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Smart gives out free PlugIt to students

The Smart B Free event held today at the Mega-Tent, Meralco Avenue is an attempt to give-away 10 thousand free SmartBro PlugIt modems to students from UAAP and NCAA universities.

blue eagles

SmartBro USB modems are customized according to university logos (see sample above for Ateneo’s Blue Eagles). These are limited edition USB dongles that are only given away that day. These aren’t just stickers but printed into the plastic dongle itself.

smart bro


All you needed to do is be at the venue and bring a school ID to get one for free. If you’re not qualified, you can still buy one for just Php895.

smart b free event

There were lots of giveaways, food, drinks, t-shirts and bands. However, the mega-tent seemed a bit empty around noon when I got there. Looks like they weren’t able to reach their target number of 10,000.

There were also promos for SmartBro ShareIt — get a Pentium 4 PC set for only Php4,000 when you subscribe for 24 months.

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16 Responses

  1. This is another nice marketing of Smart Bro as competition gets intense with rival Globe and Sun.

  2. Ric says:

    Watch out students! Major disappointment and (possibly) frustration coming up.

  3. mhon_LACA says:

    you can use it as a keychain…

    atleast it have a purpose…


  4. MedStudent says:

    maybe the problem was that it was not advertised well. i actually want to get one, but the problem was that when i saw this in the papers, it was already 6PM, and plans were up ahead. hopefully they’ll put up another one. :D

  5. ron says:

    “Pentium 4 PC set for only Php4,000 when you subscribe for 24 months.”

    P4? i thought that’s already phased out. not even available to be bought bnew. so are these refurbished units?

  6. yuga says:

    @ron, just opened the package. It’s actually an Intel Dual Core E2200.

  7. cornflakes says:

    sayang, hindi ko alam ‘to.

  8. kerwin says:

    I was near by the other day sayang didnt heard of this!!!

  9. Calvin says:

    abe marami pa lang sobra dapat kinuhaan mo na rin ako. :)

  10. Reel Advice says:

    Wow…what a way to bring more people to an already overstrained and clogged up network. More negative complaints for smart i’m sure!

  11. Cheftonio says:

    From my experience, the prepaid version of smart performs better than my globe brokeband 3mbps at home.

  12. ron says:

    @abe, you happen to know if they are still offering the 4k for that desktop when you subscribe to them? and if they do, the best way to get in touch with them about it?

    i’m thinking not many of smart’s people know about that :-)

    i checked smart’s website about this promo, nada.

  13. smarterdude says:

    Switch to Sun. It’s definitely better than Smart or Globe. P799 monthly and that’s UNLIMITED.

  14. THYRIZA says:

    very useful

  15. Kira says:

    Namimigay sila kase sobrang undertarget ang Sales nila for those UAAP/NCAA sticks. they thougt people wanted it, but no.

    Theyre hoping to just recover on usage than the revenues on selling (kasi nga mahina yon) = meaning you loading tons of money in those sticks and hopefully using them. Hahaha

  16. wee says:

    pwede yang micro SD card reader yes!!

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