Sony intros KW1 selfie cam shaped like a perfume bottle

Sony intros KW1 selfie cam shaped like a perfume bottle

Talk about weird innovations, Sony has just pulled the wraps off of its CyberShot DSC-KW1 camera that specializes in selfies while taking on the shape of a perfume bottle. It carries a rotating camera and is packed with an array of beautification features.


Sony CyberShot DSC-KW1 specs:
3.3-inch OLED display
19.2MP 180 degrees rotating camera
21mm F2.0 lens with LED flash
Colors: White, pink, purple, and green



So far that’s all that Sony revealed in terms of specs. Its features, however, somehow gets a rundown. In addition to its twisting camera that pretty much looks like a bottle cap, the KW1 has a self-timer with countdown function and a camera stand for hands-free shooting. As mentioned earlier, it’s filled with effects to enhance certain elements of the users’ face — they can enlarge their eyes, change the tone and smoothen their skin, or remove that oily look.


To make it more unconventional, Sony embedded Swarovski crystals around its sensor to add more bling (and class?).

The CyberShot DSC-KW1 is currently exclusive to China with no news of its availability in other countries. It costs ¥5,199 (approx. Php37,000) as of its announcement which is pretty steep for budget-conscious people. We guess it costs to achieve that “perfect selfie” shot, but if your budget doesn’t allow it you can always download Camera 360 from your app store or include #nofilter on your next upload.

Corrected device classification.


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  1. Doc Martens says:

    Selfie PHONE? Dear, dear author, don’t you know the difference between a Digital Camera and a Smartphone? Oh please.

  2. evollove says:

    3.3 inch screen? Talk about throwbacks, that’s vintage 2009! LOL.
    And if I had my way, I wouldn’t call this a smartphone, I’d file this one on “Digital Camera running Android OS with phone capabilities”. Like the S4 Zoom.

    Come to think of it, I don’t see any Android version or any mention at all in this article about Android running this device. Are you really sure this one’s a phone, Mr. Francisco?

  3. easy e says:

    The senior Editor strikes again. Wala na ngang video na pino-produce, palpak pa mga articles.

  4. kuratong says:

    Puro kayo reklamo,nagmamagaling ba,create your own blog morons

  5. TechnoDogge says:

    Oh wow, look how perfect you guys are :D
    Shit do happens either most or for quite sometime, so deal with it.

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