Poll: What's the best smartphone of 2013?

Poll: What’s the best smartphone of 2013?

I believe everyone will agree with us when we say 2013 is the year of flagship smartphones. There’s just so many to choose from. This year, we’re finalizing our editors’ choice for the top smartphones of 2013 and we’d like to include your choices in our story.


So, we’ll ask you to vote for the best smartphones of 2013. The choices below are the ones we’ve shortlisted and are locally released.

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Go take a pick and share your opinions in the comment section below.

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88 Responses

  1. abuzalzal says:


    Hands freaking down, ya can’t beat a Snapdragon800-equipped flagship with a Php22k SRP.

    One glaring weakness of the Note 3 that is often not discussed is its weak radio signal. Subukan ninyo side-by-side kung ano mang meron kayo, mahina ang signal ng Samsung

    • balantoy says:

      pure fanboy

    • unggoy says:

      One glaring weakness of abuzalzal, that is often not discussed, is its weak brain. Subukan ninyo side-by-side kung ano mang meron ang grade 1, mahina ang brain ni abuzalzal.

      libre gumamit ng punctuation.

      best smartphone: htc one

    • luigi0824 says:

      LG G2 will never get android 4.4 kitkat

    • LG no updates says:

      I agree. Di naman naguupdate ang LG. Samsung , sony motorola naguupdate. Sama mo pa Huawei naguupdate. Sa LG, asa pa! daming marketing ng LG dito sa comments section ng yuga. ever since, halatang halata

    • Yusuf says:

      Goodluck with your updates.

    • Diorarat says:

      Lg G2 is simply a good product but a bad device. It’s the best hardware and software combination but one of the worst and laziest after sales support similar to China phones.

      If you break it or something happens you’re out of luck with customer service. I guess not getting the 4.4 kitkat update is OK but with the latest android 5.0 around the corner, I sure wouldn’t want to get left out like what happened to lg 2x.

      Point is, kung bulok after sales service and support, ano na pa ba difference sa magandang China phone?? Bad experience ako sa past lg products ko.

  2. CopyCat-droid says:

    Wala kayo sa CHERRY MOBILE ko. ! Hahah…

  3. MC says:

    If there were a Nexus 5, that’d be it. Sadly, there isn’t. So it’s either going to be the HTC One or the LG G2 for me, likely the latter due to its Snapdragon chipset and high-end features for a bargain price compared to the other models.

    • Diorarat says:

      Meron!! Kaso mas mahal pa sa g2 na supposedly the same with added feature. Good thing si google nag expand na ng market coverage niya. Hopefully nasa play store na ng pinas mga nexus in the near future.

    • random says:

      if nexus 5 was indeed included on the list, tingin ko rin yun ang top 1, then G2 then note 3, imho. pero locally kasi, medyo mahal ang nexus 5, halos Php1k lang pagitan sa G2 (see listing on kim.com.ph). so as of now, G2 is definitely the best flagship smartphone in terms of price to performance ratio, again imho :D

  4. ororo says:

    fanboy. hahaha

  5. fanatic says:

    LG G2 siempre dami ng article na sinabi “the best smartphone in the world!”

  6. elaHcM says:

    LG G2 all they way! OIS cam, snapdragon 800, rear key, audio zoom you name it! they have it!

  7. veronica says:

    sorry guys its LG G2 :)

  8. Jacinto says:

    LG G2 nga kaso lage naman out of stock ang Globe -_-

  9. Kami says:

    my poll na naman tapos siraan naman. hihihi.

    well, i agree with Abu about the LG G2, SMARTPHONE AS IT IS, wag munang pagusapan ang software updates at yung company. ASTIG yung LG G2.

    but since, apple fanboy ako, iphone5S kasi naimprove nya yung iphone 5. SMARTPHONE AS IT IS ha, without comparing it to the iphone5.

  10. chinitoguy says:

    In my opinion, both the Sony Xperia Z1 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are the best smartphones for 2013 with the slight advantage of the Note 3 for its bigger screen and S Pen functionality.

    I gave up my iPhone 5 about 3 weeks ago and I was really planning to switch back to Android. But I’m having a dilemma between the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or the Sony Xperia Z1 but eventually i chose the Note 3 and bought it. Really happy with my decision and I’m in love with my Note 3.

    Currently I’m setting my eyes at Nokia’s new phablet, the Nokia Lumia 1520. I believe 2014 will be the year for Windows Phone and hoping they could come up with a smartphone with a 5-inch screen with the specs found on the Lumia 1520.

  11. kap.bambi says:

    nasaan ang mga apple fanboys?

  12. marco says:

    Proud user of LG G2! So far the best for me!!

  13. Abdul Jakul says:

    Mga gago tinatanong pa ba yan? Iphone 5s mga squatter!

  14. wayawesome says:

    overwhelming tlga mga comments about LGG2, well best smartphone naman tlga kse sia as of now.

  15. Chowchow says:

    1st Note 3
    2nd LG G2
    3rd Xperia Z1

    Ok sana yung LG G2 kaya lang walang microSD card slot. Satisfied ako sa note 3 ko, very useful yung S-pen and I noticed na maganda yung battery management nya kapag ginagamit ko as hotspot, hindi sya nainit at hindi mabilis ma drain =)


  16. Mina says:

    For me it’s LG G2, smartest smartphone released in the market.. Hoping to get one soon :)

  17. coolbeens says:

    i was amazed before with samsung and iphone but i got bored with them, then i saw G2 and Nexus well hands down to both of them

  18. Haggard says:

    Ako alcatel glory 2yun lang ang meron ako

  19. Xeno says:

    I think kaya lang naman sinasabi ng iba na the best ang LG G2 dahil mura siya kumpara sa note 3. Pero kung head to head comparison ng specs and performance sila, i think note 3 would win hands down. I’m not sure pero wala ata un G2 ng multitasking like sa note. Sarap mag surf while watching a movie at the same time. Another advantage is the s pen, enough said. If we’re talking about what’s the best smartphone, then we shouldn’t factor in price that much. Kasi kung ganun lang din e di sana mga china phones na lang ilagay natin dit9 na mga bang for the buck.

  20. Mang Tomas says:

    LG G2!!!

    Stuff: “Best smartphone in the world”
    PhoneArena: ” The best Android phone out there now”
    Awarded Gold by HWM Philippines.

    Nuff said..

  21. bliss says:

    G2 then the Note 3

  22. JP says:

    Motorola Moto X or HTC One

  23. jace says:

    Bakit walang Nokia Lumia 1520? Android fanboy?

  24. roiji says:

    wala yung NEXUS 5? T_T

  25. lito says:

    i like LG G2 the way the lg promo sale representative introduce to its great.

  26. Yusuf says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3!!

  27. sensespeak says:

    LG G2! Not just because of the innovative, ergonomic design (rear keys), but also because of the eye-popping 5.2-inch Tru-HD IPS+ LCD Display, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with extremely thin bezels, chickenhead-inspired (haha) 13.0-megapixels primary camera with LED Flash and optical image stabilization, and more-than-sufficient 3,000 mAh Battery! It truly combines the best hardware possible at the moment but with commendable effort from LG for making the price even more affordable than some flagship phones.

  28. angelo says:

    Sony Xperia X – it is a beast, no problem since I bought it.

    Then next will be HTC One

  29. angelo says:

    Sony Xperia Z – it is a beast, no problem since I bought it.

    Then next will be HTC One

  30. wew says:

    lg g2 sa overall,mura na nga ganda pa ng specs lugi nga lng sa software updates…kung mejo outdoor type ang tao mas maganda xperia z1 dustproof at waterproof phone…kung camera geeky at mas gusto ang simpleng OS go for lumia 1020 =)

  31. note3isking says:

    kahit anu sabihin nila Note 3 malamang ang pinakamaganda. G2 panget ng screen wala pang update. Iphone bulok tlga kahit baliktarin ang mundo. unless gawin nilang 6″ screen.

  32. Timo says:

    depende yan sa kakayahan mo bumili. suggest nyo na lang kung anong na experience nyo talaga. wag kayo mag suggest ng magandang phone kung di nyo naman nabili at nagamit.

  33. Hassan says:

    Why?some important reasons;

    5.2 Screen at the very compact size
    True FHD IPS is super NATURAL AND ACCURATE compare to Competitor.
    Excellent 13mp with I.O.S. camera
    Live sound or video zooming…
    GRAPHIC RAM ,the battery can match 3500mAh Normal battery.

    Very Fast and smooth (POWERFUL)
    Snapdragon 800 @2.26Ghz.

    Reasonable Price compare to competitors

    Best smartphon by Stuff
    Best android smartphone by Phonearena
    Best smartphone you can buy byPC Advisor

    And many more…

    LG G2 is the ONLY android Smartphone included to the top10 best electronic gadgets according to Electronic Consumers magazine 2013.

    Honoree 2014


  34. momo says:

    LG G2 all the way………..

  35. momo says:

    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2

    LG G2
    LG G2
    LG G2

  36. britney says:

    LG G2! it has a unique feature. :)

  37. Silver says:

    LG G2! why? The 13mp Ois Cam is amaaaazing also the quadcore 2.26 Ghz is the fastest processor in a smartphone out there and lastly because of the new and amazing specs like audio zoom and Guest mode! :)

  38. Rene says:

    Nexus 5 ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  39. Edmon says:

    Everything about the G2 is great except for some overheating issue.

  40. kit says:

    Note3, then G2, then Z1

  41. Metrixa says:

    It’s between the Note 3 and G2… But I’ll go for the Note 3 because of it’s stylus, it’s very important for me.

  42. acero says:

    Syempre LG G2! Kya nga ito binili ko ????

  43. Jeffrey says:

    Specs Wise Galaxy Note 3… The Beast pagdating sa Performance eh.. Wala ka ng mahihiling pa.. Pra kang may instant Laptop na na dala in your hand…

  44. mike says:

    Dual core ng bayan! Flare! Cherry Mobile Flare lang ang may pinakamaraming nabenta! Kahit pumunta kayo sa mga facebook groups ng Flare padamihan ng likes at members pinakamadami ang Flare! Kahit sikyo, construction vendor, balut vendor, tsimay may Cherry Mobile Flare!

    E yan mga Note 3, Xperia Z, LG G2 nyo gaano kadami ba fanbase nyan??

    So wag na itanong pa. Ang dual-core ng bayan! Cherry Mobile Flare panalo tayo dito!

  45. iAmYourFather says:

    Why the Lumia 1520 isn’t on the list?

    • G2owner says:


      kelan pa pinanalo ng GsmArena ang LG phone?

      and according to that comparison
      may kanya kanyang area( advatages & dis advtages) ang tatlong phones.

      KUNG gusto mo ng COMPACT SIZE GO FOR G2

      reminder GsmArena lang yan….. mas maraming tech sites na pinilinilaang LG G2 as the best smartphone as of 2013!

    • G2owner says:

      @THE END tayo rin ang pipili ng mas gusto natin at swak sa kailangan natin sa isang phone.

      for me i choose LG G2 because of these 6 important and practical reasons;

      @5.2 screen, but still the totality size of the phone very compact.

      2- TRUE FHD IPS Display
      i love natural colors.
      i love pure whites
      i love sharper
      i love reading words on my Phone’s screen
      i love natural, brightness at the same good viewing angles on my phone’s screen

      3-3000mAh Li-po BATTERY + Graphic RAM.
      tested long lasting battery life compare to other smartphone at the same battery capacity.
      thanks to G-RAM technology made by LG-Chem.

      4- 13MP with O.I.S.Camera
      proven one of the best camera phone.
      excellent quality even in low light conditions.
      sharper, and can record FHD video @ 60 fps.

      5- SWEET LG UI
      simple,customized and easy to use.
      Q-cover is very practical and more functional compare to other.

      i bought my G2 just 25,000 complete package.


  46. xtian says:

    For me LG G2 because i own it!

  47. yam says:

    1st – HTC 1
    2nd – G 2
    3rd – NOTE 3
    4th – S 4
    5th – NEXUS 5
    LOL :D

  48. yam says:

    G2 is the best…
    Note 3 is the beast!

  49. eman says:

    LG G2
    5.2 IPS 1080P SCREEN



  50. hemanth says:

    no doubt about LG G2 is the best among all

  51. Lucas says:

    LG G2 is the best phone of year 2013 , I think that ….

  52. ken says:

    For those who are worried about g2 not having kitkat, you can flash one by houston found in xda. Nexus 5 experience but with better hardware and battery life.

  53. Shubham says:

    LG G2 Best of all :)

  54. Mel says:

    i think i am the only one looking for the asus padfone infinity on the list :-/

  55. Lester G. says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because I’m using it now.LOL!

  56. Dj Tron Mix says:

    LG G2 na 32gb korean version replacable battery at sd card. I’ve tried s4, iphone, windows phone (at playbook tablet) although old models.

    Pinagpilian ko s4, htc one, moto x at nexus 5. Kaso at the moment sya ang king of the specs at screen size (same size ng s4 pero ang g2 5.2 vs 5″). Wala namang bearing ang buttons at the back. S4 at htc one old specs na, lalo na mot x. Nexus 5 almost same price sya ng g2 less specs.

    Kung walang official update lg, CM anyone? Important bang for the buck with high spec at versatile sa sd at battery.

    • Dj Tron Mix says:

      Nakalimutan ko pala 13mp optical stabilizer nya at portable sya unlike phablets. At pag intl version ay 3000mah battery nya!

    • Drew says:

      Dude, may isang advantage ang nexus5 na NEVER maaatain ng ibang smartphones, mas maganda man ang specs o hinde: SOFTWARE UPDATES. :)

    • Dj Tron Mix says:

      Drew, oo pre, pero may CM roms naman. Saka kaunte na lang difference sa price naka 3000mah vs 23000mah, at 13mp vs 8mp. Saka, masyado tayong nag-fo-focus sa OS at hardware, samantalang ang dapat naman ay mga killer apps.

      Oo nga pala langhiya, kabibile ko lang kahapon korean version ng G3 ngayon may D830 na ahhahah… balak ko pa naman patagalin ng 4 na taon g2 kaya 2 battery nito. Oh well, technology.

    • G2 now says:


      dude, its not all about update!



      even though LG G2 still getting software updates to 4.4 Kitkat before the end of 1q , 2014.
      South korean version had it already!

  57. aira pigao says:

    LG G2 is the best smart phone i’ve ever had.

  58. mara santiago says:

    LG G2 IS NO. 1

  59. gina jimenez says:

    I’ve used my friends #LGG2 cellphone and i was amazed.. no doubt #LGG2 is the best!!

  60. richard reyes says:

    I’ll choose LGG2! Sabi nga ni daniel padilla ” nasa iyo ng ang lahat!” Same with LGG2 NASA KANYA NA LAHAT!

  61. G2 now says:

    Only LG G2 no doubt!
    i owned Note3 but i sold for some reasons…

    and now im using G2 i can say its a bit better than My Note3.

    so i agreed with most people here G2 is currently the best!

  62. Ô Tô says:

    constantly kept preaching about this. I’ll send this post

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