Smart offers Galaxy S3 at UnliData Plan 2000

Smart offers Galaxy S3 at UnliData Plan 2000

After Smart put out their pre-order page on May 22, they’ve just added additional information on the postpaid plan that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is available.

Surprisingly, Smart has decided to give the Samsung Galaxy S3 on UnliData 2000. Smart did not indicate any other plan in which the handset is available.

smart galaxy s3


With this plan, subscribers will have to pay Php2,000 a month in exchange for unlimited mobile internet, 200 free SMS and 150 free calls.

This puts the Galaxy S3 in the same UnliData plan as the Sensation XE, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, and the iPhone 4.

However, instead of the standard lock-in period of 24 months, Smart is extending this to 30 months.

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38 Responses

  1. cliffrosario says:

    I’m not sure if I will want to be bonded to smart for 2 1/2 years… lol.. rather get it from another source other than the local telcos.

  2. Paul says:


    Unlidata 2000 x 30 = 60k
    (If it was 24 months = 48k)

    Rival offers
    1799 for 24 months plus cashout 4800 = 48k

    With Smart you get locked in for 6 more months lol

    the Globe 1799 offers more i think with 800 pesos consumable and 3 freebies of your choice

    well that is just my opinion

  3. vanjo says:

    60,000 php in 30 months! wow

  4. huh says:

    Are they nuts? How about this i will pay your p2000 a month, but smart should have to guarente me a minimum of 7mbps down and 2Mbps up everywhere in manila

  5. jay says:

    this “free” phone costs practically the same whether globe or smart (2499 x 24 =59976 VS 2000 x 30 = 60000).

  6. marcotech says:

    I’d rather buy this unit in CASH! Then I’ll use it for SUN CELLULAR.. Because of its consistency, fast & reliable connection that u can count on… ALWAYS! Honestly I don’t like using GLOBE or SMART for dataplan services, TOO SLOW FOR THEM TO RESPONSE. It was so shame to use their internet services whether its MB Consumable plan or UNLI Plan…

  7. idoggy says:

    Why do people always count the MSF (monthly service fee) of the plan multiplied by the number of months of the contract as the price of the phone?

    You don’t pay for the phone, that’s why it’s called FREE.. What you are paying for is the services that you get like unlimited mobile internet, # of text messages, # of calls, and consumable amount..

    So if you guys consider the MSF as the price of the phone, so what do you call the services that you are using each month that your telcos give you? FREE??? Since you’e saying that the MSF is the price of the phone, so you’re not paying anything for the services???? Where’s the logic in that?

    What you are paying for is the services that you are using and not the phone..

    Take for example Smart’s Unli Data Plan 2000:
    Unlimited Internet: P1,000
    200 Text Messages: P102 (at 0.51c/txt)
    150 Calls in mins: P916.5 (at P6.11/min)

    P1,000 + P102 + P916.50 = P2,018.50

    and Globe’s Unli Surf Plan 1799:
    Unlimited Internet: P999
    Consumable Amount: P800

    P999 + P800 = P1,799

    The MSF is not the cost of your phone, it is the cost of your services.. So quit multiplying! :P

    • zer0ice says:


      So hard not to roll your eyes when you read all those useless computations…

    • Ramon says:

      always funny how they do tend to simplify things and think that what you pay in these plans are for the phones XD

      iDoggy is right people! you’re paying for the data plan, the phone is just a bonus :P

      though we can still argue that their data plan is still expensive/lacking hahahaha

    • DunDunDunDun says:

      Actually people know that. It’s just that the only reason most guys go on plans is for the phone and the actual services are just add ons. And they are computing it that way to see how much they are willing to spend for the phone.

  8. Jojo says:

    unlimited data means no cap?

  9. Ryan says:

    Yeah, same question with Jojo.

    As per their Fair Use Policy, the Fair Use Policy allocates 1.5Gb per month of mobile browsing usage for you to enjoy Smart’s superior 3G/HSPA network. If this is the case, in reality it is not really unlimited.


    I don’t know, however, if the site is up to date.

    • Ramon says:

      yea, I only read the “fair use” policy when I was looking at the S3 pre-order page for Smart.

      What I want to know is how fast would our connection be if we exceed the 1.5Gb data cap?

    • Zer0noids says:

      Yes, there’s a 1.5 cap for they so called unlimited data plan… Smart unli data plan subscriber ako and ang daming spot or places na ang bagal ng internet, nabibilang ko lang kung Ilang place ung mabilis ang internet ko. Dito sa university belt super bagal… According to smart personnel when you reached 1.5 gb of internet usage. The speed of your internet will go down to 412 kbps.

    • Boom says:

      Great calculation & the best explanation too i’d say. If you live & breathe needing that constant on the web connection, these plans are for you.

      I’m actually on the plan myself utilising the galaxy note with which i use more as a tablet companion rather than a phone. (Just my two cents but the world’s smallest smart phone, the HP Veer is still the best :-D)

      My experience with Plan 2k’s bandwidth cap is not so bad. I’m constantly on Waze when i drive, use this for corp vpn (globe blocked corp vpn this year & it’s been a b&tch getting them to open it up) i use 300mb per session for vpn and have had about more than 3 this month. Also downloaded a couple of tv shows. Still no cap slowdown.

      I do get slowdowns on some areas or from phone idle state sometimes but not enough to bother me.


  10. Anti says:

    Can you imagine what fantastic mobile devices will be available when your 30-month-contract is up?

  11. Bob says:

    Guys would you know if there’s a cap limit for the 1799 unli surf for Globe post paid plan?

  12. zer0ice says:

    Hay naku…

    You can’t have one’s cake and eat it too.

  13. dTech says:

    Awwww, what happened to may Telco? ang mahal namen! 2500 over 2000? whaaat da! Congrats Smart!

  14. Lazh says:

    Sa mga nagkakaproblema sa plan go with plan
    Globe Plan 1799
    1799 + 200 ng globe you pay 1999 for 24 months
    1999*24 = 48000 pesos

    Smart Plan 2000
    2000*30 = 60000 pesos

    Btw you still get the phone for free sa plan 1799 ng globe you just have to add 200 in your monthly bill or cash out nyo ng 4800. You get unlimited surfing and 800 peso consumable

  15. Antonyow says:

    Guys i just want to asked if ever may idea kayo sa minimum income requirement sa globe super plan 1799. Wala po kasi ako credit card. Im planning po kasi na magapply. Thank you po sa magrereply.

  16. maximuz201 says:

    Guys, I already inquire about the S3 from the 2 big companies, when it comes to globe, the plan is good for 24 months contract you will be able to get freebies+800 consumables+unli data plan w/c is superb, imagine, you will be able to download paid apps on the store and it will just be deducted to the consumable, but the con is it will not go over to your next bill you should consume it for the entire month, and for the question of antonyow, you should have atleast 18,000 income plus 2 years working on your company (for BPO employees) and atleast 1 year for other job description. w/ smart any job is ok, but still depends on your salary, should be around 20,000.

    • Bryan says:

      I’d rather buy it from the gray market. hehehe. its unlock and i dont have to have those stupid req. hehehe.

  17. Bryan says:

    If you say the phone is free it means you dont have to pay anything. any cash out or any plus 200 on your bill and if you opted to break your contract you dont have to pay for the handset rather you will only pay for the months remaining on the contract. Telcos here in the Phil are so greedy not like in the other countries.

  18. Maye says:

    @ Bryan: Yun din actually pinagtataka ko. Planned to get the S3 from Smart. Di bale nang mas mahal na kaunti yung plan basta lang ba sure yung speed ng data ko.

    Yun nga lang sinisingil ako extra Php2500 for 24 months contract. Free daw kapag 30 months. Over naman na ata yun.

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