Nokia E6 lands in the Philippines at Php17,820

Nokia E6 lands in the Philippines at Php17,820

This came as a surprise but the Symbian Anna touting Nokia E6 has arrived in the Philippines with a suggested retail price of only Php17,820.

We had an earlier encounter with this full qwerty smartphone last month and was told it might not be due until 3rd quarter of this year.

You can read our first impressions here.


Nokia E6 specs:
2.46-inch display @ 640×480 pixels
8GB internal storage
up to 32GB microSD
HSDPA 10.2Mbps, HSUPA 2.0Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0 w/ A2DP
USB On-the-go support
8MP fixed-focus w/ dual-LED flash
[email protected] video recording
600MHz ARM 11 processor
2D/3D Graphics HW Accelerator with OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0
FM Radio tuner
Li-Ion 1500 mAh

The suggested retail price of the Nokia E6 is also a pleasant surprise, considering its predecessor (the Nokia E71 and E72) came in at over Php20k before.

This also means the SRP of the E71 & E72 will eventually drop because of the E6’s entry. Visit one of the nearest Nokia Concept Stores and ask for the Nokia E6.

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40 Responses

  1. fixed focus for P17,820?!

    TY na lng. :D

  2. MyMaria says:

    Nice! I guess this is one of the reasons why telcos are slashing down the prices of their FREE cellphones under their postpaid plans :)

  3. oninmunoz says:

    ang mahal naman.. eh symbian lang naman.. mag android nalang agad

  4. Fleeb says:

    What I want to know is the selling point of this model against comparable Android and WP7 phones.

  5. Lezuric says:

    dati akong taga hanga ng Nokia, sa tinagal tagal wala naman bago.. OS symbian pa din.. o kung hindi man Windows! lol.. Android rocks! Bye NOKILOSER!

  6. Disruptor says:

    Hey people, keep your eyes glued on Nokia on June 21st. Swipe is the new touch!

  7. Jeric says:

    At least hindi na over 20k… Pressure ata sila from android kasi affordable narin yung android eh.

  8. fboi says:

    Spell blah.. Lols ip4 for the win!! iOs rules!

  9. pom says:

    nah! samo samo nokia… huhummm…

  10. Dan MD says:

    IMHO, We’re in the Philippines… This phone will sell well on account that it is a Nokia device, with QWERTY, touchscreen, decent features, and a fair price point – much like the E71 and E72, which both enjoyed (more than) decent sale and life cycle.

    While android is getting traction, Nokia still has enough grass roots to hold out its products in the Philippine Market.

  11. Den says:

    I got mine locally for P16,000. It’s pretty good upgrade for my E71 which I got for much more.

  12. qosmio says:

    nokia is going down,

  13. Gary says:

    Nokia pa…. Wait till next month, 9,000 na lang yang E6 na yan. Hahahahahahaha.

  14. sherwood says:

    They should check their phone designs..:(

    • Jazon says:

      Nokia is probably the only phone manufacturer aside from RIM that can make QWERTY keypad phones that actually look good. Samsung and HTC’s candybar androids just look terrible.

      I’m waiting for that E6 to fall below 14K Pesos before getting it, though, to replace my aging E63.

    • user says:

      Enjoy your obsolete OS though.

    • Jazon says:

      it’s not obsolete so long as people can make productive use of it. it’s sufficient for my needs (and I am sure also for the needs of businessmen like me) like calling, texting, setting appointments and making notes.

    • user says:

      Sounds like 17K is a steep price to pay for a smartphone with dumbphone features.

    • JKisaragi says:

      “Enjoy your obsolete OS though.”

      FYI – Symbian is still getting updates, and from what I can gather, they’ll still continue support to “at least” 2014. So no, it’s not yet “obsolete” so to speak.

      “Sounds like 17K is a steep price to pay for a smartphone with dumbphone features.”

      FYI – All smartphones have dumbphone features, because dumbphones are made to cover the basics. Smartphones are all that and then some.

  15. joeyoliver says:

    Go for the Nokia X7! I hear it’s SRP is around just 21k!

  16. vince says:

    Symbian is dead but accept the fact that before other OS did it on the first level, Symbian was and still be the King of Multitasking. Hope Android, Windos and especially iOS adapt that.

  17. Prangka says:

    Nokia Phil 16,600
    Expect the price to drop next month.
    Tips. When buying a brandnew phone, wait after 1-2 months from the time the phone was first released, this will save you more on money.

  18. Info says:

    The Australian reports that Nokia Australia’s Managing Director, Chris Carr has said that Nokia will still continue to release Symbian phones in 2011, 2012 and those will continue to receive support for two years after (2014).

    Chris Carr also says that Nokia is NOT tying themselves exclusively with Microsoft and says Symbian is far from dead (maybe on life support/terminal).

    Just to repeat, Nokia will continue with Symbian as long as it remains profitable – Nokia commited to the long tail of Symbian. It’s just that now, focus has shifted towards Windows Phone. LONG LIVE SYMBIAN OS!

  19. Kevin says:

    I went to SM Megamall Cyberzone today and the E6 is available at numerous stores. The cheapest price I found was at Php 16,000. I wasn’t able to acquire a demo unit but I did try the dummy unit. It feels better to hold it than my E72. Android doesn’t have a candybar qwerty phone as good as this so I’m definitely gonna get this one!

    • Info says:

      Good choice. Expect its price to drop to 15-13T after 1-2 months just like what happen to C6-01 & C7. Just Dropping by with its price

    • Llouk says:

      try at sm north annex, one store will give it for 15,500. limited stocks only

  20. PNAY says:

    This unit cost only $330 in U.S. Almost all the prices here in the Philippines is too expensive and very unreasonable, the price should be atleast 13,500 and not 16,000. That’s why Philippine’s economy won’t grow. Too expensive cost of living while the salary is still low & will always be low for the next decade unless some good old president will do something about it. To: PNOY Nasa tamang daan ba ung dinadaanan mo? Kung hindi, wag muna kami isama pede?

    • Kevin says:

      Mataas kasi taxes dito kaya ganyan. Hindi na bale sanang mataas, ang problema ay nakikita ba natin kung saan napupunta ang mga ibinabayad nating tax.

  21. Strawberry says:

    I just bought this phone, Nokia E6 (Black) after I sold my iPhone 3g. And now I’m missing a full touch screen phone. I’m selling my Nokia E6 right now. I just tested using it for 5 days only. All complete accessories, box and a one year warranty. Price is negotiable. For interested and sure buyers, contact me @ 0916-352-8072 ASAP. :)


    Meeting place: Mall of Asia, LRT Stations or Glorietta. Thanks! :)

  22. Nate d' N8 says:

    i think e6 is still a good phone having a fair price,,,, its because,, its still new to the market,, Every phone in the market,, usually has a very high price at first,, remember the n97,, ??? i think,, its first appearance were about 30-35k,, if my memory serves me right,,
    well except for the n8,,, which i bought only at 20.5k last november 2010..

  23. Prada says:

    The software is Symbian ANNA. New and speedy

  24. ris says:

    bought this fone, nagsawa na ko sa android eh,
    ngayun lang ulit ako nagkaron ng nokia phone, 6610i pa yung last ko hahaha. this phone is awesome.

  25. Kinny says:

    It’s down to 12,880 Cash in Unicell greenhills (V mall 3rd floor) Seriously thinking abt it to replace my E72

  26. Carlos Santiago says:

    Thanks Kinny. That’s a lot of trouble spared me.

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