SSS Online: Inquiry on Member Contributions

sss philippinesSSS Online Inquiry is a service by the Social Security System of the Philippines that provides updates on member contributions, salary loans, SSS ID information, among others.

You can register and login for your member contribution information on the SSS Philippines website here: http://www.sss.gov.ph

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You need to login using your User ID and password when you first registered for an account. Also select the Employee or Employer check-box before you sign in.

Non-Philippine Government employees are covered by SSS or the Social Security System in the Philippines. SSS contributions are automatically deducted from the monthly salary by the employer to be remitted to the SSS every month.

However, there are incidents when the company or employers are delayed in the payments or forgets to remit the SSS contributions.

SSS Website Scheduled Downtime on June 20, 2009

Please be advised that the SSS Website will be inacessible on June 20, 2009 from 2:00PM – 5:00 PM. It will be back online after the system maintenance.

95 Responses

  1. Avatar for jhonalyn pactol yana jhonalyn pactol yana says:

    how verify my sss contribution

  2. Avatar for jose pasa jose pasa says:

    I avail to ssa loan

  3. Avatar for Josefa Perolino Josefa Perolino says:

    Any upadste regarding with my salary loan.

  4. Avatar for Daisy Llaoderes Daisy Llaoderes says:

    lock in my account in sss?

  5. Avatar for Eva P. Quilaña Eva P. Quilaña says:

    Good day may I ask regarding SSS benefits can a member avail SSS benefits through RA-9710 and the same time she received regular salary and honoraria monthly? her leave equivalent 60 days.Thank you.

  6. Avatar for John rey londres John rey londres says:

    PANo malaman


    lock in my acount sss

  8. Avatar for Darlyn S Pruett Darlyn S Pruett says:

    how to verify my SSS contribution

  9. Avatar for Jr Billos Perolino Jr Billos Perolino says:

    Sss checking

  10. Avatar for Arthur Ciocson Cruz Arthur Ciocson Cruz says:

    how to verify my sss contribution?

  11. Avatar for Jenalyn Babor Jenalyn Babor says:

    How to verify my SSS contribution?

    • Avatar for Alona Narbaja Alona Narbaja says:

      Any updates regarding my salary loans. Loan application approved on October 17. Until now no credit on my dbp acct.

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