List of Banks with Paypal Withdrawal Fees

List of Banks with Paypal Withdrawal Fees

Until now, I’m not sure what that Php200 charges most banks deduct from Paypal withdrawals. That’s on top of the Php50 for withdrawals less than Php7,000. And we all thought any amount beyond that would be free of charge.

I relayed this observation to a contact from Paypal in Singapore and was asked to get a list of the banks that makes the additional charges.

Based on my previous entry on Paypal/Bank Exchange Rates, the initial list of banks are as follows:


Banks that charge withdrawal fees:

  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • China Bank
  • Metro Bank (MB)
  • Banco de Oro (BDO)

Banks that do not charge withdrawal fees:

  • Union Bank

If your bank or you know of a bank that makes additional charges, please let me know in the comments. I will then forward this to Paypal for further investigation or clarification.

I’m not actually sure what this Php200 charges are for — it could be some sort of a clearance fee, a transmittal fee or wire fee.

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64 Responses

  1. Pacute says:

    Nakita kita sa Mornings @ ANC

  2. Ummm is w/drawing from Union Bank really free? From their FAQ there’s this quote:

    You will be given 2 options in withdrawing your funds. Please choose the “transfer funds to your card” option. Paypal charges $5.00 USD for this facility.


  3. err Just re-read the whole thing.. it was referring to payments.. My bad.

  4. Schmuck says:

    AFAIK, the P200 is for the remittance fee. For some local banks like Metrobank, these charges will depend on a number of factors including the amount transferred and the exchange rate on the day the transaction was made.

    If I understand it correctly, for BDO, this is a fixed fee (P200).

    For Unionbank EON, this charge currently does not apply.

    This is their (local banks) way of making money out of the transaction.

  5. Beau Rudd says:

    I use Union and it works really, I love all there services.

  6. mike123 says:

    In my ex-office we use before Union bank till their ATM went offline during payday weekend. The next month, we switch to Security Bank.

  7. sh3lly says:

    Some banks charge fees for electronic fund transfers.

    Before I withdrew my Paypal funds to my BPI Savings Account, I called up BPI and asked how much it would cost to transfer funds from Paypal to my account. They said that they didn’t really know how Paypal works (or something to that effect. I realized that local banks don’t really know much about Paypal). So instead, I just asked how much would electronic fund transfers from the States cost me. They told me it would be around P150 – P200. Sure enough, when I received my cash in my savings account, there was a deduction of that amount. I withdrew more than 7K, by the way.

    It confirmed what I read earlier from the net which is that BPI has a transfer fee of P150-P200. I came across a list of the fees per bank, but I forgot to save it *is now hitting herself over the head*

  8. are these information accurate? or these are just intuitions?

  9. yuga says:

    I tried some of them and saw the Php200 discrepancy.

  10. Thanks for sharing this Abe. I think entrepreneurs who sell products/services online and accept payment through Paypal should start factoring these fees in their mark-up.

  11. This is a cool article!It’s worth trying though
    there is no nearby Unionbank where I reside.

  12. Athan says:

    Yes! I tried withdrawing using Unionbank and got no fee deduction of 200.00

  13. blanne says:

    It was then a good thing I decided to get an EON Account. Thanks for posting this up! :)

    Himalayan Goji Juice
    Pinoy Negosyo Directory

  14. kitts says:

    argh! i just got my funds i’ve withdrawn from paypal and came in P200 short in my bpi account. must check if my eon card is still active. tsk.

  15. al says:

    UnionBank is the best in terms of technology and they dont charge as much as other banks!


    FEES and Charges
    es and Charges

    Balance Requirement
    Initial Deposit NONE
    Maintaining Balance Requirement (MBR) NONE
    Minimum ADB to Earn Interest PHP 10,000
    Interest Rate 0.500% (for accounts with balances of Php 10,000.00 and above)
    Visa Electron Annual Fee PHP 350.00
    Inactivity Charges
    No Transaction Penalty (no transaction for 1 year) PHP 200.00 per month starting on the end of 12th month of inactivity until the account becomes dormant
    Dormancy Charge (no transaction for 2 years) PHP 500.00 per month starting on the end of 24th month of inactivity
    Closure Within 30 days NONE
    ATM Withdrawals
    UBP ATM PHP 10.00 (after the 3rd withdrawal)
    Non-UBP ATM within the Philippines PHP 12.00
    International VISA Plus ATM
    Balance Inquiry PHP 75.00
    Withdrawal PHP 175.00
    Withdrawal declined due to insufficient funds PHP 75.00
    OTC Withdrawal Convenience Fee PHP 100.00
    Fund Transfer (OUTWARD)
    Send Electronic Funds Transfer to another E-ON Account NONE
    Send Electronic Funds Transfer to another UnionBank Account NONE
    Send Electronic Funds Transfer to other Banks PHP 10.00
    Fund Transfer (INWARD)
    Receive Electronic Funds Transfer from another E-ON Account NONE
    Receive Electronic Funds Transfer from another UnionBank Account NONE
    Receive Electronic Funds Transfer from another Bank NONE
    ATM Card Replacement PHP 150.00
    Transaction Diary PHP 200.00

    *** Some local banks may charge a fee on the EFT transactions sent by our E-ON account holders. These banks charge a Receiving Fee from the amount that is to be credited to the account. This is an addition to the PHP10.00 that will be charged to the client.

    *** For Incoming Remittances with incorrect account numbers and/or account names, a Repair Fee of PHP100.00 may be charged.

  16. Willie Maaliw says:

    I linked my EON card to Pay Pal. How long would it take for Pay Pal to send my card statement for me to confirm and verify my account? In the meantime, can I receive money already?

  17. Ronald says:

    I’m using Unionbank’s GSIS Ecard and it works perfectly. No additional charges are incurred when I send funds to my bank account, just the P50.00 withdrawal fee charged by Paypal for fund withdrawals (of less than 7K) and ATM charges (when using non-Unionbank ATMs). Never had a problem with their system and I can even anticipate when the fund is coming through. Besides, I enrolled on their online-banking facility that lets me check my account and pay bills from anywhere.

  18. philip says:

    i have been using paypal for almost a year now. i registered my Union Bank EON debit card as well as my Allied Bank savings account to my paypal.

    Allied bank deducts Php 200 on top of the Php 50 deduction (if the amount to be withdrawn is less than Php 7,000). i don’t know why they deduct Php 200 per transaction but i never bothered asking my

    my paypal account was once frozen because paypal suspected it might have been compromised. to unfreeze it, they requested that i prove my identity, which i did by taking a picture of my SmartBro account statement, then i uploaded it to their website. within 24 hours, i gained full access to my paypal account.

    i’ve never tried withdrawing my paypal funds directly to my EON card.

  19. Bahay BJ says:

    Thank you for this info. Is it true that we can receive funds from paypal through BDO?

    We have an account at BDO and we asked them if we can receive funds from paypal and direct it to our account. They said currently, they aren’t affiliated with paypal.

    Have you tried it at BDO yourself?

    Thanks for your help.

  20. Melissa says:

    UnionBank really is the best for anyone who withdraws money from their PayPal account regularly. This is the only bank I know of that doesn’t charge a P150-P200 fee when you transfer money to your savings account from your PayPal account. I have never had any problems whatsoever with my UnionBank EON account.

  21. abbee says:

    Why, thank you! I’m getting a Union Bank account then! The 200php or so deduction via Metrobank or BDO is too much!

  22. chubin says:

    will paypal accept application of eastwestbank personal banking-cash access here in the Philippines

  23. chubin says:

    will paypal allow my active eastwestbank personal-atm account instead of credit card and/or debit card?

  24. chubin07 says:

    new to this forum how can i read my replies…thanks in advance for the information

  25. Madr says:

    I withdrew funds from my PayPal account to Metrobank last Aug. 27, 2009. The amount transferred by PayPal was P7,335.24. The amount that appeared in my Metrobank transaction history was P7,198.54. That means Metrobank “charged” P136.70 and took it off the remitted amount automatically without the charge being entered as a separate transaction entry.

  26. Nissi says:

    I’m wondering if where do i get this 9digit bank code asked in paypal? And do sterling bank of asia allows paypal withdrawal? how much is their charge? A bag thanks : )

  27. Nissi says:

    that shud be a BIG thanks.

  28. Jhunz says:

    I withdrew a lot from my paypal account, and I’ve observed that they charge it to a lower rate. But anyway still good because they send money to my local banks..
    I have list some complete bank codes for your references.

  29. VaniJane says:

    I have a paypal account but it’s not yet connected with my BDO bank account.

    I have a BDO debit/atm card and I tried using that for my paypal account but it got denied. Though, I thought paypal accepts debit cards.

    What do I have to do to get my paypal accout connected with my BDO bank account? Or should I find another bank?

    • josey says:

      we have a same situation,.. actually my money at my paypal was stocked and getting 2years now,.. BDO does not related or affliated to paypal,.. And BDO staff does not familiar with paypal even the routing number they do never know, however i searched and found some people that successfully withdrawn their money from paypal using their BDO accounts, and the reason am asking why my account cant? and paypal denied to verify my bank account

    • Malou says:

      If you decide on changing your bank I suggest you open an account with Union Bank of the Philippines particularly EON account. They are very helpful. I have no problem transferring money from my Paypal account to my local bank account.

  30. heidi says:

    I need to ask whether it is really possible to withdraw paypal balances to a BDO account. A BDO customer service representative told me that she hasn’t seen a single successful withdrawal transaction from paypal. In fact, BDO is not tied up with paypal and does not recommend its use, according to her. Paypal asks for a 9-digit bank code which BDO doesn’t have. BDO only has a SWIFT Code and a routing number. Please enlighten me on this.

  31. heidi says:

    Jhunz must have answered that for you. Thank you, Jhunz. However, everything I disclosed in the earlier post is true. BDO’s customer service representative really told me that. I do not blame her for that, though. Thank you again!

  32. Renz says:

    Tnx for the info guys… God Bless!

  33. just last week, May 7, 2010. I go to Davao City to get an EON card because it will use that one to register in PayPal.

    • Malou says:

      EON is a good choice. For withdrawal of P7,000.00 up they charge P50.00 only unlike other banks they have additional charges of P250.00.

  34. hazel says:

    hello! who among here have tried withdrawing their paypal money to ALLIED BANK? may i know how long does it take for the money to appear in your bank account? it’s been 5 days since i transferred my paypal money to my ALLIED BANK savings account but the money isn’t there until now. does anybody know how much time it’ll take before i could withdraw my money? THANK YOU!

    • Malou says:

      In my experience with Union Bank, it takes only 3 to 4 business days for your money to be credited to your account. I suggest you follow it up with your bank or ask if they have a tie up with Paypal. Or you can also contact Paypal via email.

  35. heidi says:

    It usually takes 3-4 business days for withdrawals to my Union Bank account, am not sure with Allied. Business Days precludes Saturdays and Sundays. Thank you!

  36. Angelee says:

    I just called somebody from metrobank to ask about their charges cos I didn’t notice they took 136.70 everytime I do the transfer from paypal..

    I’ll be off to a Union Bank later… definitely close my Metrobank account one of these days…

  37. kai says:

    Maybank has a fixed charge of 200 for the wiring fee as well. :(

  38. marsh says:

    how can we widraw the cash from paypal if we dnt have a credit card.. payal is really crazy

  39. smith says:

    i have written a blog at paid critique about UNIONBANK and PNB. you can read it at

    check it out.

  40. JD says:

    I tried withdrawing to my Allied Bank ABC (Allied Bank Cash) Card before and there was indeed a charge of more/less 200 pesos. Now I am wondering if I will do that again. I am afraid that if I withdraw a bigger amount, they might also charge higher?

  41. carla says:

    HI i been lookign to all bank here in pampanga looking what a bank is linkto paypal bcoz i have paypal and i dont have bank so i cant widraw money is send to my friend then she send it to me she less me 5$ to 1 to 100$ then 10$ for 200 or more and she i pay for her to transfer the money to me bcoz she is in laguna so i got charge double so i want to open account in a bank what is link in paypal. i was in union bank and asking me to go onlien to resgiter there to EON but they are required a employed or student im not student and im not employed. so what do i do now? please help me.

  42. Grcaiela Rosario says:

    how can i apply for paypal?they said it is in the computer.

  43. Jhoey says:

    I have always withdrawn payment from paypal to Unionbank (EON) an I’m charged Php210 max by paypal. For receiving payments in Unionbank, I don’t notice any fee deducted. Just paypal fees.

    • smple says:

      I am using EON card, actually EON gets 350 every year for using their card. Maybe from paypal to EON they are approximate charge (I can’t remember the amout), But I am really sure that EON deduct 350 every year for using it.

    • smple says:

      I am using EON card, actually EON gets 350 every year for using their card. Maybe from paypal to EON they are approximate charge (I can’t remember the amount), But I am really sure that EON deduct 350 every year for using it. I am now looking for other banks that don’t charges a lot and planning to use Metrobank, but unfortunately after searching online I found out that Metrobank charges 200 something, I don’t know If I will continue using EON or try other bank.

    • Malou says:

      Yes Smple Union Bank is charging P350 yearly I think that’s their EON account maintenance. EON account has no maintaining balance required that’s why. But when it comes to withdrawing money from Paypal account to your EON account their charge is P50 only. though I’m not sure if this fee is for Paypal or Union Bank.

    • Malou says:

      Also, this P50 fee is being charged only if you withdraw below P7,000 from your paypal account. So, if you get over P7000 no charges will be deducted from you.

  44. Leng says:

    had this experience too BDO charged P200 i dont know for what it is for..

    • Laurie says:

      Same here. According to forums it’s their wire transfer fee. I was also charged 200, which surprised me, coz I thought withdrawing more than 7000 is free of charge. :(

  45. John Michael Borja says:

    OT: pano po pag completed na ung process ng pag withdraw sa paypal account pero sa bdo account wala pa rin ung pera? how many days will it take?

  46. Gerard says:

    Updates guys and gals,

    I am using Security Bank and it deducts 200 pesos.
    I used eastwest bank and Unionbank and they do not deducts, are there other banks that does the same thing?

    • Jes says:

      How many days po bago malipat ung pera sa eastwest from paypal? thanks

    • Ernie says:

      May I ask how many days does it takes before funds from your PayPal Account reflects to your Security Bank Account? Thank you!
      Text me if you can.

  47. PayPal says:

    Does your site have a contact page? I’m having
    trouble locating it but, I’d like to send you an email.

    I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing.
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  48. Jhoey says:

    To smple:

    The Php350 charge of Unionbank is the charge for using their EON Debit Card. That’s a fixed fee per year. I already opened a savings account in BPI and integrated that to my PayPal account. That’s already what I use when I withdraw PayPal funds. PayPal shows the amount (more than Php7k has no fee) and after withdrawing to my BPI account, I noticed that the deduction is around Php100+.

    • gerald says:

      how can i apply to bpi or what bpi services to apply para magamit ko ung card ko for paypal? thanks in advance

  49. cassey says:

    Meron akong UnionBank or the Eon but tagal nang process nila ngayon?

  50. mailinh dean says:

    paypal really gives me pain in my neck

  51. Roland says:

    Pwidi ba mag transfer ng pera sa paypal to Landbank?

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