my GT P1000 last month. Then came the wifi only version of it. And now, what I bought costs only PhP 22k! Oh!

  6. leeto says:

    sige pa babaan nyo pa at ako’y makakabili na kahit old version na.

  7. Doods says:

    What the f#$#! I bought last Dec. and now this?

  8. Docalfred says:

    Had mine from smart last Dec. I guess the moral of the story is… Wait

  9. Eason says:

    The Cherry Mobile superion should act fast if they want to keep up. 15k?

  10. drealmarlon says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Php 20,990 @ cmk cellphones

  11. Benchmark33 says:

    I am not advertising anything yet I am looking for lower priced Ipad 1…and saw it in Kimstore, priced at 18,500 siguro lowest sila…will check out CMK reagrding sa Tab…wala na kasi sa CMK yung 16Gig Ipad…

  12. wreek888 says:

    i rather buy 16g ipad better than this and much cheaper,and IOS 4.3 of ipad1 is like buying a new model. if they bring it down to 19k, i might reconsider

  13. whatif says:

    eto na kaya gawin kong phone… kwela nga lang pag lalagay ko sa tenga ko

    “koya bat anlaki ng cellphone mo?” :)

  14. raymond says:

    Sobrang sulit na bumili nitong Galaxy Tab kesa sa iPad. Mas mura na siya sa Galaxy S. Aside from the tablet form factor, this is also a smartphone. Yung iPad at yung mga bagong lalabas na Honeycomb tablets ay walang call and text capabilities.

  15. EdwinC says:

    Hintay ako ASUS Tablet. Kailan ba talaga, kuya? At ako ay bibili?

  16. alsor says:

    I have a 3 month old Tab with android 2.2 as its OS, can I upgrade its os to android 2.3 or 3.0 and how ? Thanks.

  17. wreek888 says:

    Just got home.was going to buy tablet today and i saw ipad2 outrageos price of 42k for 16g so i decided to buy ipad1 but saw at samsung store galaxy tab on sale at 20,990 with free samsung bluetooth worth 2k. Tab will just cost 19k you can beat with the price so i end up buying the tab its amazing. You got smart phone and tablet rolled into one. Glad tha i didnot buy the tab last december for 33 k.

  18. jdcrose_217 says:

    I’m planning to buy this one, but I think I’ll have to wait for the release of Galaxy Tab II.

    I know yuga has released a blog regarding this and I’m waiting for it to be released on the market.


  19. adam says:

    Buti naman na realize nila na mag dadalawang isip ang bibili ng Tab dun sa previous price.

  20. jojo says:


    Samsung warranty sucks big time:

  21. hackerbaby says:

    sooooo..excited to buy d galaxy tab…

  22. Android18 says:

    Last feb pumunta ng maynila ang tita ko at ngpabili ako ng new cp, tinanung nya ako kung ano gusto ko bilhin, pinagisipan ko maigi at masakit man sa loob ko i had to let the galaxy tab go which i longed to own. Buti n lang at di ako ngpadala sa sobrang excitement ko dhl kung hindi napabili sguro ako ng galaxy tab worth 29k at pinagsisihan ko na sana ngayn.

  23. ashley says:

    where can i find installment or 0% interest of samsung galaxy tab, thanks.

  24. technobaboy says:

    bagsak presyo ang mga samsung galaxy

  25. paulpacs says:

    bought my Galaxy Tab in cebu for 20,500, its worth it. XDA-devs are strongly working for the Gingerbread (2.3)(running with bugs) and Honeycomb (3.0)(booting already) ports to this tablet, so i know this tablet can be upgraded. although there will be new versions of the tab at 8.9 and 10.1 inches, they are WIFI ONLY versions. im having fun with my TAB using it also as a GPS tracker with maps downloaded via 3G. although always ensure you’ve got UNLIMITED INTERNET access with this so you can enjoy ALL FEATURES wherever you are. Smart Prepaid offers 1 Day Unli Internet at 50, 1 week at 300 and 1 month at 1200.

    the only downside to “ignorant” people looking at my Tab is, oh is that a celphone?…so you put that to your head when making calls?….jealous people…DUH Theres bluetooth headset FYI.

  26. Tats says:

    D realy wise thing 2do is w8.buti na lang d iphone maintain
    Their prices, bumaba man konti lang kahit na late version nila eh mataas parin.ps3 24k to 15k ngayon,GT 28k to 20k.mahirap lamg kc maghintay coz
    Of all the hype.

  27. Apache says:

    To people who think of buying a Tablet Buy one now Samsung Galaxy Tab offer is a Great deal in Pampanga Some store selling SGT for 20,000 with free Samsung Bluetooth headset. Still a BIG deal for buyers and for those who think waiting for Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 Good for you and keep saving money cause if you will purchase 8.9 WiFi Version this summer might be April or May i my be guessing but the price will go to 30,000 North and the 10.1 WiFi Version 35,000 North this is only my wild guess so please dont comment on this part. and getting a SGT for 20,000 with the ability to use Call Text and Surf. i wonder when will the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 will release 3G+WiFi Version and How much more? 50k North? haha ill just buy one of SGT and Wait till December i think Galaxy Tab then will have a Update for 2.3 or 3.0 and if not i’m sure that 8.9 and 10.1 will be so low and i can try it too. :D waiting is not too bad.
    BTW for Those who can tell me where i can buy a Car mount that was Design by Samsung the Original one. you can see it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl2Ktb9Skac&feature=player_embedded please do reply here.

  28. SoonToBuySGT says:

    Can i ask did Samsung Release a 32GB Version in Philippines and if yes please tell me which area did you see one with the promo sale at Php 21,990 or all Galaxy Tab only Release a 16GB Version please do verify want to buy one this coming April 15, 2011 as a Graduation Gift for my Self. Thanks .

    Samsung Galaxy Tab – for IT People worth the purchase. Can’t Beat Tablet with Android you can Hack it Legally.

    Out please do Reply. Thank you in advance.

    • aya cheska ilana says:

      i am selling my samsung galaxy tab p1000 16gb.18k complete accesories.no hidden deffetcs nabili q xa sept 2011 so wala pang 1 year skin brand new q binili if you are interested call me 09089675868

  29. SoonToBuySGT says:

    Too All People Notice Samsung Galaxy Tab Promo w/ Bluetooth Headset was till March 31, 2011 and there will be a new Promo 21,990 with 1 month Data Plan at Smart No more free Bluetooth Headset all store i went at Pampanga Sold Out with the free Bluetooth Headset what a Bummer ill just look for second hand SGT :D like 15k bellow. Btw SGT will not stay at 20k they will reture the 30k price on April 17, 2011 the last day of the SGT i think. confirm it to samsung sir yuga.

  30. Salleh says:

    bought mine last night. kahit palabas na ang tab 2 eh satisfied na ako dito dahil sa call and text feature. sulit ang current plan ko sa sun.

    SGT is still a recommended buy

  31. Question says:

    Guys Just wanna Ask Did you guys already try Pairing Jabra or Hisense and use Music and Video Playing?… Cause all shop i ask here in Pampanga Said all Bluetooth Headset can only be use Call Feature and i said OK just not to make fun. i cant try it cause they dont open it on shops. please confirm this i wanna play a Music Bluetooth headset.

  32. Kawen says:

    Hi guys, I’m also eying on the Galaxy Tab.. sana bumaba pa siya ng 15k, can you foresee it later this year? It will be worth the wait. :)

    • rina says:

      hi kawen. if your are eyeing on a tab i have one. i had it for 1 week pa lang so its still has warranty. i was going to give it to my daughter but she chose the psp as a gift. i purchased it for 16,500 at sm north. im willing to let it go for 15,000 isasama ko na yung belkin case which i bought f0r 1,800 SA shangri la mall. txt.call me at 09178907575 if interested. sa qc/ortigas area lang ako

  33. i bought one yest evening i hope it was worth the wait.

  34. harry says:

    can you send a SMS and MMS and call using that device?…please reply because i need to buy it

  35. Serendra says:


  36. Arnold says:

    I just got my Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 running on Gingerbread (v2.3) already for P21,900 at the Samsung Store here in Cebu.

    It’s a great device and I’m loving it!

  37. ssen18 says:

    hi, just sharing for those who are still interested, i just saw this yesterday at Wellcom, since i was planning on getting one for my ebook reading, and they jsut changed the price to Php 19990, just the 16gb version since they said the 32gb was not released here.

  38. Kawen says:

    Wondering if the price will drop more this December??? If it will.. will get this one. They will be releasing 8.9 and 7.7… still torn between the two… but might have limited budget….

  39. Say, you got a nice post.Thanks Again.

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