The Sapido + Sun + Mili Combo

The Sapido + Sun + Mili Combo

I have a number of mobile internet solutions while on the road or outside doing some stuff — a Globe Tattoo on MyFi, a Smart Bro Share-It and a Bayan Broadband USB stick. Lately though, I’ve come up with another combo that seems to be working just as well.

It’s a Sun Cellular + Sapido + Mili combo and here’s how it looks.


I must admit, it’s not the prettiest set-up. If you have an unlocked Huawei E5 and 3 different SIM cards from Sun, Smart and Globe, that would be more pocket-friendly. Tethering on an Android smartphone is a juice-guzzler as well.

However, some types of set-up like this one allows for more flexibility — the Sapido is a WiFi-N router that supports HSDPA and CDMA USB dongles as well as a LAN port; the Mili portable battery gives you 1500mAh of battery capacity in one full charge (lasts about 2 to 3 hours with the dongle).

So when my SmartBro Share-It doesn’t seem to work and my Globe MyFi is acting real slow, this last resort is a life-saver.

I’m sure you guys have other last-resort alternatives for mobile internet. Do share what’s your set-up like in the comments below.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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20 Responses

  1. daniel says:

    CDMA ata un

  2. dashaman says:

    Where did you buy that router yuga?

  3. gee says:

    pde ba mag reverse tether sa huawei e5 using my pc with connected DSL… i share ko ung PC internet ko using e5 as a access point?

  4. albertd says:

    previously, i register to SUPERSURF50 for 1 day of unlimited broadband access. Using my Galaxy Ace. Enable mobile AP and leave it charging. Be it in a car or at the apartment where there is no wifi. I use either my iPod touch or netbook to get online thru wireless. pero ngayon, not sure why i can’t register to supersurf anymore…tapos na ba?

  5. small caps says:

    stay at home, internet there is fast and a uninterruptible connection….

  6. Akosidumbo says:

    Globe Tattoo myfi unlocked spare smart and sun sbw sim.

  7. jlapitan says:

    ang tagal nmn ng sapido sa yugadeals… haha… i want one!

  8. mike says:

    just look at how clumsy that thing is. Just go and buy all devices with built in 3G!

    It’s not worth the time to do those things. But a good small 7 inch 3g tablet or a netbook will do the job just fine.

    • yuga says:

      @mike – unfortunately, my Macbook Air does not have built-in 3G.

    • Steve Jobs says:

      “just look at how clumsy that thing is. Just go and buy all devices with built in 3G!”

      If i buy all 3G devices with built in 3G. Wow! yayaman mobile network nyan. Kelangan lahat kukuhaan ko ng Postpaid Mobile Internet.

      iPhone 4 – Plan 999 Mobile internet
      iPad 2 3G – Plan 999 Mobile Internet
      Samsung Galaxy Tab – Plan 999 Mobile Internet
      Nokia N8 – Plan 999 Mobile Internet

      Isipin mo kung lahat ng devices ko is 3G mobile internet gagamitin ko then ang laki ng magagastos ko kasi individual ang connection.

      Unlike i have a 3G router then isang connection lang ang gagamitin ko sa lahat ng gadgets ko.

    • frenchy says:

      not sure if mike is getting the idea. for users like Yuga who needs to use many different gadgets at a time, a wifi or 3g router is the best to use.

  9. wingatu says:

    sana ma-review mo rin ung Sapido MB-1112.

  10. Massive Attack says:

    meron akong nakita yan sa store ng pcchain sa sa north and greenhills.

  11. this looks nicer, although WAN/LAN port is separate. but if only 3G usb stick, this one has built in battery

  12. chris says:

    will sapido work with lamborghini tatoo stick?

  13. jayden10 says:

    I’m using a 3g rechargeable router from cdrking for PHP 2000.00. I connect my unlocked Smartbro dongle (zte mf627 model) to it and it does the job.

  14. Bob says:

    This is a cool gadget if you are looking for on the router but I think it is a lot better if it can be charged through solar panel.
    Is it possible to charge in solar?

    Thank you.

  15. Aeron says:

    astig talaga sa cellphone pa yung broadband hehehehehe

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