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PRC Nursing Exam Results crash servers

Update: PRC Nursing Board Exam Results for November 2008. Copy latest PRC Board Nursing exam results from the website here .

I’ve been struggling with several crashed servers early this evening from what could have been a massive amount of traffic coming in from search engines looking for the 2007 PRC Nursing Exams Results.

Even blog tracking by PinoyTopBlogs caused my server to crash. I can only imagine the number of blogs being swarmed by nursing examinees looking for the results online. All that traffic combined being tracked by PTB killed mySQL and Apache instantly. I can’t even revive it because every time we do a hard reboot, the server is trashed again before I can connect and make some preventive measures. This is like getting Dugg, Slashdotted, Farked, StumbledUpon and hitting Reddit all at the same time.

Traffic is so huge even Inquirer.net had to revert to their lite version (and on several occasions, have actually crashed the site as well). That’s your 80,000 nursing graduates going online and poring over the passers list. Hopefully, it should subside by midnight.

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19 Responses

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  2. Avatar for Cherie Cherie says:

    Thank you for letting me in here. Please let me know what should I put in for your anchor text in my site. We are on the process now of building a huge directory list and I wanted your site to be included.

    Shameless plug: We will be posting the November 2009 nursing board exam result in our website. Please let your Filipino visitors know about it. CIAO!

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  4. Avatar for november 2008 nursing results november 2008 nursing results says:

    Great post…Kahit old post na ok parin ang traffic… Idol ko talaga ang lakas ng traffic… 42k ang alexa…:)

  5. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    An old post with a ton of search traffic. Just linking back to the PRC website. Got tired of all the comment spams here.

  6. Avatar for Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net says:

    HHmmm pati pala ikaw nakabantay sa search ng NLE November 2008 :)

  7. Avatar for sheril l.verdadero sheril l.verdadero says:

    pls give us the result of december 2007 nle…

  8. Avatar for sheril l.verdadero sheril l.verdadero says:

    congratss..2007 board passers..

  9. Avatar for merly c. reyes merly c. reyes says:

    plz notify all about the results of nursing licensure examination taken last Dec. 2007.

  10. Avatar for John John says:

    You can’t kill apache and mysql with 80,000 users. :) Maybe 80,000 + 10 friends assuming they all hit your servers at the same time.

    Web caching anyone?

  11. Avatar for akosidnis akosidnis says:

    i posted the result on my site if anybody are still trying to check it. i have the complete list.
    hope it will help. Cheers

  12. Avatar for ajay ajay says:

    It’s bad enough that today is a holiday. Maybe the web admin s are absent?

  13. Avatar for otoy otoy says:

    ey i made a webpage for the Nurse Licensure Exam Result for June 10 & 11 please visit :


    made this for my friends who are bugging me kung may copy ako ng result :)

  14. Avatar for jun jun says:

    oops… that should have been how soon did the PRC’s server crashed…

  15. Avatar for jun jun says:

    Relatives from the province asked me to check some names last night. I couldn’t find a listing that was up. can anybody confirm if PRC’s servers’ crashed?

    There are lessons to be learned here. And opportunities too.

    Like, maybe PRC can get the emails of the takers and just send them the PDF file, cc the media or anyone who wishes to receive the results, maybe preventing crashing. And with a captive (or captured) audience, the government can use this mailing list for updates, communications and whatever nurses may be interested in.

  16. Avatar for Miguel Miguel says:

    80,000 takers x 10 friends each!

  17. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

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  18. Avatar for XpressMusic XpressMusic says:

    My site is still up and alive.You can check the nursing exam(june 2007)results here : xpressmusic.wordpress.com


  19. Avatar for Michael Michael says:

    Yeah, my cousin who has a nursing grad friend, asked me to check on the results.

    Every site I visited (even inquirer and manila bulletin), crashed.

    The only one left standing are those hosted by blogspot.

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