Globe upgrades network capacity, adds over 4000 new LTE cell sites

Mobile network giant Globe Telecom announced that it had activated 4,300 new LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD cell sites around the country as part of their current infrastructure upgrade program.


This move enables the network to strengthen their mobile data service in major metropolitan areas such as Manila, Cebu, Davao and other key cities and tourist destinations in the country, enabling customers to explore and share online at faster internet speeds. The said upgrade, according to Globe, is needed to accommodate the increasing demand for smartphones and other data-capable devices.

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The network, according to its statement, completed its $700 million network modernization program to deliver the most advanced network infrastructure in the country, putting in a brand new access, transport, and core network nationwide. As part of the initiative, the company also completed a nationwide rollout of 4G network using HSPA+ technology.

Globe also touts to have better latency levels compared to arch rival Smart Communications by 99 percent, clocking their network’s latency speeds at 93.3 milliseconds, according to an OpenSignal report.



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27 Responses

  1. joshua chua says:

    Good day globe sir. Coverage po ba ng 4g lte as of now ang Bacoor Cavite Brngy Sineguelasan . please do respond asap po salamat po more power

  2. paolo says:

    I’m not feeling Globe to be honest. Ever since they removed the truly unlimited gosurf plans and mandated capped data plans and apparently per MB charging (if 0.50p per MB, the latest update to Instagram for example will cost you 7P (14mb) Which is ridiculous to say the least.

    I got a Smart bro plan with truly unlimited data with decent 4g for 1000 monthly, and I’m content with it, simply because I have TRULY unlimited data. As I type this, I’ve used 21GB data…

    • Job Donselaar says:

      What Smart Bro plan do you use for truly unlimited data? I read the LTE 995 plan is data capped at 3Gb already?

  3. omar1234ph says:

    @yuga, where can I find a list of areas where globe LTE is available? I want to find out of my area here in the provinces has been upgraded or if the LTE is available.

  4. Doorbell says:

    Dito sa Paliparan1 Dasma Cavite dial-up speed pa rin..

  5. Rob says:

    Ang smart sa pasay, 3g lang ang signal minsan E pa. Sana umaksyon din

  6. EDU says:

    Happy April Fools Day!

  7. Carlo says:

    dito sa cubao Q.C ganun pa din Edge pa nga lagi. along edsa pa naman kami sa TPI building.

  8. jaybee says:

    Useless ang dami ng cellsites kung di nmn fiber ang naka connect sa mga tower. .LTE SIGNAL NGA PERO EDGE ANG SPEED.

  9. jelo says:

    Hope we can have now a reliable net signal in paliparan1 dasma cavite

  10. Toyds says:

    Hopefully globe will also put the towers in provinces not just in the cities.I cannot get any globe signal(2G,3G,for sure even 4G) in Lilo-an Cebu City

    • dzandueta says:

      Chances are that Globe, like any business, must weigh the costs and benefits of putting up more towers in certain provinces — despite receiving criticism from others.

  11. Anon says:

    1. iba po yata yung T-Mobile sa TM.
    2. ROAMING pag nakigamit ka ng ibang network kesa sa Home network ng SIM mo.

  12. Chester says:

    Dito samen sa Batangas Province Walang LTE.. Bagal Internet… kelan kaya mag kakaron

  13. Easy E says:

    Baka yung mga walang alam sa GSM theory ang di nakakaalam sa konsepto ng “ROAMING”. Nakakatawa.

  14. Hentai Kamen says:

    you get 42mbps speed that will last only in minutes due to capping..

    • rabbitkun says:

      MY postpaid is still on supersurf ssoooo.. I don’t really get capped.. ^_^

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      I don’t need to worry about Globe’s FUP now, I just need to subscribe to GoSurf 99 and I have unlimited LTE for only P1,500 deducted to my monthly consumable. Parang nag SuperSurf + 500 pesos lang ako sa old plan.

      Meron ding nagsasabi that there’s a P999 anti-billshock for GoSurf, though di ko pa to na-try.

    • caress says:

      rabbitkun… nakasupersurf din ako postpaid. guess what, na FUP parin ako :) pero after 25gb naman. noong december umabot muna ata ng 80gb usage ko bago ako na-cap. ewan ko din sa bull na globe na yan kung anong batayan nila ng pagcacap. siguro pag mejo non-stop DL. :D

  15. NotASheep says:

    i wonder how many people actually know what ROAMING is.

  16. Easy E says:

    Speaking of Sun and Smart, yung data ng sun subscribers ay pwersadong niro-roam sa smart network at pag nangyari yun, good luck sa connection mo. Mas maganda pa para sa akin ang Sun kesa sa Smart. Pero wala na yung totoong unli ng sun sa data.

  17. jabroni says:

    yup, even TM (Globe’s little sister company) mobile internet has improved not only in terms of speed but also stability as well… meanwhile, smart and sun…. zzZzZZZZZzz !!!

  18. Red says:

    Gumagana po ba lte ng globe sa T-Mobile Note 3? kasi sinearch ko na 1800 band lang ang gamit ng globe? e 2100 lang po meron ang phone ko.

  19. SunCell Subscriber says:

    I actually started to experience better mobile data speeds with Globe’s LTE. From 15Mbps peak to 32Mbps peak in Q.C.

    And it’s actually more reliable now than our Globe DSL 3Mbps subscription. I’m getting 90ms (LTE) vs. 220ms (DSL) latency on DOTA 2’s SEA servers. What happened with our DSL subscription Globe?

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