Editing our face to the max with the Vivo V15 Pro

Majority of the smartphones these days have a dedicated Beauty mode in their camera apps. The V15 Pro isn’t an exception to that with its own AI Face Beauty mode. We tested it out by maximizing each of the settings, just to see how much it’ll change our features. Check it out!


The first option in the AI Face Beauty mode is Buffing. If you have a couple of bumps or your skin hasn’t been cooperating with you recently, you can use this option to smoothen those out. Basically, this option reduces or covers up those annoying acne bumps you’d rather not let the world see.

Skin Tone

Now that my face has been buffed up to the maximum, let’s move on to the Skin Tone option. For this one, it lets you set your skin tone into a warmer or cooler tone.


Next up, we have the Whitening option. I didn’t really see the difference when I set my Skin Tone at maximum, so maybe there’ll be a difference with the Whitening option Here, it’s at the highest setting and, okay, I do see that my skin has turned a little fairer than it was before.

Thin Face

Following the Whitening option is the Thin Face option. I already have a thin face to begin with so I don’t really see much of a change in this one.

Face Resizing

After thinning the face, it’s now time to resize it. Setting this option at its peak, it’s noticeable that my face has taken more of a slightly U shape. Along with that, the sides of my neck also adjusted into a smaller width.


Of course, after resizing the face, the jaw has to follow suit. I have a slightly square-ish jaw and with the Jaw option at maximum, mine has taken more of a rounded shape now. It fits the face resizing that was done earlier.

Eye Enlarging, Eye Span

The next two options are Eye Enlarging and Eye Span. I already have large eyes so it was a little unsettling to see my eyes become even larger with the eye enlarging setting. The Eye Span option rounded out my eyes a bit.


Next, we have a Forehead option. This setting allows the forehead to be enlarged or stretched out, for reasons I’m unsure why. My bangs cover up my forehead so I combed them aside for a moment to show the effect. It did give me a larger forehead and rounded the top of my head as well.

Nose Reshape, Thin Nose, Nose

Up next, we have the nose-changing options: Nose Reshape, Thing Nose, and Nose. Using the Nose Reshape option, my nose became narrower. The Thin Nose part at maximum had my nostrils turn smaller, while the Nose option straightened my nose bridge.

Mouth Shape

The final option in the V15 Pro’s AI Face Beauty mode is the mouth shape. For this one, it resizes the subject’s lips to look a bit fuller and stretches it out a little. Using the option on my face, my lips did stretch out slightly.


Before – After

And here we have it! The before AI Face Beauty and after AI Face Beauty photos of me! The change on my face after maxing out all the options in the AI Face Beauty mode is pretty wild, honestly. If this was what I looked like in an alternate universe, I wouldn’t even recognize my own self. It is fun to use the AI Face Beauty mode, though, just to see how much my face will change after all the modifications.

Here are some more examples, featuring my teammates:

Before – After


Before – After


Before – After

Of course, using the AI Face Beauty mode in moderate or even minimal settings won’t change your face as it did ours. It’ll improve, for certain, but it won’t have you looking like an entirely new person. Don’t be afraid to use the AI Face Beauty mode; embrace it and have fun with it.

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