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PLDT intros Power Plus Plan, 50Mbps for Php2,899

PLDT has introduced the Power Plus Plan which promises 50Mbps speeds for Php2,899 per month.

pldt power plus

The new Home Fibr plan also offers a free speed bump of up to 100Mbps for the first six months.

pldt power plus

The service will rollout starting tomorrow and will be available in Fibr areas only.

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Avatar for Diangson Louie

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

28 Responses

  1. Avatar for Lee Kumki Lee Kumki says:

    tanong ko lang sa mga existing PLAN 2899 subscribers, kasama na ba sa 2899 yung landline or additional pa yun?

    • Avatar for Eewol Eewol says:

      Same question. Sana may makasagot dito na existing PLAN 2899 user kung kasama na telephone bill dito. Di kasi malinaw or nakalagay sa website nila.

  2. Avatar for mark mark says:

    Hello po, regarding sa Lite Plan 1899, after na reached or maubos nyo na ung 80gb cap ng internet, what will happen next? Kung mawawalan man nang internet, pede ba magpalagay ng internet ulit? Or kelangan antayin ung next month para magka-internet ulit? Thanks.

  3. Avatar for Gabriel Gabriel says:

    I’m thinking of applying for the upgrade since konti lang ang difference from our current plan na Php 1995 for 8mbps. I called and asked for the minimum speed I’ll be getting and sabi 60-80% reliability daw ( 30-40mbps) for Php2,899

    Any feedbacks regarding this plan?

    As far as i know available sya in select areas outside metro manila, dito sa Batangas we were able to ask for home fibr connection kahit nasa farm kami and 2 bahay lang ang subscriber.

    • Avatar for Dixon Tan Dixon Tan says:

      So far so good. I’m getting 94mbps download speed and aroung 90is upload speed, based on speedtest

  4. Avatar for kramnai kramnai says:

    here’s the catch *As an early Christmas gift from PLDT Home, you’ll enjoy this exclusive HOME Holideal treat! Unlimited volume allowance starting Nov. 24 up to Dec. 31, 2015! ..after ng December 31, 2015? Hindi na unlimited?

    • Avatar for P I NYO !!! P I NYO !!! says:

      BEWARE !!!

      THIS IS A TRAP !!!

      CLEAR BAD LUCK FOR 2016 !!!

    • Avatar for Dixon Tan Dixon Tan says:

      Ugaliin po nating magbasa ng mabuti, ang pinaguusapan dito yung Plan 2,899(POWER PLUS PLAN) which is unlimited at yung sinasabi nyo po sa comment nyo ay yung Plan 1,899(LITE PLAN) which is 80GB/mo

  5. Avatar for Yvonne Con-ui Yvonne Con-ui says:

    Pwede bang magdowngrade from plan 3500 to plan 2899? Same lang naman e. 50 Mbps. Please reply thanks

  6. Avatar for albert albert says:

    many years na lumabas yan fibre wala paring fbre sa lugar namin, asa pa

  7. Avatar for bradex bradex says:

    @JAN sa tingin nyo po mga ilang buwan o taon kaya ma available ang Power Plus Plan sa provinces? My existing plan dsl 3mbps

  8. Avatar for bradex bradex says:

    Hi Sir!

    Sa manila lang pa bo ba ito available na plan? bakit dito sa amin sa iligan city, hindi pa daw pwd?

    • Avatar for Jan Jan says:

      Currently, it’s only available to Fibr customers in Metro Manila but will eventually roll out to Fibr customers in provinces after they’re done with Metro Manila upgrades, hindi pa kasi lahat ng naka Fibr plan 3500 ay nasa 50mbps na, yung iba nasa 20mbps pa rin.




  10. Avatar for LivingWeirdo LivingWeirdo says:

    Gnyan talaga bigla nalang cla maglalabas, samantalang dati hirap mag bigay ng malaking MB for low price,, ksi nga nandito n satin ang telstra na mas mbilis ang net sa murang halaga XD

  11. Avatar for NotaSheep NotaSheep says:

    Of course it’s capped right?

  12. Avatar for Peenoise Peenoise says:

    3.7K Php binabayaran ko for plan 8mbps DSL per month. When can we have our speed upgrade? Asa na lang ako.
    Wala naman ako magagawa kasi hindi pa available sa area namin fibr ng PLDT, =(

  13. Avatar for COPR COPR says:

    Unbelievable! Some DSL subscribers are paying more or less 4000 per month to get 8 Mbps, and now they are offering this 6.25 times faster speed at cheaper price?

  14. Avatar for Bitdefender user Bitdefender user says:

    kawawa talga un mga gusto kumuha pero d covered un area like me. kaso wala eh ayaw nila pasukin un ibang area mas gusto nila un wireless na lang gagamitin pra dun sila kikita -_-

  15. Avatar for bigkillerv5 bigkillerv5 says:

    May plan pa ba for 20Mbps?

    • Avatar for Dixon Tan Dixon Tan says:

      Just checked their site, they’ve removed other plans with regards to Fibr and left only 2 plans namely LITE PLAN and SUPER PLUS PLAN. http://pldthome.com/fibr

  16. Avatar for raidnoir raidnoir says:

    Finally!!!!!! I will be getting this.

    • Avatar for raidnoir raidnoir says:

      An update. I called the number but it appears that PLDT Centers are already off work…. I will try tomorrow

  17. Avatar for Copperface Copperface says:

    Of course, exclusive pa rin sa mga exclusive villages. Talk to me when you have already rolled-out FTTH in entire metro manila. Lugi na yung Plan 1995(+600) and Plan 3000(+600) Copper DSL compared dito. malaki pa rin ang gap ng megabits per price sa mga copper lines.

  18. Avatar for Joe Smoe Joe Smoe says:

    Meh. So few areas can actually get PLDT Fiber. Same with Globe. How about the 80% of existing customers on DSL?

    Where’s our speed increases? Where’s our discounts?

  19. Avatar for vhortex morpheus (@coderinthebox) vhortex morpheus (@coderinthebox) says:

    Like all PLDT offers, it comes with a tiny print “Available for 6 months”. After 6 months, things will go back to what they are

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