Apple unveils iOS 7

Apple unveils iOS 7

Apple has just announced the latest iteration of its iOS platform, the completely redesigned and improved iOS 7.

As you may have read in the past, iOS 7 is a complete overhaul and revamp of the six-year-old platform. Sir Jony Ive completely removed all signs of Scott Forstall’s skeuomorphism and replaced it with his own “flat” design which, most of us would agree, is a lot better.


Although, the UI is now cleaner and simpler, long-time iOS users will still find iOS 7 familiar and easy to use. Here are some of the new features of iOS 7:

Control Center – The Control Center gives you quick access to the settings and shortcuts. Just swipe up from any screen, including the Lock screen, and it will pull up a dashboard of controls and switches like connectivity toggles, brightness adjustment, play or skip a song, activate AirPlay, or quickly access your flashlight, timer, calculator and camera.

Notification Center – Swipe down from top to reveal an improved Notification Center. The usual functions are still there like letting you know about your new mail, text messages, missed calls, and to-dos. In addition, there’s a new feature called Today which gives you the weather and a quick summary of your agenda for the day. Like the Control Center, the new Notification Center is also accessible froom any screen including the Lock screen.

Multitasking – Multitasking is a lot better now on iOS 7. You sill have to press the Home button twice to reveal currently open apps but instead of just seeing a row of icons at the bottom, you’ll also get preview screens of those apps as well (reminds us of HTC’s multitasking feature). To quit an app, just swipe it up and out of preview.

Camera – the camera gets new features as well aside from its new look. To change shooting modes, no need to tap buttons or access menus. Just swipe to access video, panorama, stills and square (for easy Instagram posts). And guess what, you can now add filters to your still and square photos directly from the camera app.


Photos – The new Photos on iOS 7 now includes a feature called Collections, Moments, and years. In essence it’s a well-organized grouping of all your photos and videos based on the time and place they were taken. There’s also the iCloud Photo Sharing which is basically a a shared photo stream and functions like a Facebook Timeline of sorts where friends can post photos, videos, and comments to your stream.

AirDrop – Apple took the OS X’s AirDrop feature and included it in iOS 7. What AirDrop does is it lets you instantly share photos, videos, contacts, or files with other iOS 7 users near you. However it’s only limited to the iPhone 5, latest iPod Touch, iPad 4, and the iPad Mini.

Safari – The Safari browser for iOS gets a UI redesign as well and now features a unified smart search fieald and a new tab view.

iTunes Radio – iTunes Radio is Apple’s new free radio streaming service for iOS devices. Unfortunately this feature is only available in the U.S. Although I’m sure some will find a workaround for this.

Siri – Siri’s interface gets an uplift as well and comes in a new female or male voice. It now has search support for Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing, and can now accept commands to control settings.

For a better understanding of the features watch the video below:

iOS 7 will will be available as a free software update for the iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini and iPod touch (5th generation) this fall (September onwards).

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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46 Responses

  1. XXXpXXX says:

    Hmm. hindi ba masyadong pambata dating ng mga UI?

  2. Ron says:

    Pastel is the new skeuomorphism.

    All along, Apple is jealous of other OSes because most of what they added on iOS7 are already on other handsets.

    They’re playing catch up.

    It doesn’t matter really if they nixed it from other OSes, because the most impt thing here is that their users get the best of everything (even the best of other OSes). Consumers win. Competitors now have to innovate again. And maybe, see their innovation on future iOS builds. Hehe:D

    Way too much pastel for me.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Control center? Multi-tasking? Flat colors? Luma na yan! Matagal na yan sa ibang mobile OS. Apple is again trying to catch up…

  4. DON says:

    gawa ng grade 6 yung mga icons.. :) mas maganda pa yun mga mock ups na makikita mo sa youtube kesa sa ginawa nila … :)

  5. Anonimi says:

    Next feature ng iOS eh magkakaroon na din sila ng app drawer..haha.. android style din pagdating ng newer versions ng ios. Performance-wise stable naman talaga ang iOS kaya lang ang mga features na ini-introduce nila sa mga new version ng iOS eh existing na sa other OS. Dinadaan lang nila sa advertisement kaya nagiging overrated ang mga features. Kung tutuusin inferior na nga din features ng iOS sa android.(am not and android fanboy- Just my honest opinion).

  6. jorte says:

    u guys aren’t tired of bashing the iPhone. did anyone of u even had the phone? i used to be a droid fan but got sick of unending release of droid phones. it’s like every [email protected] month there’s one released that would beat the previous one. it feels like ur just buying a 35k+ shit and then the next day, ur phone feels OLD! and when u want to play new games, u even have to check if ur phone is compatible. soundz familiar eh?

    the more high-tech ur droid phone now, chances are, it will become out dated 1 day. and it feels soon always. :)

    • iPhoneBEST says:

      i Couldn’t agree w/ you more.. that’s why some of Mobile Apps Developer used to prioritize developing iOS apps rather than Android Apps. because iOS devices are all just the same hardware patents unlike Android devices they are have all differences hardware patent like buttons, scroll, not to mention each BRAND Company has own UI too..For me as Mobile Apps Developer i prioritize developing iOS apps using native language because it save me a lot of time and effort then when making Android Apps i used Cross-platform SDK and this is where the compatibility issues start (50/50 Apps Quality).. :D so i Stick to my iPhone because it’s less buggy and no compatibility issues..

    • Digest says:

      Well said. I don’t even have an Apple product. But hey, whats w/ the perpetual bashing?

      Insecure I say. lol

      Even w/ droid phones, you keep competing every now and then. Its getting OLD. Droid hierarchy as follows:

      Samsung > HTC > ANd so on then the affordable droids w/ quad-core CMobile/Starmobile/MyPhone. The bashing doesn’t stop w/ Apple products but as well to other droid users as well.

      I’m getting discrete Windows Phone. :D

    • appleseed says:

      tama! as Tim Cook Said, 90 percent of iphone users are using iOS 6, with just 6 percent using iOS 5.
      While More than a third of Android users are using an operating system that was released in 2010, yung the rest hindi pa din yung latest. E dun pa lang BASAG na Basag na ang platform nyo at kanya kanya ang mga telepono ninyo e. Apple will be Apple, simple, stable and innovative. Android is Android, parang PC machine na you can tinker with and do what you want,mga features na hindi nyo naman nagagamit sa pang araw araw, pero kaka kalikot nyo, nalimutan na ninyo ang basic at wala nang stability yang android :)) peace!

    • Sam says:

      @Jorte, it’s not just android phones, but technology in general. Once a product is launched its successor is in the works already.

    • Jortite says:

      @jorte: Dude, I can’t believe how fuckin dumb you are. Yes, its true. There always seem to be a new Android phone every few months. Well, so what?? That doesn’t mean you have to BUY it. Pinipilit ka bang bumili? I’m still using an HTC Sensation from 2 years ago and I’m still happy with it. I never felt that I had an OLD phone because my phone’s hardware can take it and I’m running JB now without any issues. I’ve played a lot of games with it without any problems. Masyado ka lang mayabang, bro, na feeling mo kailangan laging latest ang phone mo para cool ka. Either that, o hindi ka lang talaga marunong gumamit.

    • malu sawit says:

      I agree! Plus the apps with android can be hacked, marami ako nkikita ng ooffer n byaran cla ng 300 to 400 php and you can access unlimited apps na dw.

  7. Ernie says:

    I am an iPhone user and I had Android. I must say that Android for me is not that user friendly as iOS. Plus iOS mobile ecosystem is the best oh and the apps that are exclusive for iOS as well such as Over, Facetune. I hate the tweet of Abe as well that: “@abeolandres: iPhone users will finally feel how good Android is with the upcoming iOS 7. Agree?” clearly he is an Android user. Afterall iPhone is the one who started the smartphone frenzy.

    • Justin says:

      I was an iPhone user for 2 years and Android is definitely MORE user-friendly than iOS. I already switched to Android and I’m not going back. A lot of people complain about the user-experience with Android primarily because they purchase the low-end Android phones with meager specs, but anyone can attest to the performance and stability of Android on mid-range to to-of-the line hardware spec’d phones. Abe got it right. Not because he’s an android user (he has both, actually) but because he knows better.

      Also, iPhone didn’t start the smartphone frenzy, bro, it was Microsoft waaaaay back in 2000 pa. Only back then, they were called the “Pocket PC”. Get your facts straight.

    • eric says:

      @ ernie
      di po apple ang nausa sa smartphone , nauna pa yung nokia sa pag labas ng smartphone.

  8. xcal says:

    Way inferior to Android Jellybean. Tapos Key Lime Pie is on the way, saan na pupulutin ang outdated and eyesore iOS nyan?

    Next news nyan e bumagsak na naman ng ilang points ang stock value ng Apple after this release. I think Apple needs a shakeup with all these lackluster offerings.

  9. william says:

    iphone na parang android ang pinatakbo, lols. nothing new here…

  10. beta says:

    guys wag kayo magkagulo, beta palang ang ios 7, may mga changes pa mangyayari bago lumabas ang final release, hopefully ung new control center ay dapat integrated sa Notification Center, then swipping up from the bottom of the screen should trigger the multitasking screen. sana yan ang gawin sa public release.

  11. jadeemon says:

    Ok .. nice improvement… pero isang launcher lang yan sa android.. mukhang apple na ang itsura.. (may pagkakaiba nga lang sa talagang iphone) .. .. apple is great but android is versatile

    • malu sawit says:

      That’s the point why need p ng launcher pra gayahin ang iphone, ibig sabihin lng gusto niyo n ang phone niyo prang iphone

  12. fm2 says:

    And IOS8 will bring back Candy-crush…er, colored icons. Maybe even blinking or exploding. Wait, maybe talking icons!, and widgets too!!

    IMHO, what Apple should be really doing is to find a way to bring back Steve Jobs!!!!

    • watdahel says:

      respeto naman sa namayapa na…kung nanay mo mamatay gusto mo ganyanin din namin?

  13. I see a lot of “This is what I think, therefore it is the truth!” in the comments. Okay, thanks for sharing your opinions, people. Because if your opinions really matter, so ano ang dapat nangyayari? Dapat walang bumibili ng iPhone, ano? Pero ang dami pa din bumibili, more than any other phone. Tapos ang next hirit niyo ay “Tanga at mga nanay at tatay lang bumibili ng iPhone.” Etc etc. (i.e. nag-work ang marketing ng Samsung sa inyo). Pero, ganito lang yan. Kanya-kanyang gusto lang yan.. Kung masaya ka sa kung ano yung meron ka, hindi ka na magmamaliit ng iba.

  14. Yusuf says:

    Sooo excited.

  15. Yusuf says:

    Say what you wanna say. Can’t you all just accept it? Without iOS, there would be no Android. It also goes the same with Android. No android, no iOS. Competition is GOOD. Stop bashing someone just because he/she is an Android/iOS user. For god’s sake, you’re hating on someone just because he/she uses a different OS. What the fuck is wrong with you?!?

    • Abed M. says:

      Agree! Sir. Ang daming haters, basta ako excited na mag update ng phone ko to iOS7.

    • malu sawit says:

      Tama! Ako din excited ako pra s Iphone5 ko <3

    • kevz says:

      tama ka jan bro. kaya lang ganyan mag react mga yan kase walang update ang android na katulad ng satin na pede kahit old model iphone pede natin i upgrade . sept 12 is the date? excited to update my ip5 <3

  16. epol says:

    cherry mobile will launch a phone runs with ios7, tapos ang mura pa, hehehehe

  17. kaiserguian says:

    sa wakas! a wifi toggle! :) di na kelangan magpunta sa settings lagi. I know na meron sa Jailbreak na SB settings pero too lazy to JB. Great transitions also + ung streoscopic view ng wallpaper. Nice touch! Can’t wait till this get released

    • kaiserguian says:

      but yeah not a fan of the icons, pero nice that they changed the photo icon. I always did hate that sunflower logo

  18. Erns says:

    But you cannot deny that iOS 7 is pretty sick though.

  19. zarne says:

    Some students at Georgia Tech were able to hacked into Apple Ios. Hopefully this new Ios 7 version will be more secured as security is very important to many users.

  20. IOSgamer says:

    No offense here, but apple said that not all IOS 7 compatible devices will have all features because they are forcing you to upgrade.
    (iPad 2 user ako kasi at iradio lang ang magiging major feature pagdating ng IOS 7)

    • zarne says:

      That’s the idea. Offer the free OS upgrade to the few IOs devices and force the rest to buy new hardware from Apple to enjoy their latest OS. The Ipod Touch (4th Gen.) I bought for my kid earlier this year is now stuck with Ios 6. There is not much to write about the new Ios version anyway so I don’t think I will buy a new hardware just for Ios 7.

  21. IOSgamer says:

    and IOS 7 will have call blocking on the iPhone as well

  22. john says:

    Pwede po ba to sa iPod 4thGen?

  23. Towerseverywhere 0.0 says:

    I’m still using my Nokia 3310 and I’m happy with it, I only need it for call and text anyways :D

  24. jake says:

    Hi, mga sir puwede po bang iupdate nalang ung jailbroken na ip4 sa ios7? thru itunes then click update nalang. gagana ba ung stuck ios7 sa kaht na anong SIM na gamit? thanks. please reply.please.

  25. So it’s the best time of the year to change your
    phone or older smartphone. And if you don’t know or care what that
    means, the biggest difference is that emulators are much
    slower than “compatibility layers” like Wine and Winulator.
    There is even an icon where it appears to scratch
    the screen.

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