5 Apps That Can Help You With Budgeting


It’s the end of the month and for most employees, it’s time to get their hard-earned salary for their work. But, some tend to just lose track of where their money goes or just don’t keep an eye on their cash flow. To address that, here are 5 apps you can try out to help with your budgeting.

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Simple Daily Budget

You can try out something straightforward like the Simple Daily Budget app. Unlike most budgeting apps that have a lot of overwhelming features that will just make you feel burdened to input all the info, this app just needs to know a few and it will give you your suggested daily budget. From that, you can now track your expenses daily and see how much you still have left. Students should definitely start with this.

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Money Lover


Money Lover is one of best budgeting app we have tried so far. It’s complete with just about everything you’ll need. Although, since it’s got a lot of features, it’s not exactly the most fun to use especially at first. But, when you get the hang of it, you’ll be proud of yourself. Your financial angel would be too.

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Expense IQ


If you’re very analytical about your spending and saving, then Expense IQ should be your go-to app for tracking your cash flow. It’s got about everything other apps has to offer complete with cloud sync and transfers.

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If you want something that’s a bit different from the rest of budgeting apps, the CoinKeeper might be the one for you. Its functions are similar to others and featured-pack as well but what we liked about it is the ingenious way of adding expenses. Simply drag the ‘coin’ to easily input your new purchase.


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Wallet does a few tricks and it likes to keep it uncomplicated. Add your income, subtract your expense, transfer your credits, and check out your report. If you don’t want many features but like to keep your tracking detailed, this could be your budgeting app.

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If you’re more into traditional type of budgeting, and we’re talking about using envelopes here with a set amount per month for each type of expense, Goodbudget is the answer for you. You’re going to love how effective this gets. This is also ideal for those who deal with cash rather than credit cards since it mimics the classic way of receiving a salary. You can also check your expenses through the web, so you can manage them through your PC.

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There are more budgeting apps available online but these 5 were able to impress us with their unique features and way of helping people properly budget their expenses. If you have anything to add, chime in the comments below and let’s all save up for our future.

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  1. Avatar for Jebb Jebb says:

    Another one worth mentioning is YNAB (You Need A Budget)

  2. Avatar for doby doby says:

    I have been using Money Monitor by Maxwell Software for a year now, migrating from the traditional spreadsheets. http://www.maxwellapps.com/apps_1_money_monitor.html

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