Smart Galaxy S3 Pre-order starts on May 23

Smart Galaxy S3 Pre-order starts on May 23

We got the word from Smart’s External Relations Manager for Public Affairs (Wo Rosete) that the telco will start accepting pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on May 23, 2012. This is smack right in the middle of our original May 22-24 launch date we got from Samsung Philippines.

In an email sent to us this afternoon, the Galaxy S3 will be offered for free with postpaid plans from Smart:


The Samsung Galaxy S III will be available from Smart bundled with Unli Data Plans that all come with unlimited mobile Internet, plus free SMS and call minutes. The device will also be available under Smart’s All-In Plans. Pre-orders will be accepted starting May 23, 2012.

Though they did not specify which plans it will be free, we estimate it will be given away at these plans with no cash-out:

  • Smart Unli Data Plan 3000
  • Smart Unli Data Plan 4000
  • Smart All-In Plan 3500

No word on suggested retail price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (and we don’t think Smart will sell them with a Prepaid Kit).

We attended the laucnhing of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in London last May 3. Check out our first impressions here.

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26 Responses

  1. Arsie says:

    Again, SMART managed to send out an early press release as compared to Globe.

  2. zer0ice says:


    I’ll just wait for the Galaxy S 3 to come out in stores.

    Mas ma-a-afford pa ng tao ang iPhone plans. Sus!

  3. zer0ice says:

    Abe, bakit naman nde sila mag-se-sell ng prepaid kit? Bad for business ang hindi mag-sell. Why do that when Globe will also be selling the same?

    I’ll settle for an unlocked version and wait for it to come out in stores. Siguro naman sa December 2012 meron na available locally.

  4. Joshua M says:

    LE FFFUUUUU y no cash out? My salary is not fit even for plan 2000 darn.

  5. Jayvee says:

    Data plan 2000, most probably. They have managed to squeeze in their best and latest Android offerings under that plan. Remember that the Galaxy Note launched under data plan 2000 too. For All-In, I think they will place it under plan 3500.

  6. Ron says:

    Maybe it would be way too expensive selling prepaid units compared to plan bundling where a chuck of the price would be subsidized.

    • zer0ice says:

      Way to expensive for prepaid? Really? Why are 33.2K, 38.2K and 42K prepaid options available for iPhone 4S with Smart. May tataas pa ba sa cost nung iPhone 4S? Will the Galaxy S 3 be “way to expensive” than that?

      I’ve no plans of signing up for a postpaid plan. I’m already on Smart Gold lite for many years. Prepaid is the way to go OR I’ll just wait for the phone to be available in the local market, UNLOCKED.

      Too bad for me, I’ll have to wait, but I just think it’s not worth it to switch plans. Besides, my SII is still good. But I’m lusting for that S3…

      Bad move for Smart if they opt-out with a prepaid option. Looks like they’d really want to entice subscribers in postpaid plans. But I still don’t get how’s that going to be enticing.

  7. Abet says:

    I wonder kung magkano ito sa prepaid? Any suggestion?
    Samsung Galaxy S3 Soon in Smart Postpaid Plan

  8. showbiz says:

    With that smart plan list. Surely this phone is not for everybody.

  9. Bip says:

    What I like about Smart is the reliability of their network but was turned off when I called them they’re cust service sucks and I thought Globe cs sucks but Smart’s is the worst. Even at the Smart store the cust service rep is rude. I will just wait what Globe has to iffer even though it is really tempting to switch to Smart.

  10. Charm says:

    Samsung Galaxy S-III will be available on Stores somehow kahit walang plan. So it’ll be much cheaper. Speaking of cheap, pwede kayo makatipid sa murang offer ng para sa mobile phones at gadgets.

  11. hey says:

    how bout the tab 2 10.1? any news yuga?

  12. Kevin says:

    Recently, Smart’s services has deteriorated esp. Customer care and their erroneous billing. They are becoming very impatient when it comes to paying your bills and are now quick to D/C your plan even if you are just days late in paying unlike before.Maybe because Smart is lossing profits and is pressured to get their money back faster that was invested in buying out Sun cellular. My 14 years as a Smart plan subscriber is over as I’m going to Globe when my remaining 6 months expires in December. So sad when loyal customers like me are turned off by these unfriendly and aggressive “get profits quick” attitude of Smart. THAT’S SO GREEDY.

  13. Dens Leary says:

    for individuals, it will be cheaper in the long run to get the S3 unlocked. Imagine getting locked to smart for example plan2000 for 24 months? that’s equivalent to 48,000. “subsidy” in the philippines only means you don’t get to pay a huge cashout but you actually pay more. This is only good if your company shoulders your phone bill.

    I’d rather wait for an unlocked version and buy it cheaper. or use a credit card if i don;t want to buy it in cash, there’s installment plans anyway.

    • Neil says:

      You do know that the P48,000 includes data, talk, and text services right?

    • tu9tifive says:

      Nah…dude, I don’t think he does…or maybe he is just so emotionally hysterical…

      I remember a saying that “a charging bull is always looking at red cloth and not at the man who holds the sword”…

  14. Dens Leary says:

    ^of course. that’s good if you’re a heavy user but for those who are not, it’s paying a lot.

  15. RennJee says:

    Galaxy Y to S3 are all the same! :D

  16. JingZ says:

    Pwede na kayo magpre-order sa pinakamalapit na samsung mobile store malapit sa inyo. Just pre-ordered yesterday. Estimated price is 36k+ pero sabi sa akin ng sales clerd hindi daw aabot ng 37k. Release ng s3 might be 1st week of June or July ata sa samsung stores.

  17. says:

    SmartGalaxyS3 – Hoping that the Samsung Galaxy S3’s going to be available at Plan 2000, too! Let’s cross our toes!

  18. adgs says:

    parang mumurahin naman ang itsura :(

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