Sun Double Unlimited will do it for Php249

Sun Double Unlimited will do it for Php249

While Smart and Globe are both offering Php499 a month for unlimited calls on mobile and landline within their own network, Sun Cellular Double Unlimited is also offering similar to its subscribers for half that price — at Php249.

To subscribe for Sun Double Unlimited, you need to call *738# on your mobile.


sun double unlimited

Has anyone here tried this yet?

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30 Responses

  1. Jazmine says:

    with the network they have …i wouldnt get it if it were 100 pesos

  2. mhon_ICT says:

    Sir abe, napansin ko lang po
    kapag ang url na nakatype eh
    makikita niyo name na nasa TAB eh
    YugaTech Philipines

    napasin niyo po kulang ng isang letter “p” sa Philippines…
    hehe… Typo error lang naman un… anyway…
    ganda po kasi blogsite niyo lagi ako nandito para updated ako sa mga techie things..
    dapat eemail ko na lang sana di ko lang alam email niyo…. anyway delete niyo nlang po ito after reading…tnx… More Power YugaTech!!!

  3. Maye says:

    I’m subscribed to this service. :) Ok naman, cheaper than smart and globe. Hehehe.

  4. Maye says:

    Btw, I’m loving the signal of Sun Cellular. :) Gumanda siya. Mukhang ginastusan ng sun ang kanilang mga cell site.

  5. Beeps says:

    Im a current subscriber of this service. so far so good. Suncell has been investing to setup cell sites. base from survey reports. suncell is currently eating up certain % of the market. Globe & Smart are already worried with this. thats why they also created promos in terms of unlimited services. Also with their corporate offers. they are bridging to a drop of at least 50% on their current corporate cost, Imagine, thats how they are worried.
    Suncell is really growing and beefing their Network infrastructure. basically Globe & Smart started like Suncell before. So time will come services will be the same for all telcos.

  6. ligrev says:

    I’m using this service. Pero its on top of a base plan. I’m on the 350 plan, so 350 + 249 = 599 per month.

  7. josie says:

    Naka sun double unlimited ako ok naman siya so far at cheaper pa compare sa ibang network

  8. Vance says:

    Sun has always been offering cheap plans..

  9. rcsaint says:

    Sun lover here…it was the SMARTest thing I did and made me the happiest man in the Globe!

  10. Edgar says:

    SUN is really expanding. In the Davao provinces, they are now servicing localities previously dominated by the 2 other players.

  11. jdGONEMAD says:

    kung kayang ibaba ng SUN, bkt nde kayang ibaba ng Smart at Globe?

  12. Pinay says:

    That 249 on top of your regular plan. So if you have a Plan 350 just add P249, making it 599 in total.


  13. chx08 says:

    [i]with the network they have …i wouldnt get it if it were 100 pesos[/i]

    I bet you’re not a sun subscriber. Sun’s service has improved for the past 4-5 years.

  14. garyboi says:

    @chx08 i second the motion… sun has improved a lot… their signal is much stronger even inside the house compared to globe or smart hahaha!

  15. Kristine says:

    Both me and my husband are using SUN sa phone and broadband… sa phone ang pangit ng signal ng sun ngayon dito sa house namin pero tinitiis namin kasi mura ang gastos namin monthly kumpara sa smart at globe na ninakawan pa kami dati ng load… then sa broadband ok naman sya nagagamit namin kapag may topak ang Bayantel connection.

  16. Marky says:

    I agree, although yung calls to landline minsan mahina ang dating, I’m not sure kung sa other side ang problem.
    With calls to Sun naman, okay naman talaga eh, ayoko lang talaga yung 15min. cut-off. Dati after that cut-off, 5 minutes pang mag se-service unavailable. Pero ngayon maayos na :D

  17. mark28 says:

    I am a loyal sun user for 5 years now… I agree with all the people who posted their comments. Sun has really improved a lot. I’m currently subscribed to Sun’s Double Unlimted. So far so good naman. It connects well sa PLDT, Globe Landline and even in Bayantel… Sun Cellular’s mobile connection to Smart and Globe also improved. Wala na drop calls. Internet connection (GPRS/EDGE)thru my mobile phone is ok too.

  18. chris says:

    kahit mura pa yang service na yan i would not bother kasi wala akong sun contacts so lugi lang din lol… mostly globe contacts ko eh siguro 80% Globe; 15% Smart; 5%Sun

  19. pica says:

    well if only sun cellular will put cellsites in our province (compostela valley) then i have to switch to sun. though i work in the city, my friends there in the province have no choice but to use either smart or globe..i have a prepaid sun sim as my second number..sun if you want to add subscribers then pls do put more cell sites…

  20. joenil says:

    @chris: Sun Double Unlimited is a wireless landline in your Sun sim, that’s the highlight. Hence, kahit wala ka masyadong sun contacts, I’m sure landline calls to PLDT, Bayantel, Digitel, Globelines, and even Duo will come in handy

  21. gray says:

    I’m a subscriber of both Sun and Globe and I always load a text unlimited on my Sun every month. But recently, Globe just launch its new product which is the Super Duo. It is an unlimited call to any Globe or TM subscribers and to any landline with the same area code. Intro price nya is 499 for postpaid and 599 for prepaid.

    As for my experience eh sulit naman ang Super Duo. They will also give you a virtual landline number so your friend can call you using their landline.

    So kung eto na yung magiging permanent price nya talaga eh malamang tuloy tuloy na ako magSuper Duo compare sa Double Unlimited which will total to 599 din.

  22. Ian says:


    The superduo’s on top of your current Globe plan, am i right?

    So 800 (lowest plan I know) + 499? = 1,299??

  23. Kinny says:

    It would be so nice if I could switch to Sun Double Unlimited but I don’t even get to finish my Text Unlimited 4 hours free calls for 30 days. I just don’t know that many SUN users so the 350 plan would really be a waste of money.

    80% of my contacts are Globe so Globe Tattoo with Superduo plus immortaltxt suits me fine. I spend about Php800 a month flat. What I don’t use gets carried over to the next month thanks to load validity extensions.

    My husband is very happy with his sun double unlimited as a business phone as it has no problem connecting to any landline.

  24. gray says:


    The superduo’s on top of your current Globe plan, am i right?

    So 800 (lowest plan I know) + 499? = 1,299??


    @ Ian

    Yes, its on top of current Globe plan. Well, I’m a prepaid subscriber kase so I have a full freedom to subscribe to it anytime that I wanted.

    But I feel sad for postpaid subscribers kase they can’t enjoy some services like this kase they have fixed MSF and any added services means added charge.

    Maybe telecom companies should have a plan na consumable and its up to the user kung pano nya gagamitin like enroll to unlimited text, unlimited surf and the likes then kung lumampas ka lang sa consumable amount mo eh saka ka nila icharge ng extra.

  25. gray says:

    @ Ian,

    Btw, I think the lowest plan for globe now is 500. I still cant convince myself to get a plan when there’s a lot cool services for prepaid.

  26. Raffy says:

    @kinny – Even if you don’t have many Sun contacts, your 350 plan will not be wasted. I too don’t have many Sun contacts, so my plan is i-Text where I have 250 text messages (any network) every month aside from the P350 worth of voice calls to any network (P6.00 for Sun-to-Sun and P6.50 for Sun-to-other-networks). So, there is no waste in load unless you send less than 250 text message per month and you don’t call anyone (even to other networks).

    For those who are now using Double Unlimited, how is connection to PLDT, Bayantel or Globelines? I’ve tried using Globe DUO and I was unable to connect to PLDT. Ang masaklap niyan, ang kailangan kong madalas tawagan ay PLDT. Kaya, nasayang lang ang binayad for the Globe DUO.

  27. consti says:

    sun FTW…..pinaka madaya yun SMART.

  28. consti says:

    @Raffy gawain yan ng smart/pldt para hirap ang ibang network.

  29. Marc says:

    I’m taking this opportunity to vent a bit. I subscribed to Sun Cellular Postpaid Broadband since the store agent gave an assurance that it will give me a fast and reliable internet connection in Muntinlupa. Unang araw na ginamit ko ang product, hnd umaabot ng 100kbps ang signal. Tumawag ako sa customer service, they said magsusubmit sila ng ticket to resolve my issue. They promised na within 24 hours magbibigay cla ng feedback. Naghintay ako pero wala. The next day tumawag ako, on the process pa daw ang concern ko. I asked for a supervisor, the agent transferred me to Miss Alphie, Officer in charge daw sa floor. Sabi nya, ifoforward daw nya ulit ang concern ko and she promised to give me a call back within the day. Guess what? Wala akong nareceive na tawag. Third day, tumawag ako ulit sa kanila, tinanong ko ang agent na nakasagot kung bakit walang callback si Miss Alphie after nyang mag promise. Sabi sakin ng agent after 10 minutes siguro sa call na yun, nakausap daw nya si Miss Alphie at sinabi daw ni Miss Alphie na tumawag sya sa number ko, babae daw ang nakasagot at naliligo ako. E wala naman. Ginawa pa akong sinungaling. I asked to be transferred to Miss Alphie, nung kausap ko na sya, sabi nya ibang customer daw pala yun na tulad lang sa name ko. I then asked for a supervisor, sabi ni Miss Alphie engaged pa daw sa call ang supervisor pero tatawagan daw ako within the day ni Jay Dulap, supervisor nila. Same thing happened; I did not receive a call back from the supervisor. The next day, tumawag ako ulit. Nakausap ko ang isa pang supervisor, sa araw din nay un, I received a callback from a manager. Sabi nya, makakareceive daw ako ng call the next day from a technician for troubleshooting. WALA NA NAMAN AKONG NARECEIVE NA CALL. Fifth day na ngayon at wala pa ring resolution sa concern ko. Ngayon may kausap akong CS agent, 1hr and 33 minutes na kame sa call habang sinusulat ko to dahil hnd pa rin daw available ang supervisor nya.They keep on saying na naforward na ang concern ko sa proper department at maghintay lang daw ako ng callback within the day. Sino pang maniniwala????? In my opinion, Sun Cellular has a very poor customer service. What a shame.

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