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Samsung launches N150, N220 Netbooks

Samsung Philippines has finally brought their netbooks to the Philippines and we got to check out the two models they’ve introduced today — the Samsung N220 and N150.

Samsung realized the growing demand for netbooks in the Philippines so they decided to come in and join the bandwagon. Both netbooks are in the 10-inch category and runs the latest Intel Atom N450 processor.

The first one is this Samsung N150 netbook coming in with the usual specs — Intel Atom N450, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD. It’s got WiFi 802.11n but no Bluetooth. The 6-cell battery (4400mAh) promises up to 8 hours on a single charge.

Available in black and white colors, the N150 will be available in stores by next week for Php21,990.

The Samsung N220 looks more stylish with a crystal finish on the lid comes in red or green colors. Specs are a bit better than the N150 with an Intel Atom N450, 1GB RAM, 250GB HDD, WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth. The high-capacity 6-cell (5900mAh) battery can last up to 12 hours.

Both netbooks have Windows 7 Starter pre-installed. Samsung also included a fast-boot HyperSpace feature to dual-boot between Windows 7. The Samsung N220 will retail for Php24,990.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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24 Responses

  1. wetweewww….. 8 hours on a single charge! ;)

  2. Dan The Beast says:

    dami ng options! all i can say is, sige lang! pwede ‘to!

  3. this is what I am definitely waiting for. good spec, good brand, good price. When i saw this post in twitter, i thought it’ll be samsung’s transparent lcd. but that’s too startrek already.

  4. whaâ„¢ says:

    hmmm… i got my asus eee 1005peb

  5. Jad says:

    Matagal na ba gumagawa ng netbooks ang Samsung? One should consider the support they’ll be getting as well if they plan to grab this. Ganda ng N220, tsaka parang mas malaki yung touchpad kumpara sa iba.

    But I have bad experience with Samsung (phones naman). Sir Abe mukha ba naman syang matibay?

  6. StrayArrow says:

    Onither one for the list…it gets getting longer and longer everyday…. but is are Samsung netbooks ok?…in terms of performance,reliablity and endurance..especially to us people on the go…

    Thanks for the short review…. ;-)

  7. Should we expect Pine trail here?

  8. MIKE says:

    I’m a fan of samsung products because they always give us better alternative. One example is their new netbooks which come with wifi 802.11n, 12 hours battery life & of course pine trail n450 processor and still at competitive price. So, more value for money

  9. Gabriel says:

    Wow, nice samsung netbook… drools…

  10. erikjames says:

    wala pa rin makatatalo sa laptop… no matter what they say… i prefer laptops with high performance specs… like gaming laptop toshiba qosmio x505

  11. winston says:

    guys kung cnu may gus2 ng netbooks na i2 .. makbibili kau sa E-HUB Park Square 1…

  12. frustrating! bakit wla neto sa cebu!

  13. winston says:

    guys kung cnu may gus2 ng netbooks na i2 .. makbibili kau sa E-HUB Park Square 1…mrami kming stocks…

  14. brusko says:

    Wow.. kelan kaya susunod yung r480, r580, r780?

  15. winston says:

    sa june pa po ang release ng samsung laptops.. if youre really interested you can buy it e-hub parksquare 1.. just look for winston..

  16. G says:

    Help, I’m not gadget savvy but would really need help on this. Which is better hp mini o this samsung mini?

    And what are the limitations between a mini and a real laptop?

  17. arnell etomm says:

    i bought N150 on May 30 this year and i don’t realize how slow it boot up to open. The store says it would only take a minute but I think it’s more than 2 minutes before I can open and connect to internet. Now, Samsung introduces new n150 fast boot with same price plus they add up the memory to 250 GB HDD. I went to the service center in Greenhills to try to update my N150 but the girl in the counter said she doesn’t know about this fast boot for the laptop since the laptop prodcuts are just new and she told me to call their call center again to connect me to their tech support. I told her can you not do that for me and she said nope. Pity is all I said at the back of my mind. My point is, I just bought my laptop almost two months and my expectation is that they will update it to fast boot. All I can say is that unfair unfair unfair… unless they will upgrade it, as simple as that.

  18. Bettina says:

    The latter part is pretty much classy. Hope there’s color red, I haven’t explore that netbook yet.

  19. Gabrielle says:

    I purchased Samsung N150 Plus lastweek. I starting to enjoy its portability, and with its matte finish and apparently ‘anti-reflective’ build, gave vibrant, sharp colours readable even in direct sunlight.

    It is very light as well, fit for people that always on the go.

    Althought, netbook like Samsung N150 plus is not made for multi-tasking ; )

  20. mae an says:

    hello pips.
    i bought one last February but i have to sell this.. if you want, you can contact me..

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