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Bandwidth Caps out; Is Throttling next?

After the recent public hearing by the NTC, they’ve announced that provisions for bandwidth caps have been removed from memo. But that’s just the NTC and it’s still a draft so ISPs can still continue with their bandwidth capping provisions as stated in their service contracts and AUP.

If bandwidth capping will eventually be prohibited by NTC, service providers will most likely resort to other methods and the next best thing would be “bandwidth throttling”.

Bandwidth throttling is a technique employed in communications networks to manage network traffic and minimize congestion.

Internet service provider can use bandwidth throttling to reduce the impact of specific services or applications, such as the BitTorrent protocol, and could also potentially use it to provide preferential bandwidth access to higher priority users at peak times. {via Wikipedia}

Incidentally, I’ve been used to bandwidth throttling numerous times in the past while in other countries (especially in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan). My connection speeds in those countries are usually very fast (up to 100Mbps) but when I’m downloading files via bittorent, the speeds significantly slows down.

Last time I remember, I can stream a 1080p YouTube HD without any problems but my torrent speed drops to just 10Kbps or less after a few minutes (happened in 3 different hotels while I was in Japan).

Copy of Innove’s Service Contract

Unlike bandwidth capping, bandwidth throttling still gives customers that “unlimited bandwidth” provision but makes hogging the network a little harder to do. It can also be selective — direct downloads, streaming and the likes would enjoy full speeds but torrents might suffer reduced speeds (Globe’s Service Contracts specifies only 20% of subscribed speed will be allocated to P2P applications).

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

91 Responses

  1. Avatar for ronelm2000 ronelm2000 says:

    P2P Throttling > Data Caps all day anyday

  2. Avatar for JustGowiththeflow JustGowiththeflow says:

    Just go with the flow lang or better mag aral kayo mabuti, magpayaman at magtayo kayo ng telco. At gawin nyo yung trip nyo. Kung di nyo kaya magtayo ng telco sa lifetime nyo try nyo ipamana yan reklamo nyo at malay nyo matupad ng anak nyo. Kung di pa rin kaya ng anak nyo baka pwede just go with the flow na lang. Di naman kc atin yan telco lol.

  3. Avatar for Tipz Tipz says:

    Okay n rn cguro ang bandwidth trottling bsta tamang throttling ang iimplement. Ayos lng kung ithrottle nila ang p2p downloads, pero ung s ibang aspect like streaming, browsing, games at FTP DL dpat normal speeds prin.

    Atleast wla k ng cap and mggmit mo prin ng maaus ang connection mo. Hndi nga lng s torrenting.

    Pero kung gusto nilang ithrottle lhat eh sobrang abuso nmn n nun.

  4. Avatar for BM BM says:

    How do I know that my min bandwidth is at 80% monthly? For broadband plan.

    I’m confused on the tattoo dashboard it says 1.5mbps but in chrome speed of the dl is just at 140kbps…

  5. Avatar for kristian kristian says:

    Guys i hate globe already… iv been watching you-tube for 5 hours only… ad i cant connect to the internet because of this…

    GLOBE Advisory: Ur data subscription for today has reached 800mb. Ur remaining browsing hours will resume tomorrow subject to promo validity. U may opt to forfeit ur remaining subscription to browse for P5/15. To unsubscribe text POWERSURF OFF or SUPERSURF OFF to 8888. This promo is guided by Globe Fair Use Policy.
    Time: 27/02/2011 02:17:09

  6. Avatar for Jon Jon says:


    Easy lang. React much? Do you work for a telco at ganyan ka maka-react? Do not show your ignorance here, dumbass. Pumunta na lang abroad dahil mabagal internet dito? Foolish.

    Hindi ako “puro reklamo” as you claim. The point here is, I pay my bills (on time), I deserve to get the service I pay for. Ganun kasimple lang yun. Kaya nga may pinipirmahan tayong kontrata e. That contract is supposed to protect both parties. But in reality, sino lang ang pinoprotektahan nun? Tama — ang mga telco lang.

  7. Avatar for Nats Nats says:

    Consumer rights? Di ko naman sinasabing bawal magreklamo.e kung puro reklamo lng ang alam mong gawin.magpagawa ka ng sariling telecom business at dun mo malalaman ang operation.masiado kang iyakin kumag..kamote ka..8===D eto sayo..

    • Avatar for Brickz Brickz says:

      As expected, lagi naman yan ang typical reply ng Pinoy sa mga reklamador. Hindi naman masama ang pagrereklamo kung nasa tama naman ang dahilan. Bakit, meron ba siyang enough capital para magpatayo ng sariling telco? Magbebenefit ba siya at magcocompete pa siya sa malalaking telco?

      Kung ako lang di ako magrereklamo kung meron lang matinong telco na may good service. Dun ako lilipat. Eh kaya lang lahat naman palpak. Meron namang good enough yung service di naman available sa area ko. Isipin mo nga muna reply mo bago ka magpost.

  8. Avatar for cybercon cybercon says:

    On every network there is a limitations. QoS, Traffic Shaper, etc… On a very widespread issue about bandwidth(net speed), capping, throtlling are always there. Now dealt as a big issue because of internet service of per kilobyte rate or usage. We now pay per KB specially for wireless connectivity. Why? Because we pay and use a modern technology..oh c’mmon! thats bullshit! They want to make money on a much simpler and effective way from subscribers.

    For I know, throttling is determined from what network ports(or protocol) you are utilizing. It is set to slow down the speed on a desired bandwidth level on P2P whilst HTTP port(80) gains priority on full bandwidth (e.g. 2Mbps)where less traffic bandwidth consumption are being utilized even more subscribers are on simultaneous use. It simply every ISP’s trying to maximize and cater all subscribers from their pipe.

    Capping – if hit your maximum threshold, then thats it… your full connection will dropped on a desired speed (specifically lower). This rule is case to case basis among ISP’s Plan Package or base of what you have subscribed, either you hit the maximum DL capacity allowed per month or per day.

  9. Avatar for Jon Jon says:


    Sorry to say this, but you are an idiot. Ang sinasabi mo ba, bawal tayo mag reklamo? Are you even familiar with consumer rights?

    So kung mabagal ang connection mo, di ka dapat magreklamo, kahit di mo nakukuha yung speed na binabayaran mo? You must be smoking the same thing those ISPs are having.

  10. Avatar for Nats Nats says:

    Ganun talga ang buhay..kung gusto nio ng mabilis..lumipat kau ng bansa kung san meron mabilis na net..hindi ung puro kau reklamo..sa mga taong sinusulit ang binayad nila sa internet,ok lng un..pero wag kau magreklamo sa mabagal na internet,mag rent nlng kau sa computer shop at magbayad ng per hour..un lng..

    • Avatar for Brickz Brickz says:

      Typical Pinoy. Sobrang sanay na na hindi nakukuha ang tamang serbisyo at sa impunity. Hindi alam ang ibig sabihin ng accountability. Gayahin natin ang mga taga ibang bansa na magreklamo at aangkinin kung ano ang nararapat para mapressure sila na ibigay ang tamang serbisyo. Kaya laganap dito ang corruption eh, hindi aggressive ang mga Pinoy sa pag persecute sa mga corrupt, indifferent kasi sanay na.

  11. Avatar for tfcnow01 tfcnow01 says:

    ako simple lang, ibigay lang yung nararapat sa binayad ko, kung ang usapan eh ganito kabilis upload/download upon subscription, dapat yung ang ibigay. ang abuso sa paggamit eh di ko alam dahil para sa akin, alang abuso lalo na’t binabayaran mo, ang talagang abuso eh yung di mo nakukuha yung serbisyong binayaran mo.

  12. Avatar for vince vince says:

    ok, tama na shared service ang internet, and pag gusto mo solo mag leased line ka

    pero wala naman yun sa ads nila kaya tumataas ang expectations ng tao and nagagalit pag di na meet. Kayong mga nagpupumilit na “shared resource” ang bandwidth, do you agree na dapat nasa ads ang fact na ito?? and dapat prominent

  13. Avatar for Watata Watata says:

    globe 2mbps kme, mas mbilis pa ang torrent ko kesa sa direct eh, 220-240 kbps dl speed ko,

  14. Avatar for JAY JAY says:

    “All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it. ”
    H. L. Mencken

  15. Avatar for Jay Jay says:

    Maganda dun sa China. Kulong lang ng kulong. Punta ka dun. Pag may consent hindi illegal. Hindi lahat illegal.

  16. Avatar for Jake Jake says:

    Huwag nang magreklamo kung puro illegal softwares at movies lang naman idownload. Dapat nga ikulong kayo sa ginagawa niyong pamimirata eh.

  17. Avatar for Mark Mark says:

    When that happens, we’ll know.

    -Net Neutrality Advocate-

  18. Avatar for cpmj cpmj says:

    I don’t mind throttling p2p methods of DLing.

    But please, itaas naman natin ang standards ng services. I yearn for the day na mabubura na yung word na “kbps” sa mga ads ng mga isp at puro “mbps” na. (or better yet gbps? but yeah dream on. hehe)

  19. Avatar for doug doug says:


    Tangina mo, 99% of the time exacto sa MD5 checksum, magbasa ka muna kasi ng comments bago ka magdownload ulol.

  20. Avatar for vince vince says:

    Depending on how you define throttling, generalized throttling has been with us for some time. Remember yugatech’s unthrottled globe wimax test unit? He got > 8mbps. But actual globe wimax plans are labeled as up to 0.5 or 1 mbps.

    Paurong sa pinas. When 3.5g (smart bro plug it, globe tatoo and sun bro) was released, the advertised speed was up to 2 mbps. Next to be introduced was wimax. Its supposed to be better and faster than 3.5g, but look at the plans, lower than 2mbps, unusual for a supposedly newer and better technology. Paurong talaga!

    I suspect that the ISP’s realized that congestion would be a problem based on past experience with 3.5g internet so they intentionally throttled the wimax speeds so low so that they could get more subscribers and have less of the subscribers complain.

    In some ways this might be fair-ER than caps or p2p throttling since it is applied to ALL subscribers

  21. Avatar for Miklos Miklos says:

    The Filipino infrastructure is very very poor.

    Take Globe as an example – they have a single point of failure in their (misconfigured) global proxy server. So any port 80 traffic goes through (and gets logged?) their proxy server.

    The worst part is that because the proxy setup they have, some pages does not work – several pages I use for work simply does not work on Globe and I have to use VPN out of Globes network to properly work.

    PLDT on the other hand I have never had issues with, so I can highly recommend them over Globe.

    But why are the speeds so low? I’m okay with throttling/limitations on P2P as long as the average Mbit is above 20 for a DSL – this is possible in almost every single country around the globe except here.

  22. Avatar for trickz trickz says:

    hmmm that’s the reason why the Philippines can’t go ahead to other countries. WHy? because of some Filipinos who always complain and give rude and non-sense comments.

    After implementation either of the two provision, crab-mentality system awaits.

    Btw, did someone say Filipinos like BAYANIHAN or CORRUPTION rather?

  23. Avatar for Jay Jay says:

    Problema sa hotfile, rapidshare, megaupload etc na ZIP file kadalasan kailangan e repair pa. Torrent files 100% guarantee fix – correct files. I’m sure You noticed it too.

    Hindi ko nga nagagamit ang full 6gig limit dahil sa bagal ng ibang internet. Waste of time and electricity.

  24. Avatar for doug doug says:

    Mga putang ina ninyong reklamador. bakit pa kasi kayo nagtotorrent mga putang ina ninyo. meron naman hotfile, rapidshare saka megaupload mga ungas!

    • Avatar for Genkuro Genkuro says:

      Kahit Torrent or kahit anong File Hosting Site pa yan… Ganun pa rin gumagamit ka pa rin ng bandwidth. Isipin mo muna sinasabi mo bago ka nagagalit sa mga nagto-torrent. Misconception yung sinisisi nila yung user. Ano ba binabayaran mo? di ba yung advertised SPEED. hindi naman yung Amount ng DATA. Kahit di ka naman nagto-torrent kung adik ka naman sa you tube… It is still the same… You are still using the bandwidth… THINK. Sinasabi lang nila yan to divide the users and put a blame on a demographic.

  25. Avatar for byncs byncs says:

    if their going to use the throttling at least let it be off during off peak hours so that others can still enjoy downloading. Upgrading speeds/plans would be useless if throttling will be on all the time.

  26. Avatar for Philippine Blog Directory Philippine Blog Directory says:

    A 30-day money-back guarantee should be imposed to all postpaid plans being provided by telcos. Most specially if the problem is within the telco’s side. I am one of the victims of the 3rd national telco in our country being the lousiest ISP ever!

    NTC must monitor our ISPs quality of service regularly and they must protect us consumers with all the possible help they can provide.

  27. Avatar for ralphs bathroom remodel ralphs bathroom remodel says:

    sana bibilis na ang torrent. hehe 2mbps lang naman smartbro ko

  28. Avatar for Omar Mendoza Omar Mendoza says:

    I don’t get why this regulation is going on nowadays. the ads clearly say UNLIMITED.

    imo, this is like cable tv. We pay for all 100+ channels but we don’t watch all of the channels at once. so what if I become a coach potato and not turn off my TV, I paid for it.

    as far as I’m concerned, ISPs and the NTC should not give a d@mn of what I do with the service that I paid for. If I paid for 1 mbps speed then it would only be FAIR for me to get 1 mpbs speeds.

  29. Avatar for jtroyve jtroyve says:

    @brownbear. good point that other posters seem to not understand.

    they keep on saying people who maximize their bandwidth are abusing their connections. nope. we are not.

  30. Avatar for BrownBear BrownBear says:

    If I’m subscribed to a 1mbps plan, isn’t my connection already throttled to 1mbps?

  31. Avatar for nameless nameless says:

    Sun Wireless Broadband i think is already using that Throttling. Speedtest.net says, 1.5Mbps, but my torrent downloads is limited to 5kbps.

  32. Avatar for someone someone says:

    mas ok na bw throttling tapos lagyan ng peak / off peak hours

    peak hours
    8am – 10pm p2p cap at 20% advertised speed

    off peak hours
    10pm – 8am walang cap or atleast 80% advertised speed

    para hindi congested kung kelan mas maraming gumagamit ng internet. sa gabi nalang mag torrent or p2p file sharing.

  33. Avatar for David Z David Z says:

    “to those who are asking if the current caps in sun, globe and wi-tribe will disappear because the NTC MO is junked, you should read the text of the memo sometimes instead of relying on second hand hearsay”

    Sa madaling salita, there will STILL be capping. For now until (possibly) regulated by NTC or by law.

  34. Avatar for vince vince says:

    to those who are asking if the current caps in sun, globe and wi-tribe will disappear because the NTC MO is junked, you should read the text of the memo sometimes instead of relying on second hand hearsay

    let me use an example to explain the situation. Imagine this were not a MO but say a law in congress. At present there is no law on the subject so the ISP’s can do what they want. A Congressman files bill to standardize the cap to 5 gigs a day but due to public outroar, the bill never gets past the comittee, much less put up to a vote. The congressman then withdraws the bill and says he is editing it and he removes the cap provision and says he will conduct public hearings and maybe in the future re-file an edited bill later. Obviously since its just a draft bill and has not been voted on by congress and signed by the president yet, the fact that the caps were removed has no effect in the real world

  35. Avatar for vince vince says:

    throttling might be fairer because it would be equally implemented to every one (depending on how it is implemented).

    A fair way to implement would be to simply freeze the plan speeds being offered while upgrading the infrastructure to be able to support more consumers. No singling out p2p. Remember the speeds available to subscribers in the phils after dial up? 1000 pesos would buy you 128kbps, then later 1000 pesos would buy you 256 then 384, then 512, then 1mbps, then 2mbps, etc etc. as the ISP’s upgraded their infrastructure. If this was implemented in the past, then maybe in the present, 1000 pesos per month now would get you only 512kbps. This would stifle progress though, similiar to what would happen if CPU and GPU technological progress stagnated

    and IMHO the throttling talked about in the yugatech blog is not a generalized throttling but specific, torrents only. the smart bro plug it threads are claiming that their throttle to 1mbps from 2mbps is the general type. but it is a secret throttle, its not in their ads or website

    for 3g based internet torrents are slow but its AFAIK not due to throttling. Its just a side effect of 3g being a NAT’ed type of connection (i dont know exactly what that is but its kinda equivalent to the smart bro servers functioning as a huge router with maybe the whole philippines as the clients, the problem is the router is not port forwarded, its blocked)

    unless it would be a generalized throttling, this would be a violation of net neutrality. It also would be a violation of the rights of people who download legitimate files via p2p like people who download linux distros and people who have games that use p2p technology to distribute the game and the patches. Yes, if you didnt know, some online games do that, even sometimes without your knowledge. While you are downloading the game/patch, your PC also connects via p2p to other PC’s so what you downloaded is shared to others. The game/patch installer itself is a p2p program . Blizzard does it AFAIK

  36. Avatar for Jay Jay says:

    Ang dapat umalis ang mga manloloko sa bayan.
    Mabilis daw e super bagal naman.

    Maganda naman ang services ng ibang ISP.
    Sana continues upgrade ang system nila para
    wala ng issues.

  37. Avatar for Newbie Newbie says:

    reklamo kayo ng reklamo na mabagal net sa pinas, eh di pumunta kayo sa ibang bansa imbis na sinisiraan nyo pinas! mayaman ka pala eh di umalis ka na! mga walang kwentang pinoy.

    at kung problema nyo speed, tigilan nyo na kasi pagdownload ng mga ILLEGAL na torrent. stupid, ung mga nagrereklamo malamang puro torrent ng pirated lang alam gawin.

  38. Avatar for milanaorl milanaorl says:

    better than capping.. kung naimplement na to sapa
    sure na bibilis na mga connections. ^^

  39. Avatar for madmaxx madmaxx says:

    sound like mag”boboom” nanaman ang mga pirated dvd.

  40. Avatar for Kevin Kevin says:

    I am subscribed for almost two years in Globe wired 1mbps and our place is between caloocan and novaliches.

    So far, I don’t have any bad experience with their service. I get what I pay for. :)

  41. Avatar for Gerald Gerald says:

    Why are they talking about throttling and capping when the ISPs are already doing both with their very poorly managed infrastructure?

  42. Avatar for Francis Francis says:

    QQ more pirates
    The internet owns your soul

  43. Avatar for MangaSteam MangaSteam says:

    ALL OF THIS IS A BULLSHIT! Those company sucks!

  44. Avatar for Terry G. Terry G. says:

    Seriously, just purchase a lifetime Megaupload account (or for some rich kids, Hotfile). At least port 80 doesn’t get throttled to bits like P2P.

    Buy from a reseller, you’ll save a lot.

  45. Avatar for ogago ogago says:

    i dont know if its just me but in our place (laguna with pldt), i can download @ 150kbps while seeding @ >50kbps – torrent, i can stream hd videos, online gaming is good, but plain browsing sucks! i even have to refresh it several times for the entire website to be properly displayed. while when im in cavite, with planet cable, its the other way around. dont know what the F is wrong but pldt’s service used to be great as in no problem whatsoever. im so effin disappointed!

  46. Avatar for PinoyDROID.Net PinoyDROID.Net says:

    I am okay with throttling especially with p2p services. This kind of services cripples the network, imagine let say 60,000 subscriber will p2p at the same time it is really huge. The packets are going crazy.

    I am still hoping that streaming will not be included in the throttling even though it is actually included…LOL…even before the memo…NTC is doing nothing…

  47. Avatar for Miklos Miklos says:

    There are ways around the limits so this only hurts the average bittorrent user or MMO player (Blizzard uses bittorrent for patches/expansions etc.).

    Get a good foreign VPN and you will never suffer these things.

  48. Avatar for BeerBoy BeerBoy says:


    How the hell can someone abuse a service that is deemed UNLIMITED?! (and so we go to the fact that what they advertise is false, WTF is wrong with them?!)

  49. Avatar for Cake Cake says:

    ISPs will resist removing the word “unlimited” because this is what draws subscribers in; it is meant to be misleading. That’s how unscrupulous they are.

    Either way, when a connection is active 24/7, it is not an abuse to use it 24/7. They market it as such, so as such is how it will be used.

    Again, the issue here is not about heavy users. There is no such thing. Everyone is already limited by the maximum speed their connection can achieve. The problem is that ISPs took in far too many subscribers than their networks can properly support. This is the reason why 2% of their subscriber base that maximizes the use of their paid connections bog down the network.

  50. Avatar for DigitalBinary DigitalBinary says:

    @angelo sometimes the download speed depends upon the number of seeds of the torrent you’re downloading

  51. Avatar for Night Night says:

    I semi-agree with throttling kung peak hours siguro nila i-implement. Like 7-10pm or kung ano man oras peak hours nila then for the rest of the day wala na dapat.

    I think this is a fair solution dahil peak hours madami gumagamit unfair din naman sa iba na naka torrent tayo tapos mabagal gamit ng iba. Pero kung madaling araw na at ikaw na lang gumagamit, you should be able to use the subscribed speed na.

    I also agree that they should upgrade their infrastructures first before demanding from their consumers. Kung tutuusin nag titiis na nga lang tayo sa slow speeds nila tapos lalagyan pa ng cap. Ano pang matitira?

  52. Avatar for ocommon ocommon says:

    Mag-upgrade na kasi ng infrastructure ang mga BWISIT na ISP na yan kaysa kung ano-ano pa iniisip nila para kumita ng malaki tsk..tsk..

  53. Avatar for kize21 kize21 says:

    afaik, bayantel limits the speed of p2p already… which means they’re already throttling. but they lift it up after peak hours, i think. been a bayantel user for more than two years… and been very satisfied until recently… after the capping issues.. parang bumagal na sa location namin ang bayantel… and minsan unstable ang speed… :( sana bumalik na ang dati nilang service…

  54. Avatar for MangaSteam MangaSteam says:

    Don’t act you know enough. Kung mayaman ka, ikaw na! Our point here and what we are concern about is the poor quality service that this ISP gives us. Yes it is a business matter but yet consumers are the one who suffer from this shit.

  55. Avatar for Fleeb Fleeb says:

    As much as it is misleading, the notion of “unlimited” had been historically about the availability of the service 24/7. It used to be “limited” to a number of hours a month. Thus, it is not limited in that regard.

    However, as it stands now, we tie this word to the bandwidth being limited and it sounds confusing indeed. ISPs should remove the word “unlimited” from their advertising and marketing materials because it leads to confusion as well as frustration over the subscriber contracts which qualify in legalese to which the terminology applies.

    Again, as for home use, as long as you do not illegally download movies or software 24/7 (something which one cannot use to justify the removal of bandwidth caps), you will not feel the effect of your connection bandwidth capped. If the there is a justifiable need to lose that cap, then propose them. (Personally, no matter how I think, I still can’t give one justification to undo the caps. Maybe there are those of you who really have legitimate need for it.) Ah wait… I have one. I have a Steam account but then again, I only buy a game or two a month, so I have no problems with the bandwidth limitations as of yet. I just realized that this is one applicable scenario: once centralized repositories of software distribution (Linux repositories, Apple App Store, Steam, Impulse) via the cloud becomes the norm, then there is a need to increase the cap.

    Having said that, I agree with some of the commentators that beyond the capping and throttling issues, there is still a need to upgrade infrastructure and that net neutrality should be respected.

  56. Avatar for Manuel Manuel says:

    Throttling ONLY torrent sites is okay for me. But please. ISPs in the Philippines should upgrade their internet speed and value, as well as the quality of their services >.>

  57. Avatar for Emtech Miranda Emtech Miranda says:

    Sir Yugatech , available po ba sa bandwidth caps yung witribe.. , hirap po kasi ako sa monthly limit na 6GB

  58. Avatar for jtroyve jtroyve says:

    to those people who keep on saying some of us are abusing our internet, please explain what “unlimited” means?

    ISPs should first change their marketing/sales/whatever before you say we abuse anything.

  59. Avatar for WILDER WILDER says:


    @ tincan, it’s a matter of preference. i was able to get very good copies of concert and classic movie dvds (with correct english subtitles) in quiapo and some from my “suki” vendors in laguna. peace!

  60. Avatar for Cake Cake says:


    Again, abusive users is a myth. Congestion is very real though but no manner of bandwidth throttling or shaping will help; ISP *must* upgrade capacity and infrastructure.

    I was very vocal about bandwidth caps but I can agree to throttling as long as it follows net neutrality and applies to every single user on the entirety of the network.

    What I don’t want to see is, knowing our ISPs’ very apparent greed, the very large possibility of using throttling for a different sort of tiered pricing to charge subscribers. For example, you have your regular 1Mbps connection for P1000, and then you have your special P2000 1Mbps connection that is exempt from throttling.

    So while the concept is sound, the implementation could be twisted and skewed against the subscribers which this measure is supposed to serve.

  61. Avatar for gabs gabs says:

    Definitely sucks.

  62. Avatar for sonofa sonofa says:

    unlimited nga nakasulat sa ads pero kailangan mo naman pirnahan you understand amd agree to the contract that states… “hindi kami unlimited mga ulul!”

  63. Avatar for batang dial-up batang dial-up says:

    Question: does this mean na wala ng cap yung sa globe na 800mb?

    Please help po mga guru

    batang Dial-Up

  64. Avatar for batang dial-up batang dial-up says:

    Question po, wala na po ba yung cap sa globe na 800mb per day?
    paki sagot po naman sa may info kung natanggal na din ito
    kasi gumagamit kami nung supersurf nila
    baka kasi maputol ulet.

    Please help po mga guru

    batang dial-up

  65. Avatar for tincan tincan says:

    @Nats hinde daw maganda quality mga nabibili sa quiapo eh. at bakit ka naman gagastos para sa illigal copy kung pwede ka naman kumuha na copy na di ka gagastos

  66. Avatar for Robin Robin says:

    “Our ISPs don’t need throttling anymore, their quality of service already takes care of that.”


  67. Avatar for WILDER WILDER says:

    just hoping for the LTE’s immediate launch here :)


  68. Avatar for Fleeb Fleeb says:

    @sdfasdf: These are businesses. They are out there to make money, not take a loss and give to charity. The only ways that they will improve on their services, infrastructure, or pricing schemes are: 1) competition, 2) government regulation / nationalization of comm lines. Pareto principle dictates that they will take heavier losses if they prioritize home subs over corporate subs. Besides the telecoms are publicly traded companies. Their investors include the public who bought shares. If you invested in those companies, you don’t want that company losing money, would you? You’d rather let them earn, right? If so, would you call yourself greedy? (Of course, that is not excusing poor customer service among other things.)

    @Nats: exactly. See my “justification” argument.

  69. Avatar for Nats Nats says:

    Ok lng un throttling,para mabawasan ung mga abusadong tao mapagsamantala..kung magDDL lng kau ng movie,pwede naman kau bumili ng dvd sa quiapo..tapos magrereklamo kau pag mabagal DL nio..kamote naman talga..bkit ang mga taong nasanay sa illegal,pag sinita sila pa ang galit..aysus..gumastos naman kau ng konti..puro kau reklamo..wag kau magpakabit ng internet kung puro kau reklamo..para di na congested..wahaha

  70. Avatar for sdfasdf sdfasdf says:

    Bottom line is, those ISPs are greedy, and wants to squeeze alot out of their crappy infrastructure.

    parang sinusulit nila yung investment nila, kaya maski na sobrang sablay na nung services nila, wala silang pakialam, basta ang mahalaga sa kanila ay nasa-satisfy nila yung mga greedy investors nila.

    ayaw nilang basta-basta mag-upgrade kasi, nga nman mahirap bawiin, so, magtiis nalang ang mga pinoy sa walang kwentang internet sa Pilipinas!

  71. Avatar for Fleeb Fleeb says:

    Just as I said before, the only people that will be really affected by throttling are those using BT protocol for transferring legit files or something as part of what they do. Please do not use downloading or illegally distributing files as a justification. It never is and never will be. If we need the government or the telecoms to act on it, please justify the need in other ways. (I remember back in the days we are paying PHP 2k for a speed of 10 kbytes/s thus I am not exactly complaining with what we have now.)

  72. Avatar for paul0289 paul0289 says:

    The main problem here are the ISPs themselves because they offer poor service to their customers who pay properly. Having a proper internet connection in the Philippines is just an eternal dream and it’ll never happen until ISPs take appropriate actions.

  73. Avatar for Gomer Magtibay Gomer Magtibay says:

    Just like choosing the lesser evil?

  74. Avatar for adsl adsl says:

    Wag na kasi kayong magtorrent ng files na di naman dapat itorrent. Buy legal. (Most of the time here in PH, torrents are for downloading illegal copies of software, movies, etc)

  75. Avatar for MangaSteam MangaSteam says:

    Capping and now throttling. I hate to say this but this really makes the PH left behind as a crap compare to other countries.

  76. Avatar for Kenzo Kenzo says:

    mas ok naman siguro ito compare dun sa capping.

  77. Avatar for Alexei Rivera Alexei Rivera says:

    What I hate about these proceedings is not that they’re trying to control our use of the internet, but that they charge so much yet give us so little.

    A $50 internet subscription in the US will easily, easily, give you more than 10MBits with zero hassle.

    I pay PHP1995 for PLDT and I get, if I’m lucky, 2MBit, with possible throttling and caps? I should be paying 1/5 the price for that speed.

    Capping or throttling or not, our speeds are still massively sub par and our costs are exorbitant. There should be no reason for this sort of control over such measly provisions.

  78. Avatar for Faust Faust says:

    well, bandwidth throttling is not bad at all, but how about some users, or hosters, that host legit files via torrent should it be throttled too?

  79. Avatar for Edward Edward says:

    Then how are we supposed to download LARGE stuff?

  80. Avatar for Madz Madz says:

    Di na maka DL ng pirated Movies,Apps and Games >.>
    bibili nlng ako ng pirated sa mga tindahan… :P

  81. Avatar for Jhay Jhay says:

    Instead of hearings, per se, the NTC should just call for a conference/workshop of stakeholders in this issue. That way, everyone will sit as peers on the table and hammer out a deal or policy that is a win-win for everyone.

  82. Avatar for Operation Super Operation Super says:

    +1 for brownspank.

    I noticed throttling on my connection last year when downloading thru torrents. While not downloading, overall browsing speed was fast. But once I ran the client, download would peak at 100+kbps and then degrades to almost 10kbps. Browsing became abysmal also, it was really slow. I investigated and the torrent download seemed to be the culprit.

    And since then, I got premium accounts on some of the popular file hosting sites which are really fast and resumes downloads.

    Bring on the p2p throttling. Lol

  83. Avatar for Kiko Kiko says:

    until the various isp’s remove the word “unlimited” from their campaign ads, there is no such thing as network abuse by the customers.

  84. Avatar for angelo angelo says:

    I think this is what Sun Broadband is implementing. It’s 2mbps on speedtest but you only get 10kbps on bittorrent

  85. Avatar for Jon Jon says:

    LOL @brownspank. I really agree. Lately, my ISP is really crap. I cannot even view a webpage properly without hitting the refresh button.

  86. Avatar for kjalcordo kjalcordo says:

    Pinoys who are against throttling or caps are dreaming. There needs to be a way to prevent network abuse and congestion or Filipino Internet will remain the way it is..

  87. Avatar for Erik Erik says:

    mga gahaman

  88. Avatar for Brownspank Brownspank says:

    Our ISPs don’t need throttling anymore, their quality of service already takes care of that. :)

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