Alteam ANP-777 Quick Review

Alteam ANP-777 Quick Review

Alteam is a Taiwan-based headphone and microphone manufacturer. The company has been working closely with these devices since the year 2000 and have been releasing new designs every succeeding year. What we have in our hands now is the Alteam ANP-777 headphones that have their own Active Noise Cancellation technology. Is it a good travel companion as the company claims it? Read our Quick Review and find out.


The ear cups are foldable so the 'phones can be packed flat inside its case.

The ear cups are foldable so the ‘phones can be packed flat inside its case.

Alteam’s ANP-777 is plastic all around making it generally lightweight. The only parts where it breaks its plastic build are the padded headband and ear cups that are wrapped with artificial leather. On the left cup we have the removable cover that hides the two AAA batteries needed for ANC and over on the right side is the power switch along with the button that toggles between four different sound modes (we will discuss more of that later on).


The right cup also holds a volume rocker on its lower back side that provides easy access while on-the-go.

If you’re a headphone enthusiast you’ll probably notice that its general look resembles closely that of Blaupunkt’s Comfort 112 – right from its on-ear design, shape of ear cups, headband, and all the way down to the volume adjuster on the side.

Its adjustable headband goes easy on the head and makes the 40mm ear cups clamp comfortably. They’re also padded with memory foam cushions that make listening for long periods of time possible. We tried wearing it while watching and it we made it through a 2-hour movie without any strains, although we sometimes found ourselves fixing the cups to fully seal our ears.



As mentioned earlier, the ANP-777 has four different sound modes toggled by the round button on the right cup. It changes its color to identify what mode is on. It was hard to remember what all the colors represent at first, but we’re sure it gets easier as you keep on using it.

Here are the corresponding colors:

Red: Default (ANC is on)
Green: Stereo
Orange: Music
Blue: Movie

The ANC mode effectively tones down external noises by a significant amount. It eliminates the sound of vehicles passing by when music is playing, but loud noises like heavy construction still gets through. Stereo Mode adds a bit more of soundscape to the overall sound although it loses some solid bass quality. Music Mode works great with playing tunes, while the Movie Mode has admirable lows for voice and explosions.


Take note that using the headphones without battery is possible. In which case only passive noise cancellation only takes place and switching between sound modes is unavailable.

The Alteam ANP-777 is for users who want an easy-to-bring pair of cans with good music quality. Its all-plastic frame makes sure it’s lightweight, although those looking for a premium feel might be disappointed with it. With a discounted price of Php4,485.60, the Alteam ANP-777 lets you specifically choose different sound for different use by digitally processing it. So if you’re a fan of personally tweaking your music to your liking and you have the spare money, you might want to give this a shot. It acts as a good partner during long commutes with its lightweight body and foldable cups that store easily in its included hard case.


You can opt to use the ordinary 3.5mm cable or go with the coiled one if you’re just at home. It has an in-line mic so you can also accept calls using it.

Alteam ANP-777 specs:
Design: Headband, over-ear
Type: Closed-back
Features: EUPHONY 3D Sound Technology, HDSS Sound Technology
Driver Size: 40mm
Frequency Range: 10Hz – 25KHz
Impedance: 50 ohms
Sensitivity: 100dB
Maximum Power Output: 120mW
Plug Type: 3.5mm
Battery: 2 x AAA


The company is generous enough to include an array of different adapters to make sure you could use the ANP-777 with different devices and ports.

What we liked about it:
*Lightweight and comfortable
*Ideal for travelling
*Good sound reproduction
*Package includes an array of different adapters

What we didn’t like:
*All plastic build
*Depends largely on batteries

For more info you may visit their website by following the link.

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