A DMOZ listing could set you back $350

A DMOZ listing could set you back $350

I didn’t know DMOZ Editors could get rich from under-the-table quick-fixes from those who want to get listed ASAP. This one editor got caught and was removed from DMOZ.

Check out how much he’s charging people to get their sites reviewed:

Although it is not something the ODP (dmoz) does on an open basis, it’s editors do. You won’t read about it anywhere and you can talk to dmoz’s “meta” editors about it – they will only tell you that they “dont condone such activity and that the culprit will be stripped of his dmoz editorship rights.” (Of course, that’s not what really happens). There are no prices
set in stone, it’s just whatever you feel it’s worth. The more you offer, the sooner it gets listed. I listed a chart below to give you a general idea about how much will get you what.


Within a year: $50.00
Within 6 Months: $75.00
Within 3 Months: $90.00
Within 1 Month: $125.00
Within 2 Weeks: $180.00
Within 1 Week: $225.00
Within 3 Days: $275.00
Within 24 hours: $300.00
ASAP: $350.00

Now that’s something. The guy’s been reported and was immediately remove from his post as a volunteer. Imagine how much the other erring volunteers must have made in the past?

Read more about it here.

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3 Responses

  1. noemi says:

    it’s hard to get listed. No wonder people are willing to pay. I got lucky two of my subdomains got in many years ago. Since then, I haven’t had any luck.

  2. Kates says:

    A site of mine submitted last february was listed last july. I submitted it under pretty sought after category. Getting listed in DMOZ is much like passing the BAR exam. You’re lucky if the examiner had a good day before checking your papers. :)

  3. I submitted my site almost a year ago and still no luck

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