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Smart offers 4th Gen iPad & iPad Mini with LTE

Smart Communications is now offering the 4th Gen iPad and the iPad Mini powered by Smart LTE starting at Plan 499.


The 4th Gen iPad and the iPad Mini are offered in three storage variants – 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Plan 499 comes with 65 hours worth of 3G / 4G / Smart LTE usage monthly with a lock-in period of 24 months. Subscribers can pay Php499 a month on top of the one-time payment (see retail price) or opt to pay in 24 months amortization for the device.


If you’re wondering what’s the Prepaid price of the iPads (contract-free), here are the cash/straight payment prices from Smart:


iPad Mini 16GB LTE: Php22,402
iPad Mini 32GB LTE: Php27,723
iPad Mini 64GB LTE: Php32,991

iPad with Retina Display 16GB LTE: Php30,437
iPad with Retina Display 32GB LTE: Php34,853
iPad with Retina Display 64GB LTE: Php39,962

These prepaid units come with a free Smart LTE SIM.

For Plan 999, both iPads come with unlimited 3G / 4G / Smart LTE usage monthly with a lock-in period of 24 months. Subscribers can pay Php999 a month on top of a one-time payment (see retail price) for the device made in cash or using a credit card with option for a 12-month interest-free installment with participating credit cards.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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18 Responses

  1. razorous says:

    Hi sir Abe! Would their Plan 999 have personal hotspot enabled?

  2. Does this mean that if I have a Smart Bro Postpaid SIM, inserted into my iPad Mini, I will be able to enjoy LTE, too? Or do I need to ask Smart to have my SIM card’s LTE provisioning first?

    • tarush says:

      You must have a prepaid Smart Bro LTE SIM to receive LTE signal on your iPad Mini.

      If the SIM you have is from the Smart Bro postpaid SIM only plan, you will not be able to receive LTE signal, and they don’t offer upgrading it to LTE ready SIM since they don’t offer a postpaid LTE SIM only plan, that’s what the Shang Rila Smart CSR told me when I tried to have my postpaid Smart Bro SIM only plan’s SIM card replaced with an LTE capable SIM.

  3. zirculs says:

    Not with smart anymore, plan 499 has a very small data cap, plan 999 lte is neither unlimited. even with their smartbro (now with pldthome) who used to be a real unlimited wireless internet option now has its 15 gb limit(over the limit speed will be throttled to 200 kps). greedy indeed, globe wimax has 25gb gap and 300 kbps throttling beyond limit (moderate greed).

    • cyclist says:

      For the LTE plan, it will be throttled to 24~48 kbps after reaching a data cap of 1.5Gb. Terrible slow for me and be reset only on next billing period.

      unlike Globe data cap is 800Mb/day. Against smart 1.5Gb/month

  4. theSandies says:

    There’s some typo on the pricing for plan 499 for the retina 4th gen.


  5. David says:

    Do thay have LTE sim only plan postpaid that is unlimited or does it have a fair usage policy? Also is it hot spot enabled?

  6. brian says:

    im not sure about this cap limit for smart unlidata plan, but since i acquired an iphone5 lte plan last march, ive been constantly using it as a hotspot for my galaxy s3 (since that’s where i can download free movies and all) and im sure its total would have exceeded 1.5 GB in any 30-day period and my iphone still shows LTE. idk. just saying.

  7. Blueshadow says:

    “These prepaid units come with a free Smart LTE SIM.”

    How will you able to register to Smart’s Prepaid LTE (LTE 50 send to 2200) using the iPad Mini if it is not enabled to send sms messages?

    • yuga says:

      use their website my.smart.com.ph

    • Nsh says:

      Ipim having the same problem. The messages app on the ipad mini isn’t accepting 2200 as a valid number because it only recognizes iMessage as valid.

      Tried calling the smart hotline, they weren’t able to help. Tried self-troubleshooting, didn’t work. Tried your advice here, Abe, by trying to register at my.smart.com.ph, option isn’t available either.

      Any other ideas?

  8. Erwin says:

    What if iwant to avail a plan 999 in ipad mini promo.? But I dont have credit card..i only want to pay monthly..how much would I pay for monthly bill..please send me suggestion..iwant unlimitted internet..

  9. LIZETH says:

    I applied for an IPAD SMART LTE 24 Mos. Ammortization last July 14, 2013 but till now wala pa rin. Ganun ba talaga katagal ang procesing nun? Sabi naman approved na application ko pero bakit ang tagal?

  10. awie says:

    hi there lizeth, ako din nagapply nung july 29, ala pa sila sinasabi if approved nako..how did you know na approved na sis? nkuhamo naba unit?

    • Lizeth says:

      I asked them nung nagfollow up ako kso un nga wla png unit. til now wla pa feedbak kng kelan mgkkron.

  11. Mark says:

    Are the ipads in each respected telco either globe or smart with LTE are locked to their respected carrier?

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