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Samsung Galaxy Fit Hands-On

Samsung has just released its new lineup of wearables, including the Galaxy Fit. Here’s our hands-on take of this new smartwatch.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit has an AMOLED touch display measuring at 0.95 inches, protected by Gorilla Glass. It comes in two colors, black, and silver, with the unit we have here in the silver color. The entire watch part is housed in a silver, aluminum casing. The screen size is rather small, but it works for those who’d instead want a minimal, less eye-catching yet premium smartwatch.

The display is pretty vibrant, and the brightness is adjustable as well. By default, the Galaxy Fit will show you the time. The watch face can be changed using the Galaxy Wearable app. Swiping down will display the quick panel, composed of brightness adjustment, Do Not Disturb mode, Water Lock mode, Find your connected device, turn vibration on/off, and a Goodnight mode.

Swiping the touch display on the right, one will see messages notifications first, should you choose to connect it up with your smartphone. If you swipe left first, one will know the pedometer, heart rate, calories burned, and swiping upwards will give you a more detailed account of the mentioned information. Continuing to swipe right (or left) will display the other features of the Galaxy Fit, such as exercise modes, stress level, sleep tracking,


On the left side of the Galaxy Fit sits a single button which is acts as the power button and is pretty much the only other control option, apart from its touchscreen aspect. The button is the same color as the casing of the smartwatch; in our case, it’s a silver one.

At the bottom, one can find the HR (heart rate) sensor.

As for the band, the Galaxy Fit has rubber strap, with ours in white. Unlike most smartwatches, the Galaxy Fit’s strap is an unconventional one. It loops over, requiring you to lock it in place first before sliding the rest of the belt strap underneath. The straps are removable and interchangeable though, with Samsung selling it in other colors. Due to its small size, the watch feels really light around the wrist. At some point, I’ve even forgotten that I was actually wearing it. Since I have a pretty small wrist, I also had to lock the watch at the tightest end of the strap but even then, there was still a huge space left between my wrist and the watch. It’s comfortable to wear in that sense but also, it can’t exactly read my heart rate and such due to the remaining between the watch and my wrist.

The Galaxy Fit carries a 120mAh battery, 2MB RAM, 32MB of storage, and runs on FreeRTOS. It also has Bluetooth 5.0, Accelerometer, Gyro, HRM, and is water-resistant up to 5ATM. We’ll have a full review of this smartwatch in the upcoming days, so stay tuned for that.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

0.95″ AMOLED touch display
32MB storage
Bluetooth 5.0
120mAh battery
iOS and Android compatible
18.3 x 45.1 x 11.2t

Local pricing and availability of the Samsung Galaxy Fit are yet to be revealed.

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