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Pinoy Friendster Day to set World Record

Friendster Philippines is gunning for a World Record for the Biggest Eyeball ever — an attempt to make the definitive statement that the Philippines is still Friendster Capital of the world.

With already 21,000 Friendster Fans logging in, the event could be on its way to set the world record for the largest gathering of members from a social networking community.

pinoy friendster day

Set to happen this August 15, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, the EB will include live bands by Rico Blanco, Callalily, 6 Cycle Mind, Imago, Pedicab, Paraluman.

See more info on the event page here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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45 Responses

  1. victor says:

    sorry, facebook na ko.. corny na friendster. hehehe. goodluck sa world record.

  2. Eizan says:

    Yep, same thoughts as well. FS probably organized this to assess their share in the country.

  3. sherwin says:

    wala ng sense to maintain a friendster account pa, most have already abandoned friendster.

    papasok lang sa world record yan kung mamimigay sila ng something sa mga aattend haha, hindi dahil gusto nila mag friendster pa.

  4. iron says:

    ako rin FB na me but I still kept connected with my friends sa FS. FS organize this gathering just to keep the FS community stronger.

  5. August says:

    naku, puro mga bata na lang ang nasa friendster na fake ang age at add ng add ng libo libong friends na di kilala – tapos bibigyan ng ganitong comment…

    tnx 4 d add! :*

    o kaya

    tnx 4 d view

    tapos tadtad ng picture na nasa starbucks.

  6. anne says:

    same here. facebook na rin, friendster is so 2006.

  7. Friendster should improve their layout and delete all their spam users.

  8. william says:

    Friendster just looks like crap now with all the customization users can do. FB looks neat

  9. Edz says:

    yes correct dami spam sa fs. Fb nko…

  10. goosebumps says:

    i forgot my FS password..prolly because i was no longer using it for quite some time…

  11. techme says:

    i already deleted my fs account! i’m a Fb user..! di na kc naimprove ung fs mxadong trivial na ang fs and mxadong maraming spammers!

  12. Jhay says:

    I knew this would turn into FS bash comments thread.
    Though it would be interesting to see if they’d succeed in setting the world record.

  13. RaM says:

    dba… FS is for sale already?! :))

  14. bienlee says:

    facebook here!
    sana ayusin ng friendster yung site nila…ang nakakainis kasi sa Friendster…navi-view yung mga pictures at comments ng kahit sino, kahit naka private profile pa…hay talaga…

  15. NIEL says:

    LOL goodluck sa world record. Facebook is still the best.

  16. designnatin says:

    FB here.. hehehe poor friendster

  17. designnatin says:

    FB here.. hehehe need more usability testing for friendster

  18. mnel says:

    i remember it was way 2004 when friendster boomed. then it was replaced by myspace (at least in the west) and now both are down the drains since facebook started. i won’t wonder anymore when facebook faces the same doom when something new comes along.

    i just wanna say goodluck to the organizers of this event on setting a world record. ;)

  19. victor says:

    may FS pa din naman ako. pero i check it once a month. as in check lang. after 2mins logout na tapos facebook na. hehe. corny na ng FS eh. pero mga barkada ko nakakakuha ng mga highschool na ka SEB dun at college. heheheh

  20. Carl says:

    Uso uso lang yan..What’s next after Facebook?

  21. Tech Blog says:

    Haven’t logged in to my friendster account for couple of months now, I just hate the new interface trying to copy facebook, but friendter’s version suck the life out of the usability of their site.

    Your not even able to delete photo easily.

  22. Igme says:

    Facebook is better admittedly. I still keep my Friendster maintained.

    I keep my Friendster as pure as I can; you know people I really saw or met even if its only once. So in that sense no EBs needed for me cause I’ve seen them all. hehehe

  23. popo says:

    yep, i agree..Facebook is better
    neat and user friendly

    friendster is like an advertising website already.

  24. ha? ano po ba yung friendster? facebook user kasi ako e! wahaha!

    siguro this will be the first and the last EB that they will organize! wahaha! goodluck! :P

  25. The Nerd! says:

    21,000 fans already logged in for the event??! These lot joining the event?! how in the world is the music hall gonna hold this number of people? this is crap.

  26. victor says:

    i agree. madaming ng eche bureche sa FS. ang pangit na. sometimes, less is more. being simple and easy to use is still on top. grabe din adverts sa FS. pati buong profile mo damay na. plus spammers pa etc. yung mga tipong nakukuha yung password mo tapos magspam ng testimonial sa friends mo na spam adverts lang. they need to rebuild and rethink everything. well one thing though. mayaman na fs. kaso lumipas na ang prime nila. hehehe

  27. lahat naman kayo nagumpisa at minsan naaliw sa friendster.. common guy’s wake up.. so pano na pag may lumitaw na social site na mas cool sa Facebook 5 years from now? same negative comment din ba gagawin nyo sa facebook?.. hay pinoy nga naman

  28. boy kuripot says:

    Napadaan ako sa isang charity concert event ng Friendster sa MOA SMX nung time ng fashion week. Meron kasi kami pinuntahan na fashion show sa 2nd floor. Pagbaba namin, mga 11pm, hinahatak ng mga organizer ng Friendster papasok ng event hall. Laking gulat ko nung makita ko na sobrang konti ng tao. Around 50 siguro. Tapos yung nirent nila na venue sobrang laki. Nagsetup pa sila ng 2 malaking projector screen sa gitna na wala naman makakakita since lahat nasa pinakaharap. What is more sad is that it’s a charity event which has a ticket price of about P250 but we got in for FREE. Ganon sila kadesperado kumuha ng tao. I feel bad for them. I hope this time may pumunta sa event nila

  29. jose says:

    Corny naman ‘yung facebook pero social lang. Tama uso-uso lang ang mga ito. Takot nga sila sa twitter.

  30. Gwapito says:

    Friendster! It’s still full of bugs, and slow to load. Why can’t they fix it?

  31. john says:

    no to fs! yes to fb! why fs got many scam users. love applications on fb….

  32. edwin says:


    me facebook na ako simula nung hindi pa uso facebook at puro mga asa college pa ang gumagamit nun.

    Pero sa friendster kasi, kahit mga kaibigan ko sa probinsya meron na kaya oks pa din ang friendster.

    Nakakapagtaka ngayon yung mga friendster wh ores dati ngayon binabash na ang friendster dahil sa facebook hahaha.

    Sabi nga ni erap, weather weather lang yan. Nde porket uso maganda na :)

    Buti nga ina acknowledge pa tayo ng isang social networking site eh. :)

  33. Facebook forever LOL. I deleted my Friendster account twice already, and I’m thinking of deleting my third re-create of my old Friendster account.

    Facebook = I can find my blood relatives no matter how far we are separated, which is a huge plus for me. Not to mention, how easy it is to create corporate “pages”.

    Friendster “fan pages”? Never mind, experience and customer service counts. That’s my only message to them.

    Facebook hands-down.

  34. Luna G. says:

    Hey Abe, HAHA! How are you? It’s been a long time. hehe. DZMM Times.. haha!

    I guess FS is now really got a problem.

    There’s a huge competitor arrived. awts!

    FB is much better than FS I Guess.. haha, Saya-Saya!:)

    Goodluck to you!

  35. NatsUme_zYenester says:

    BecaUze of Fs..i meet my olD and neW freNds, and classMAte
    weLL khit d naKOh masYadong gumagamIt ng fs..
    stiLL NaNjaN paren ang one n onLy fs KOh.. ^_^ coz naNdun lahat ng mga MeMOriz ko.. hehehe

    fs ..foreVer saNa

    hOPe na iimProve niLa i2..seems like
    Myspace and faCebOOk.

    add my account in faceBook..

    [email protected]

  36. lyksummer says:

    I happen to be at SM MOA last Saturday and super daming tao dun sa grand EB.

    Most of the people there are high school up to college students. So I guess, magka-iba lang talaga ang market ng Friendster and FB. Mas older na yata ang FB.

    With the turn-out ng tao, its a statement that Friendster is still here and they are still huge here in the Philippines.

  37. The event was a success in our opinion…

    Congratulations to Mall Of Asia for this.




  38. ZJ Morales says:

    Friendster is not very practical these days. It’s been invaded by children 10 – 12 years old. Even my pamangkin have twice the size of my contacts in FS. She has 600+ ata.

  39. jm says:

    fb lover ako. haha
    ang cheap na ng fs well maintenance pa rin
    pero i got addicted to fb
    yung fs kc prang ang cheap na eh ee.

  40. Lalaine says:

    Friendster is going down
    lalo na yung filter sila ng filter
    ng application for customized layouts.

    Kaya lang naman till now may tao sa friendster dahil sa mala blog at mga cute na layouts.

    Sayang ang FS tsk

  41. ferdzlopez says:

    ayaw ko fish book gusto ko fried stare wakokoko

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