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Sony shows a glimpse of the PS4’s body

Ok, we know that you’re probably as disappointed as we were when Sony “announced” the PlayStation 4 back in February without actually seeing what the console looks like. But apparently, it was all part of the ploy in preparation for the biggest stage in gaming, E3, where they finally unveiled the PS4.

sony playstation 4

In our opinion, the unit looks like it came straight out of Transformer flick with its Piano Black body draped in matte finish and sharp edges that look like it can cut you in to pieces if you’re not careful enough. The juicy bits like USB 3.0 ports, disc drive, etc. are sandwiched between two angled slabs that are slightly askew.

sony ps4

The other components (HDMI out, RJ-45, AUX and Power ports) are placed on the on the back side surrounded by what seems like a bunch of vents.

playstation 4 philippines

There’s a purple lining that runs across the top of the PS4 which is probably meant to add a bit of twist to the otherwise cut-throat looking console. The PlayStation 4 can still be mounted vertically through the help of a detachable base.

Sony PlayStation 4 specs:
8-core x86 AMD Jaguar CPU
1.84 TFLOPS Radeon GPU
Built-in hard drive
6x Blu-Ray & 8x DVD drive
USB 3.0 & auxiliary ports
Bluetooth 2.1
Analog AV-out

The Sony PlayStation 4 will be available in time for the holiday season and will set you back USD399 apiece.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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8 Responses

  1. gbreaker25 says:

    Almost 18K in philippine peso. Mura sya kung tutuusin. . =P I want PS4

    Magkano naman kaya ang games?

  2. Digest says:

    20k ata pag labas nyan by Holidays. Pero PS4 tlaga panalo ngaun sa console. Na rebound ng Sony laban sa Microsoft ang trono sa console wars.

    Dko tuloy alam kng saan ko bbuy Final Fantasy XIV kng sa PS4 or sa PC version.

    FFXIV, EA UFC, Madden 25, solb na.

    Ipon ipon na!

  3. awdog says:

    Playstation 4 FTW !! Hnd naman talaga gagana XBOne dito sa Pinas.

    • benten says:

      true, sa reavealing ng xbox one, mukang sa US mo lang ma eenjoy karamihang features ng xbox one, and u can’t borrow games on xbox one. total BS!

  4. Manuel says:

    daming vents nito eh pwedeng pwede sa summer to.

  5. Jan says:

    oh my god they totally raped microsoft with their e3 press con.lol

  6. Zo says:

    PS4 killed Xbox One in so many ways, but what won me over is PS4 being region-free.


    Coming from a 3 year Xbox 360 user.

  7. Tebats says:

    Nabobo na ang Microsoft. Ok na sana sila sa Xbox 360 eh.

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