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Google Maps update brings custom location stickers on Android

Google is hopping onto the app sticker bandwagon — not for its social media site, but oddly for its Maps app as location stickers.


Yup, the internet search giant is now giving you the freedom to add customized image labels not only to your home and office,but also to places you frequent, traffic conditions, best routes and more.


Google says that there are benefits to labeling your favorite spots on Maps, as it would be easier to locate anything you’d be needing in a snap. “You can use the new driving mode for one-tap access to driving directions from your home screen. If you use public transportation to commute, you can stop guessing when the train will arrive with quick access to real-time transportation information,” states in their blog post.

The new Google Maps with built-in stickers is coming to Android devices via an app update in the coming days.

Source: Google Maps Blog  | Via

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