Xbox One & PlayStation 4 priced below Php40k

Xbox One & PlayStation 4 priced below Php40k

Some of you may have seen or bought the next-gen consoles already locally, but for those who haven’t yet, DataBlitz has them priced. Better inquire & reserve though as unlike the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 wasn’t in-stock.

Xbox One PS4 Philippines


The Xbox One is priced at Php37,500 while the PlayStation 4 is at Php32,500. Take note however that with the Php5k price difference, the Xbox One comes with Kinect while the PlayStation 4’s Eye is sold separately at P2,695.

As of the moment, the game selections for both consoles are still few, making it hard for most people to decide which one to get for Christmas between the two.

Note: We’ve updated our Christmas Gadget Guide to Gaming Consoles to reflect our preferences for the Xbox One & the PS4.

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25 Responses

  1. SmartphoneGamer says:

    Me hinihintay akong mag comment dito. Yung mahilig gumamit ng Console at PC para sa high-end gaming experience daw. Any thoughts on the article above???

  2. Wil says:

    woah! its like 740$ on that price point! and its should only cost around 400$(17500PhP) right? considering, taxes and shipping and other stuffs, thats way too much!

  3. Edwin C says:

    Kakainggit kayo. Mga next gen na ang gaming consoles nyo. Ako hinde pa rin nakapag-upgrade. Naka-Game Boy pa rin ako hanggang ngayon.

  4. meh says:

    Tempting, but pc parin D: rather buy another 780 gpu for 3-way SLI :3

  5. RJ says:

    Payabangan mga nasa taas. Ahahaha.

    Hi! Here’s my humble entry. :)

    Kahit na cheap ang ginamit kong video camera sa sobrang labo (Nokia 5320). I made pa rin para ilabas ko yung idea ko.

    Wag naman sanang okrayin pati yung video editing, eh sa 5320 Phone ko rin yan inedit eh. :)

  6. Michael says:

    That’s to much for PS4 price. we all now that if we compute yung $399. it’s around 20k only tapos tutubo sila ng mahigit16k for the unit. unfair lang talaga kasi parang sila pa lang ang meron.

  7. Mike says:

    Ang mahal!though im still not sure kung tama desisyon ko na bumili ng ps3 sa parehas na panahon na narelease na ps4.any thoughts?

    • Blitz says:

      Ok na bumili ka ng ps3 for now. Just bought mine. Actually sony said that it will not end its support for the ps3 when the ps4 is launched. Also, there are a lot good games coming to ps3 on 2014. :)

    • Vaans says:

      Ok lang yan, mas marami kang games na magpipilian habang ang PS4 iilan lang at oveprrice pa. Ganoon din nangyari noong unang lumabas ang PS3. Overprice din at kokonti games.

    • blitz says:

      Tama. Saka ang dami namang quality titles na pagpipilian sa ps3. :-)

  8. tootski says:

    wait tayo ng grey market neto :) more or less 20K yung patong dito

  9. abuzalzal says:

    Mas future-proof ang console gaming kesa PC gaming, cuz you don’t have to worry about getting low framerates sa Xbox or PS4.

    Panalo ka pa sa exclusive titles.

    Console > PC

  10. gary says:

    Just wait… after Christmas 15K na lang pareho yan… 15k na lang kasi ang price point ng mga game console.. btw, what happened to Sony PS Vita??? is it true that PS Vita is a phenomenal flop…? bagsak presyo na din.

  11. maki1300 says:

    tagaan presyo O_O, i rather build a mid-high gaming rig O_O.

    kaya nga attractive gaming console, relatively low yung cost-of-ownership. :/

  12. Bryant says:

    guys magkano n po b price ng xbox one tsaka ps4 ngaung 2015…nasa 18k below n b?

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