Adobe's 'Project Nimbus' leaked

Adobe’s ‘Project Nimbus’ leaked

At last year’s MAX conference, Adobe unveiled Project Nimbus, their upcoming RAW-capable cloud-native photo editing app. French website MacGeneration reported that Adobe has released an internal version of Nimbus to some Creative Cloud subscribers for a limited time, but by mistake. Here are a few screenshots from their website.

Project Nimbus is a cloud-native photo editor, allowing not just cross-platform work, but it also stores all your files and even edits in the cloud. It is also non-destructive, as edits can always be undone, using the Camera Raw engine. Your photos being stored in the cloud, Adobe can now identify for you the content of your photos. For example, searching “mountains” or “tree” is now acceptable, other than just searching using filenames, tags, and other metadata.

Building on the success of Lightroom, the interface looks very familiar, but rest assured isn’t just a clone. It has less but more user-friendly tools, and will be more intuitive for beginners.





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