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Sony Vaio E Review

The Sony Vaio E is among the newest line of laptops from Sony which sports the newer Intel Core i5 processors and came in a variety of colors.

The review unit that we got was this marine-blue (metallic teal, they say) one with a clear-coat layer on top of subtle patterns starting from the lid all the way to the palm rest.

This 14-inch model of the Vaio E is relatively large and heavy — not meant to be carried around a lot but really intended to be mostly on the desk. The Vaio logo somewhats floats and casts a small shadow on the lid.

There are a plethora of ports and slots peppered around the sides of the unit — 3 USB 2.0, LAN, HDMI, eSATA, VGA, SD card and HG Duo slots. Even the WiFi has its own physical switch while the DVD drive is placed on the right side of the unit.

The full-sized keyboard features chiclet-type keys, typical of a Vaio laptop, and spaced considerably apart from each other. The recessed trackpad is fairly-sized and has a textured surface (more like pimpled) in contrast with the smooth palm rest while the left and right click buttons are separated.

The 14-inch glossy display is bright and crisp with 8 levels of brightness you can set to control screen contrast and power consumption. However, the glossy display is also prone to glare in the outdoors or against bright light sources.


The speakers are lined up across the entire length of the laptop just above the keyboard. The speaker volume is somewhere between mid to high and although there’s a noticeable lack of bass on the system, it’s very usable when watching movies.

The Vaio E is powered by an Intel Core i5 520M processor (2 cores, 4 threads) running at a base clock speed of 2.4GHz but can go up to 2.93GHz via Turbo Boost.

Graphics is provided by an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 with 1GB GDDR3 which is a mid-class DirectX11 GPU that is capable of running graphics-intensive games. Add to that a 4GB DDR3 RAM and you have a pretty decent all-around workhorse for a laptop (see complete specs here).

Windows Experience Index gives it a base score of 5.7 with the CPU getting a nice high sub-score of 6.7. Battery life suffers due to the discreet graphics card and the powerful CPU — we only get just over 2 hours on a single full charge. BatteryBar gives it about 2.5 hours with the 6-cell 5600mAh Li-Ion battery. If Sony added a switchable graphics feature using at least an Intel HD, it would have helped in power-saving mode.

The unit also comes with an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN so it is capable of doing Intel Wireless Display.

The Sony Vaio E comes pre-installed with a 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium and retails for Php76,999 which puts it the the top of the heap (in terms of price point) among Core i5 laptops in the market.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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37 Responses

  1. techny says:

    DVD drive? not the blue-ray one?

  2. yuga says:

    @techny – I think the Blu-ray one is optional. My review unit does not have it.

  3. anacomsie says:

    @abeolandres Sir, any suggestions where I can get my dell xps laptop fixed? The best place? Thank you

  4. GameBlogger says:

    Yummy laptop! I always liked the chiclet-type keys. The display is a little too small for gaming though… And very usual for Sony, it goes for 76,999!?

    Sir Abe, may I ask how you create this kind of scoring? Do you have a software for it? Photoshopped? Thanks!

  5. StrayArrow says:

    Il buy this one…. if I have the money ;-)

  6. limuelG says:


  7. bluepenguin says:

    ASUS na lang :D too expensive @76.999!


  8. Teknisyan says:

    nice review! :)

  9. rene says:

    mahal … might as well get a Mac

  10. dan treacy says:

    mahal nga hehe, macbook na lng for that price range.

  11. Winziph says:

    ang mahal talaga ni sony.

  12. beef says:

    @gameblogger: interesting how many people really want to use laptops for gaming when it’s really a desktop that’s called for. a laptop has to be portable and as such even if you want to and can use it for gaming, one really should accept the fact that compromises have to be made. (i.e screen size, battery life, reduced resolutions and settings, etc.)

    anyway, the scoring system Abe uses is the Windows Experience Index built into every Windows 7 system (started with Vista actually). I’m surprised you don’t recognize it as i suppose you’re a game blogger, and most (i say most, not all) gamers game on windows..

  13. kumag says:

    sony laging overprice! ganda sana ng color for a change

  14. pabs says:

    I think the price is too steep, my 76thousand can buy me a netbook ( which I already have) plus my dream iphone 4.

  15. nona says:

    nice article:)

  16. tony says:

    a bit too pricey for me

  17. JohnDC says:

    bibili ako nito

  18. Jeffrey says:

    X10 is too big…

  19. GameBlogger says:

    @beef – Sorry, I don’t really blog about how the game performs on a certain system but rather, what the game is all about.

    People would want a laptop to game on for several reasons and for the same reason that you would want to use a laptop.

    Thanks for the free info on windows experience index, learned something today. :)

  20. Peachy Lumcad says:

    Sony Vaio Laptop Sucks! Got a Vaio VGN -CS215-J model and it broke down in less than a year. Tried to have it repaired in the Sony Service Center (Solid) here in Manila and they wont fix it as part of my warranty. There’s no world wide warranty for Sony. You need to go to country of origin where it was bought to have it fixed. STUPID!I would seriously think twice before buying a Sony. Sony support service in Philippines SUCKS!

  21. Asus G60JX says:

    bought my asus g60jx in the u.s. for only 46k pesos and it performs better in terms of windows experience index than this very expensive laptop. asus rocks!

  22. yescrank67 says:

    i hope that i can run street fighter 4 without problems in this laptop!

  23. Steve says:

    Sony is better than Mac’s but I do agree that the Sony Customer Service sucks. They bellow around with simple details that could be easily solved with a simple phone call.

  24. hersiguure says:

    sony vaio laptop is the best u dont need any other one

  25. turboman says:

    May nagsasabi pa na mahal to at mac na lang daw ang bilhin? Marunong ba kayo tumingin ng specs? Kung sa mac to eh nasa 100k na ang price neto. Mga mac fanbois nga naman mga tanga.

  26. rey says:

    what 76,999…BAT ANG MAHAL NITO PABILI KAYO D2 SA SAUDI same model and spec nito 42,999riyal converted to phl peso = 48,149 lang almost 29,000 ang difference… check nio jarir bookstore.com see nio brochure magugult kayo sa diff ng price grabe ang mahal ng mga gadget sa pinas

  27. rey says:

    4,299 riyal = (not 42,999)

  28. jmg_32188 says:

    mura talaga ang sony sa saudi, even bravia lcd tvs.

    vaios are very expensive and such badge carries prestige similar to that of macs. =D

  29. I was trying to come up with additional information on Philippines, Technology News & Reviews and this page has some great information in comparison to the others I went through about it. Thanks for your posts, now I recognise where to look for great content next week Speak it as you witness it – that is the reliable way.

  30. rey says:

    here at saudi aramco they prefer Mac, Asus and Toshiba than HP, sony and other brand.. ASus is great realiable and have good quality. Sa pinas kc in lng ang tinitingnan like vaio & HP. Go to Asus, Mac & TOshiba money worth talaga cla

  31. amy says:

    Mine is arriving on the 17th of January from my bf abroad but the Intel Core i3 in black color, not happy cause I’ve been asking him to buy me a macbook pro. =(

  32. luffy says:

    Ang MAHAL ni SONY sa Pilipinas 30k+ ang PATONG ng mga retailers. Pero ang presyo nito sa labas 40k lang. Check nyo sa web ng us.sony

  33. jon says:

    mas mura d2 sa saudi. i actually bought one, and it cost only less than PHP 50,000 here unlike sa pinas..

  34. rjmakaSony says:

    i hav my sony vaio e. e2 ung truss pattern texture. dunno kung san d2 ung mas latest,.

  35. javi says:

    what about lenovo??

  36. javi says:

    there are lots of laptop brands now,, they all seem great but i cant decide which to buy…..

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