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Globe to drop PowerSurf for GoSurf

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Some of the initial releases (Galaxy S5 and Spotify press releases) and sources close to Globe have confirmed that the telco will be overhauling their data plans — completely dropping both SuperSurf and PowerSurf promos in exchange for a unified GoSurf data plans.

We don’t have the complete details of the GoSurf plans but a few of them were also mentioned in their Galaxy S5 and Spotify pages.

GoSURF1010MB for 24 hours (free Spotify access, data not counted against quota)

GoSURF 299700MB for 30 days

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GoSURF 9995,000MB for 30 days

It is likely that once you reach your 5GB limit for the 999 plan, you can just subscribe again for another 5GB after that or any of the lower-tier GoSurf plans.

The old PowerSurf plans were more expensive (Php99 for 50MB, Php299 for 300MB and Php499 for 1GB).

The new GoSurf is very similar to PowerSurf while SuperSurf will be completely removed from the offering. This concretely enforces the telco’s move to shift to volume based pricing instead of time-based charging (thus obliterating the whole issue on data caps).

Globe will probably make the formal announcement on Monday next week.

Updated: @talk2globe has tweeted that they will not discontinue SuperSurf plans to current subscribers. We’ve updated our story to reflect this.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

74 Responses

  1. Ishmael Borromeo says:

    Hi for GoSurf299 will it have a 700MB everyday? or just the whole month? :o

  2. rick says:

    my gosurf299 with remaining 1g data was gone when my unli20 expired. why is that

  3. Hahahaha says:

    Basta wala sila ng kwentang lahat globe,smart at sun Bwisit magsarado nalng sila …..Basta ako aalis na ako sa Bansa ):-(

  4. Miku99 says:

    ibalik ang powersurf or Time30/15/50 PLEASE ! this is bullshit GLOBE.

  5. henny says:

    I super hate this promo….globe says live without limit, but definitely with gosurf limits the customers surfing… I’m favored with Powersurf because for only 15pesos u have one hour unlisurf , meaning to say it doesn’t care whether u download more than 20mb in a minute than gosurf, in my experience the globe connection in our area was fast and i can download upto 350mb, i can watch movies without lag but with this in just 15mins. my unlisurf was expired. the problem is what if the area has fast internet connection and can download 20mb in a minute, then you waste your money without meaningful sense??????

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  7. aws says:

    Dapat ilagay din nila ung time based subscription… GoSurf299 700MB. Powersurf30 1.2GB+ in 3 hours. Kung mahilig ka mag download ng Apps kailangan ng time subscription

  8. JHON says:

    i hate this …u know its better 2 have 5 hrs of internet over 3 days for 50pessos without limmit than 2 have a 250 mb over 3 days for 50 pessos….so sad they removed powersurf…better switch 2 smart

  9. shinsou says:

    Paano naging mas fair ang ganitong plan ng globe? eh dinaya na kayo “good move” pa ang nasasabi niyo? di ko alam kung ano ang mas nakaka-inis ang capitalism ng globe or ang utak niyo.




    basahin niyo yan. ang ibang bansa nagbabayad lang ng maliit pa sa 1 dollar para sa speed ng 3mbps natin habang tau ay nagbabayad ng higit pa sa 22 dollars. may cap limit din ang ibang bansa pero 3 digit gb (250gb, 150gb) for 20 dollars at mas mabilis pa kanilang internet. magresearch muna kau bago magsabi ng magandang move yan ng globe.

    dapat kasi may mag-sue nyan sa globe or sa smart sa kanilang ginagawa. Sila ang may kasalanan bakit kulelat ang pinas. mga kapitalista. lagyan mo pa nang bobo at kurakot na gobyerno. may pag-asa pa ba ang pinas?

    • Paupau says:

      mali kinocompare mo kuya sa link mo. yung Cheap net na yan ay dsl rates. Mahal din ang mobile net sa US.


      from that article:
      AT&T’s new 2 GB pricing puts an individual plan at $2,320 over two years. T-Mobile’s costs plan, which offers 3 GB of shared data, is still a little bit cheaper at $2,328.

    • shinsou says:


      cute. ang 2nd link na binigay ko kasali na mobile internet jan. hindi dsl. Ang first link na man ay general internet connection.

      ang link na binigay mo ay sa US lang. Wala nga nakakalahati ang US sa South Korea sa bilis at more or less times 10 ang presyo ng US sa Korea.

      ang link mo din assuming bibili ka ng phone worth $200 at sa mga ISP companies ka bibili ng phone.

      mas mabilis din ang internet ng USA sa atin kaya may konting justice kung bakit sila mas mahal. Isa ang US sa pinakamahal na internet connection. Basahin mo sa ibang news. Marami pang mga bansa na cheaper ang internet connection sa US

  10. Frost says:

    Ok sakin toh ung 799= 3gb for mobile browsing…

    Pero kung sa pc ko gagamitin ubos yan wala pa isang oras…

    Kaya mag wimax ka na lang para makabawi ka kay globe..

  11. arkaye says:

    Based on the website of Globe, the new GoSurf plans are more expensive than the old PowerSurf plans. Why? Because the PowerSurf Plans have a bill-shock of only Php999, while the GoSurf plans have a more expensive bill-shock of Php1500. :\

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