Facebook for Android receives big update

Facebook for Android receives big update

Facebook for Android is now on version 2.0 and is expected to increase the speed and performance of the app – by a lot.

There is no drastic change in the design and the UI when we downloaded the update, but it surely did what the update specified it would do. It increased loading speeds by a mile.

Facebook’s Android app wasn’t the best out there quite a while back. In fact, we never found ourselves using the Facebook app alone; we had apps like Friendcaster on the sideline for some other purposes.



The previous versions of the app used HTML5 and some codes that enabled different Android devices to work with it – that is why it was so slow. Now, the new Facebook app for Android is built from the ground up. Meaning, the codes are different which will resort to faster performances.

We noticed that it was indeed fast. Scrolling was smooth and loading times were short. Facebook is really trying to keep the grasp that they have on their users, and it is working. The Facebook app has undergone through a lot of updates. It’s not the perfect app, but it’s trying to be and it’s almost there.

The update/download is available at the Google Play Store.


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10 Responses

  1. Yuja says:

    IMO: no matter how fast this facebook app is, it basically consumed my internal memory.My Alcatel Glory phone is not a high-end type phone and installing Link2SD did not help coz a big part of the app still resides on the phone. Uninstalling the update removed the “low disk space” prompt. And this time, i want to remove the fb app itself.

    • Hideki says:

      yes thats one annoying thing with the lower-end local Android phones here in the Philippines. They had Facebook pre-installed for the sake of lulz, eating a huge portion on the very little internal memory. worst, if you have Viberr and Twitter as well.

      on topic, havent tried the new update. im just using the fb app to upload pics easily or if i need to tag somebody up, still on normal checking, Opera Mini saves the day.

  2. johnonline says:

    it is a great improvement..im liking it.

  3. Eizan says:

    Downloaded this on my SGS3, and yes, the app is noticeably faster. I believe it’s more optimized for high-end devices, so I would suggest those with low-tier Android phones not to download this as the new app consumes more memory than before.

  4. Gerome says:

    Love the new update!! :) super fast than before.

  5. co0ljade says:

    HAHA. yan din problema ko. 160mb lang yung internal memory ng Lenovo A60+ ko. at itong fb app ay kumakain ng mahigit 40mb ng storage ko. mabuti nalang di ito pre installed sa phone ko kaya pwede kong iuninstall kahit kalian xD

  6. frenchy says:

    Oo nga ang bilis. Amazing! I’m also not using a high end phone right now and I had some problems installing this update. It always gave me the “Insufficient internal storage..” blah blah. And since Facebook is pre-installed on my phone I couldn’t uninstall the whole app. What I did was, I uninstalled the PREVIOUS updates before I downloaded and installed this new big update. Ayun ok na sya ngayon at ang bilis nya nga talaga.

  7. poche says:

    how bout yun battery drain? di ba bat hog?

  8. XXIX says:

    Hi. What’s the difference in having the dedicated Messenger app installed?

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