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Nikon D7000 ousts D90 as 16.2MP dSLR

The Nikon D90 is out; the Nikon D7000 is in — this new mid-class dSLR from Nikon can do 1080p videos with a 16.2 megapixel CMOS sensor.

16.2MP CMOS sensor
3-inch TFT LCD display
39-point AF system
6fps continuous shooting
ISO 100 to 6400 (ISO 2560 extended)
Dual SD card slot
Live View
Full HD movie recording (1920×1080p @ 24 fps)
Weight: 780g w/ battery

The D7000 will replace the mid-range position of the D90 which it held for about 2 years now. The D7000 can also shoot Full HD video with continuous autofocus.

The Nikon D7000 with initially come with this kit lens — AF-S DX 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR (picture shown above). Suggested retail price for the body is $1,200 while the kit will go for about $1,500.

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76 Responses

  1. loadex says:

    shoot!.. just bought a d90, and now a replacement is here?… pero the price range is too much.. i might still settle for a d90. :-)

  2. PICTUREISTA says:

    Already in my wishlist! :)

  3. yuga says:

    @loadex – D90 is still best bang for the buck.

  4. Roch says:

    did they mention when it will be available? I’m waiting for this

  5. Cea says:

    i’m also waiting for this.. urgggh! Some say it will be available on october, in US i think. but here in the country, ewan ko lng…

  6. ALFRED says:

    Damn, I badly want this…. Any idea when it will be available here in RP?

  7. DeNc!oH says:

    I agree with sir Abe, D90 is still the best bang for the buck.

    With the release of D7000, hoping that the price of D90 will go down. By then, I’ll sell my D5000 and get a D90 :)

  8. bruns says:

    if im not mistaken, mas nauuna pang magkaruon sa pinas kumpara sa u.s.

    nikon has a factory in thailand. pagdating sa nikon shipment sa sg at hk, kasunod na agad ang r.p. ;-)

    sa amerika, kapag ibinarko from thailand (longer time compared here in south east asia).

    and of course, i could also be wrong;-)

  9. Jhay says:

    The good news it the D90 will become cheaper. :D
    But darn, the features are very tempting.

  10. cheftonio says:

    Waaah!!! I want!!! Bye bye d90 :s

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  11. Fleeb says:

    I am waiting for a Gen3 full frame body that may be two years away.

  12. sylv3rblade says:

    The 39 AF-point, new sensor and the dual SD slots are tempting. I’m going to save up for this to replace my primary body.

  13. Jamby says:

    39 point AF-System???

    This F^%#ing camera just made my D80’s 11 point AF OBSOLETE.

  14. sylv3rblade says:

    The D7000 is like the D80’s grandson :)

  15. beef says:

    @ Jamby — Don’t worry about that.. as long as your D80 suits your needs (and it still works)it isn’t really a problem if the next guy has 2000 AF points.. If you took great shots with your gear before, you will still get great shots now no matter what Nikon releases.. (again assuming your gear still works)

    Of course when your D80 dies, or IF your needs change, then it makes sense to get the best you can afford na.. which might very well be this camera..

  16. citroen says:

    i will buy this…hehe

  17. StrayArrow says:

    My wishlist is getting longer and longer. Phweeee…

  18. Now i am getting depressed. Hmmmm just joking. December is fast coming yooohoooo.

  19. Wow, just wow. Will settle for a Canon G10 for now.

  20. sana mgsale ang d90.. hahahaha

  21. sylv3rblade says:

    @joell lapitan
    lol. I agree :)

  22. Jamby says:

    lolo na d80 ko!!!! :)

    you’re right,..and i don’t have plans of changing bodies since i’m not a pro…lenses perhaps but as long as my needs are being serviced by my trusty d80…i won’t give it up…

  23. myke says:

    seems like this cam can still auto focus with non-afs lenses, can anyone confirm this?

  24. braindead says:

    guys i wonder how much is the d90 nowadays? anybody who can give me a price range? im planning to buy one in dec sa singapore. but if prices locally are competitive, i might buy here instead. thanks

  25. sylv3rblade says:

    45k for the kit, around 33k for the body only.

  26. Leo says:

    putcha.. hindi pa nga ako nakakabili ng nikon d40.. meron na agad d7000. i’m pretty sure the d90 will drop prices very very soon.

  27. junie asis says:

    buy & sell your stuff now at bayansale[dot]com

  28. braindead says:

    @sylv3rblade thanks! will probably settle for the d90 but will wait till dec for prices to go down. will probably not need the extra megapixels

  29. Don Aldo says:

    ito ang gusto ko! buti nalang pinag isipan ko ang d90! 2 years na kasi sa market , kaya hindi ako bumili!gudmove

  30. jerome says:

    @ David Miguel:
    are philippine based? so, you have alread y stocks of the new nikon d7000 sold only for 1200USD whis is about 54kphp?

  31. seaman says:

    Hello Yuga, baka next time pwede mo rin e review yung mga dslr lens, yung mga replacement sa original.other brands na mag fit sa canon saka nikon. thanks

  32. Dorm Boy says:

    I think this Sept ang dating ng D7000 sa pinas. Sakto the price of D90 will surely fall down. Tempting talaga ang D7000 pero medyo hard sa budget especially kung papalapit na ang December, expenses is getting bigger. Lol!

  33. sylv3rblade says:

    Go for the D3100 if you’re looking for an entry level dslr. Mahirap na maghanap ng D40 ngayon :)

    Good luck hunting a D90 bargain :) Look at TPC prices too :)

  34. Dennison Uy says:

    Finally! Live view autofocus would make this a very desirable camera. I wonder how long it can record in HD?

  35. The price of D7000 with body only at $1,200 is considered quite steep and there’s not much improvement as compared to the D90.

    I will still stick with my D90 for sometime.

  36. Joshua Tiongson says:

    Nakakainis naman! BAKIT NGAYON KA LANG LUMABAS? Uwahhh. Tapos ngayon, bababa na ang presyo ng D90. Yay! :-bd

    TheBestNikon. :)

  37. PJ elbi says:

    Hurray! Hurray! This means D90’s price might/will drop to 30k! Merry Christmas to us D90 wishers!

    I’ll settle with the D90 because I just need the motor and commander mode!

  38. hellionax23 says:

    I got brought Nikon D7000 from Japan (Â¥145,000)

  39. johnny says:

    I already have D90,Buy ko nalang cguro Canon D60, mura lang lang sya 40 to 45k range lang sya kung video ko lang sya gagamitin.. Canon is unmatched kung video lang pinag-uusapan..

  40. Jerson Allen says:

    Added on my wishlist! :))

  41. ruel says:

    …good news…but if u compare both, d90 would still be practically ok for now…just little differences…same quality pictures, maybe…only two or three specs varies…

  42. NiCoLa says:

    Its Too Expensive! I want it Cheap :'( i want this SLR! :)) what Kind Of SLR cameras that are cheap??

  43. john says:

    but the price of d90 still going up.maybe it will go down when d7000 arrives.lets wait & hope till dec.

  44. Marc says:

    Hi all. Nikon shop at VMall in Greenhills said D90 price will go down ( now at P54T cash, P60T installment ) once D7000 arrives. As per supplier Columbia Digital, tentative Phil, launch is December. If not, hopefully early next year.

  45. mobley says:

    WTF!!! suggested price for the body is 1200 us dollars and with the kit lens 1500 us dollars. But now Stores here in the Philippines are selling around 60500 pesos that’s more or less 1400 us dollars for the body same as in Hong Kong.I’m going to Hong Kong hoping to buy the d7000 body at around 1200 us dollars body only!

  46. Marc says:

    Can you kindly share which stores are already selling D7000? I visited Nikon, columbia and photoline and they still have no idea when it will arrive in Manila.Goodluck with the HK purchase though!

  47. Noel says:

    The D7000 is now available at Henry’s camera and Photo Supply at Hidalgo. Just bought a D90 to replace my D40… no regrets for the D90, though, the D7000 is still much expensive and I don’t need the extra pixels and video anyway.

    But if I have my extra dough, why not? The D7000 has a magnesium body, very sturdy indeed!

  48. Gary de Silva Dagdag says:

    Mas mura dito sa Dubai ang D7000 almost 75 k lang with kit

  49. babylove says:

    someone is selling a d7000 on net for a very affordable price of 32,000. but i doubt it’s for real.. but i want a d7000. -sight <3

  50. Marc says:

    Thanks, Noel. Henry’s is indeed selling D7000 kit for P73,000 and P60,000 body only.

    Is it alright to buy from them as I understand the grey market offers only in-store warranty of 3 months to 1 year at most? Nikon/Columbia on the other hand gives a 2 year-warranty for both parts and labor.

  51. pedxing09160 says:

    whew…I do have a D60 and no complain about this. I’m drooling for the D90 as an upgrade but here comes the D7000. Ahhh…the specs are very tempting…Question is…do we really need the video/movie?

  52. Ann says:

    hi.. how much n po ung Nikon D90 sa hidalgo.. mine got stolen kxe thats why im planning to replace it na… does henry’s got columbia warranty?

  53. john delfin says:

    we’re all wrong…d90’s price still shooting even the d5000.

  54. Marc says:

    Ann: @Henry’s: D90 cash price P46,500. Add 10% for credit card. That’s the price quoted yesterday.

  55. john says:

    @ann-online price @ P36200 with 18-105mmlens

  56. John Paul says:

    dameng “john” ah.. lol
    ilang years warranty ng d90 with lens kit sa henry’s(body & lens)? still sealed ba ung box? thanks!

  57. Jane says:

    Omg, NIKON D7000 is so drool-izing. :))
    Mr. Yuga, if you DO get a good bargain of the Nikon D7000, can you please tell us where you bought it?
    I love Slr’s but damn, they cost alot.
    Oh well. :))

  58. d7000 nikon says:

    I’m sure this camera is better than it’s previous version, D300. A lot of features offered in this camera.I’m very happy to have this D7000 Nikon.

  59. naxxe says:

    prayin that ds month will be right for me,,,,, having that Nikon D7000!!…Nikon D90 is ok pa rin relatively…wala din akong masabi sa 90 na yan…

  60. Andy says:

    For me, i would still go for canon when it comes to dslr. Still saving money for the 60d ;)

  61. Harmon says:

    I just brought my Nikon D7000 18-105mm VR Lense for 65K inclusive of Bag, 4GB SD Card, LCD Protector and Tripod from http://www.muranggadgets.com. the staff are very cool and they give 1yr service warranty.

    • fe says:

      hello harmon…it’s been 2months more or less since you bought that nikon camera. just wanna ask if the price was worth it. maganda ba yung nabili mo… walang hidden agenda dun sa camera itself? i’m planning to buy one for myself pero gusto ko munang maniguro… knowing na medyo may kamahalan ok lang pag-ipunan basta guarranteed yung quality ng camera at hind parallel…thank you

    • Harmon says:

      Yes, maganda sya, bugbog sa akin ang camera ko and been using almost every two days (hobby), I purchased again from them last two weeks ago and this time Macbook Pro and to my surprise they gave me extra 6mos warranty aside from its published 1yr warranty for this Macbook. Great Service and quality. All brandnew and sealed

  62. Belle says:

    @Harmon: brand new po? online shop po b?

    • Harmon says:

      Yes I brought it from them Brandnew and sealed. One thing I like with this online store is that the owner himself Mr, John Ocampos (a singer and radio/tv personality) takes your order. I think this MurangGadgets.com is just their trademark, the company name is 148 Gadgets & General Merchandise.

  63. atan says:

    just bought sa Nikon D7000 sa Sharjah, U.A.E. (E-Max) it cost 7000.00 Dirhams if convert to peso mga 82,200, sa cebu daw is 86,000 pesos so mas mura nang konti, meron din ako na kita don sa mga mall mas mura it will cost sa peso mga 72,600 kaya lang sabi kasi ng pinoy don na mag ingat kasi hindi daw original un tawag nya don mga parallel (meron ba ganon) so i did go sa 7000 Dirhams.

    Harmon post says it will cost only 65K sa muranggadgets.com

  64. neal owen says:

    The best lowest price online shop in the PH http://ebuystore.com.ph/nikon/631-nikon-d7000-18-105-vr-kit.html

    ON SALE!
    Nikon D7000 (18-105) Kit

    Package Content
    • 1 Nikon D7000 DX-Format Digital SLR Camera Body
    • 1 Nikon 18-105mm DX VR Lens
    • 1 EN-EL15 Li-ion Battery
    • 1 MH-25 Charger
    • 1 BM-11 Monitor Cover
    • 1 UC-E4 USB Cable
    • 1 DK-5 Eyepiece Cap
    • 1 DK-21 Rubber Eyecup
    • 1 EG-D2 Audio Video Cable
    • 1 AN-DC1 Camera Strap
    • 1 BF-1A Body Cap
    • 1 BS-1 Accessory Shoe Cover
    • 1 ViewNX 2 CD
    • 1 Manuals
    • 1 16GB SD card
    • 1 Year service warranty

  65. Nikon D7000 kit selling @ Salam stores for QR6,299.00 (PhP71,800.00). Happy hunting!…been using it for 2 weeks now and i must say its truly what the reviews say it is. I owned an F3HP years ago and this is something. Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to the release of the D400!

  66. jehnny ching says:

    where can we buy Nikon D7000 here in the philippine? Can I get the store phone number and contact person?

  67. bong manabat says:

    matagal na mga presyo nyo..mura na lang D7000 ngayon…Body meron ng 32,000 pataas..mag surf pa kayo..D7100 ng nikon..50plus

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