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Poll: Who’s the best netbook maker?

With over a dozen netbook brands available in the Philippines today, it’s pretty harder to pick a model compared to a year ago. It’s good though — the more, the better — competition drives innovation up and prices down.

This time, our poll asks — Who is the best netbook-maker?

From my count, we got at least 15 brands currently selling locally:

  • Acer
  • Astone
  • Asus
  • Dell
  • Gateway
  • Gigabyte
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Minix
  • MSI
  • Neo
  • Red Fox
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • Qube

The label ‘best’ is subjective and it could mean ‘best designed’, ‘best bang for the buck’, or ‘best performance’ so let’s just settle for ‘best-overall’. As usual, I’ve added the poll on the sidebar so you can send in your votes.

Note: Didn’t include LG and Samsung (and others) since they haven’t officially released their own netbooks in the Philippines.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

63 Responses

  1. Avatar for ken ken says:

    Netbooks and notebooks? Go with asus and toshiba their tough and has the best performance based on reviews.

  2. Avatar for jhen jhen says:

    i think samsung :))

  3. Avatar for chong2xrhp chong2xrhp says:

    for me the best is MSI. the price and the specs ok.

  4. Avatar for best buy best buy says:

    I like HP Mini :)

  5. Avatar for aldrian aldrian says:

    no.1 ASUS!!!
    i love my asus ul80. . .

  6. Avatar for @manong @manong says:

    MSI for me is the best! MSI Wind U230x user here. :D

  7. Avatar for Jay Jay Jay Jay says:

    I’d go for ASUS. But if I have the money, I’d go for TOSHIBA in an instant. :D

  8. Avatar for Joma Gutierrez Joma Gutierrez says:

    When I decided to acquire a netbook, I browsed the internet for reviews. My choices boiled down to 3 brands – asus, lenovo and toshiba.

    Toshiba for me is the most stylish and I like the chicklet keyboard and the blue and silver model is very nice. Unfortunately, it costs about 5-6k more than asus which I think is quite expensive for a netbook.

    As for Lenovo s10-2, I have the protruding battery at the back.

    I finally decided on the Asus 1005HA Seashell white and I find it very very good, especially the battery life.

    I’m eagerly waiting for the Asus 1005PE to be launched in the Philippines.

  9. Avatar for ben ben says:


    best netbook for almost five months.

  10. Avatar for ben ben says:

    asus syempre number one

  11. Avatar for dota_addict dota_addict says:

    “PS: Buy an hp notebook and soon you’ll be goin back to hp for repair.”

    You’ve definitely hit the mark. Except going back for repair, their quotation for repair are so expensive that it is better to buy new notebook. I was planning to buy HP mini 2140 for netbook because I’m using HP pavilion as notebook but I ended up with buying Toshiba UX cause HP after sales services sucks

  12. Avatar for gib gib says:

    i want to buy MSI laptop but my budget is around 25k only. any suggestions? pls help

  13. Avatar for Henry Canizares Henry Canizares says:

    To cont its only asus (here in Pinas) that offer 2years warranty w/o additional fee for notebooks and certain high end netbook like NJ10. Its very clear that they really trust there product. No company will offer 2years warranty if it will just broke after a year. In Hp and other laptop makers, again you have to buy the so called extension warranty card w/c cost around 8k as i remember. It would be nice if HP, Acer and other big brands will offer competitive warranty as Asus

  14. Avatar for Henry Canizares Henry Canizares says:

    For me Asus is the best netbook in the market over other else because it has the longest battery life (working >6hrs) and had the best mother board. In Hp you have to buy the extended battery w/c cost you around 8k it order to achieve at least 5hrs of run time w/c is still behind asus, you add that to the price of HP 2140 and it will rise up to 32k. Netbook is not decide by the looks only but also how long it will last. In asus your total cost of ownership is less compared to other brand.

  15. Avatar for Marc Marc says:

    Asus – for pioneering the netbook sector and dishing out loads of models, which allows them to innovate and perfect their lineup. I think they have come up with some blah models but that’s par for the course. Practice makes perfect. I got an Asus 1008HA at Octagon – the only one I found after combing Ayala Center, Megamall, Shangrila Plaza, Trinoma and SM North.

  16. Avatar for hp_engineer hp_engineer says:

    a little trade secret among the company to all hp notebook fanatics out there:

    This is not to disappoint each and everyone of you, this is to open your mind on how hp does it.
    First and foremost hp notebooks are very much easy to sell because of course by the ads that hp is producing, internally hp doesn’t create a notebook which is “good” in a sense that it lasts, because every model that hp develops has a weak part, trust me, i know it all, expirience with hp is that they create notebooks with parts that has a weak one to be last for a limited amount of time and then become a defective one for the customer to return to hp and pay for services and parts they thaught they broke. haha! funny right! hp really does a good job! hope this opens your minds on how the big one does it. tnx!

    PS: Buy an hp notebook and soon you’ll be goin back to hp for repair.

  17. Avatar for purplegleam purplegleam says:

    Dell, Dell, Dell. Its proven!

  18. Avatar for Obed Obed says:


  19. Avatar for Calvin Calvin says:

    i think you should remove the obvious ones that don’t stand a chance with competing with the more famous brands (like red fox, minix, qube).

  20. Avatar for drealmarlon drealmarlon says:

    this question hangs on me a year ago but i go decide to go to MSI because its cheap,good specs,and the company is well known.MSI is win big in making the MSI wind other than any brand who are now trying to capture the likes of the people because their previous brands not fit to the buyers wants.I had this cheap msi wind 100 php15,995 brand new on pc corner,i do say its great! MSI wind cheap,durable,good specs too.

  21. Avatar for Ryan Montilla Ryan Montilla says:

    I recommend Dell and Sony to everyone! It’s proven!

  22. Avatar for Jayson Jayson says:

    best bang for the buck – MSI!!!

  23. Avatar for paul e. paul e. says:

    asus. love your own. hehehe!

  24. Avatar for Greg Greg says:

    Astone UMPC. With its specs, can’t beat its price.

  25. Avatar for issai issai says:

    hp lang meron ako eh. di ko pa natry iba. mukhang okay naman. wala naman problema. minsan mabagal lang kahit atom :(

  26. Avatar for Oliver Viray Oliver Viray says:

    still asus for me,no one beats the original

  27. Avatar for franxiz franxiz says:

    I’m using Sony Vaio P but its Asus for me.

  28. Avatar for carl carl says:

    for me
    HP #1
    Sony #3



  29. Avatar for carl carl says:

    for me
    HP #1
    Sony #3

  30. Avatar for Pink Pink says:

    I’m using MSI but I heard HP does it best. :)

  31. Avatar for Pepe Maglutac Pepe Maglutac says:

    Well, if we would only include the first Aspire One, I’d say Acer, for sheer bang for the buck. Sadly, everything after that was either too late (D150) or too expensive for a netbook (That 11.6″ One)

    HP, no; too expensive for the features, (and not that much different features). Same with Lenovo, and Sony, and Toshiba.

    Ignoring the other obscure ones, it comes down to ASUS and MSI. MSI has the advantage of being cheap, but I’d give my vote to ASUS, due to the fact that they have quite a lot of innovations in terms of netbooks :D

    Minix would have a chance, but it hasn’t lasted long enough to make that much of an impression… yet…

  32. Avatar for Teknisyan Teknisyan says:

    Of course, we should acknowledge the pioneer and the company who created this niche.. Asus, should be the king of netbook. but we can never disregard the major computer company.. as they would also want that title themselves!!!!

  33. Avatar for Teknisyan Teknisyan says:

    Of course, we should acknowledge the pioneer and the company who created this niche.. Asus, should be the king of netbook. but we can never disregard the major computer company.. as they would also want that title themselves!!!!


  34. Avatar for erik james erik james says:

    * Acer -i just hate glossy lcd screens diffucult to cleanup.
    * Astone -what the hell is this?
    * Asus -bad lcd screen and size.
    * Dell -nice and durable.
    * Gateway -i’ll think about it.
    * Gigabyte -never mind.
    * HP -stylish but low specs.
    * Lenovo -i like this one.
    * Minix -never been heard, duh.
    * MSI -best choice and affordable.
    * Neo -cheap really cheap!
    * Red Fox -wow, very promising.
    * Sony -too expensive for a netbook.
    * Toshiba -durable but not that stylish.
    * Qube -get a cube.

  35. Avatar for hublon hublon says:

    I’m voting for Lenovo as the number 1 brand followed by Asus.

  36. Avatar for JonJon Villegas JonJon Villegas says:

    voted for HP…. `coz I owned one hehe
    2140 users here…. satisfied :)

  37. Avatar for myke myke says:

    just voted for hp to annoy those asus fanatics >:)

  38. Avatar for Kiven Kiven says:

    Acer, Lenovo, MSI (not necessarily in that order)

  39. Avatar for julai julai says:

    HP for me.Got my HP mini since April and so far, so good.

  40. Avatar for ERWIN:-) ERWIN:-) says:

    ASUS!! =)

  41. Avatar for Mark Jason Mark Jason says:

    Acer is like Asus. Except for the design

  42. Avatar for rene rene says:

    Asus . . . until MSI came . . .

  43. Avatar for kumagpoko kumagpoko says:

    MSI for me..OVERALL =]

  44. Avatar for Daniel Daniel says:

    Asus. What better than the originators? Haha, aside from that, great and innovative products for a relatively cheap price.

  45. Avatar for arrman arrman says:

    asus, acer, msi, hp, lenovo

  46. Avatar for Diosk Diosk says:

    Cheeseter and Pinoy Netbooks seems to be employees of MSI. lol

  47. Avatar for Pinoy NetBooks Pinoy NetBooks says:

    Design doesn’t matter. MSI for me, cheap price with great specs.

  48. Avatar for Cheeseter Cheeseter says:

    in terms of price versus specs, MSI is the winner!

  49. Avatar for Tey Aragon Tey Aragon says:

    MSI! For their limited edition Wind with 250GB HDD + 2GB memory + 6-cell battery + WinXP HE = ALL FOR UNDER P20k! :-)

  50. Avatar for cajones cajones says:

    Kuya Yuga, I made a comparison based on their specs unfortunately accurate battery life testing varies widely pero as far as bang for your buck is concerned the msi wind u100 plus takes the cake.


  51. Avatar for eithan® eithan® says:

    asus got the # 1 spot!!!

    asus rules.

  52. Avatar for atom atom says:

    i think it really depends on what features you want… but then again all netbook seems to have same features already lol

  53. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:

    MSI for me :D

  54. Avatar for sherwin sherwin says:

    HP, Asus, Lenovo

  55. Avatar for Raven Raven says:

    i agree…asus deserve the sp0t.

    My t0p 5
    1. Asus
    2. MSI
    3. Hp
    4. Acer
    5. Len0v0

    s0ny was a pricey s0 it fails on the “best bang f0r the buck” categ0ry.

  56. Avatar for Binks Binks says:

    Yeah, my dad bought a NEO 1193 yesterday. My initial impression was WTF! But seriously, after using it for a few hours, I’m slowly falling in love with it.

  57. Avatar for Darren Darren says:

    1. NEO
    2. Acer
    3. Minix
    4. ASUS
    5. MSI

  58. Avatar for JohnLloy JohnLloy says:


  59. Avatar for looking for 1005ha looking for 1005ha says:

    @petken: Where did you buy your eeepc1005ha?!

  60. Avatar for Reuben Reuben says:

    MSI got the real deal, good specs with good price. But, design is not good enough, much with HP and Acer. Nah, it doesnt matter any way.

  61. Avatar for TechPinas TechPinas says:

    Based on the products I’ve actually seen and ‘held’:

    Best Bang for the Buck

    1. HP – the latest releases are plain outstanding
    2. Asus
    3. Lenovo
    4. Acer
    5. Toshiba — would have ranked higher if pricing isn’t a factor.

  62. Avatar for petken petken says:

    of course, the pioneer netbook maker, asus is the clear winner here. they have cool designs and longest battery life. the best 6-cell battery that does not produce the ugly extension like most of the other makers… asus eee pc 1005HA is currently the best notebook in terms of specs, design and pricing CNET Editor’s Choice June 2009… I got mine yesterday and it is really worth it…

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