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Are you worried about privacy on Facebook?

I was recently interviewed about Facebook privacy issues for a magazine article and I thought I may have a different take on this but would like to also get the thoughts of my readers here.

Is your personal privacy on Facebook a huge deal for you? I thought that by joining a social networking site, people already expect that most of what they do or share in there are for public consumption.


Facebook has recently changed the way it handles privacy settings though I don’t think a huge percentage of users have really taken a closer look at it.

I think people aren’t too concerned about online privacy until they’ve been personally  affected by it. It’s like smoking — you know that someday it might damage your lungs but that’s too far in the future to be a concern now. What do you think?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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26 Responses

  1. Are you worried about your privacy on Facebook? http://www.yugatech.com/blog/web-20/are-

    • sonnie says:

      @abeolandres yes, but it doesn’t matter if your connections aren’t, your private info will still fall into the hands of advertisers

    • frogprince28 says:

      @abeolandres Yes I am. tsk tsk. But I think the media’s exaggerating the topic. I have to research on this.

  2. Spidey says:

    I knew few people who has no presence in any Social Networking sites,.. yeah they are IT people and leaders.

    So maybe they want to keep their private life, private..

  3. Teknisyan says:

    Wow… first one here. About the topic.

    It all depends on the information that you place on facebook and the reason why you openned an account. If its for family because they’re abroad. Then they probably know alot of things about you, so chances are you did not place that much info online. if for networking, then you can use the information that you place online to your advantage. If other people can take advantage of your information, then why can’t you.

    Try not to place too much information online, even if you think it is secured. I a friend that placed her cellphone number on her friendster account, when I talked to her… she complained that she’s been getting a lot of text from someone that she did not know.. seeing her profile.. I said that it’s nice to know that you want to be in touch with your families and friends but I rather not place my phone number online… add that she’s a really pretty and attractive girl. :)

    I guess privacy issues does not concern facebook but all web sites where you need to place personal information.

  4. Teknisyan says:

    whoa… that was long.. :)

  5. “Try not to place too much information online, even if you think it is secured.”

    Agree. Facebook helped me get back my account. But back in the topic, I think Facebook should be more stricter (ever) in privacy and security

  6. yizhan says:

    yeah its really a big deal, but for some people who wants to expand their network should publicize some of their personal info.

  7. drew says:

    I agree kaya nga pangalan ko lng ang inalagay ko at birthday(month & date), tinanggal ko ung year. All i can say is: Nothing is safe in the Internet.

  8. jmtv says:

    I will delete my fb account next month.

  9. Carlo Angelo says:

    I’m only concerned that my mom or my tattletale relatives might get to see an ‘inappropriate’ post on my facebook page. That’s why I hate adding up relatives on social networking sites

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    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  10. Carlo Angelo says:

    And sheesh, you literally have to press enter or in this case, tap the ‘return’ key after typing in your name and eadd in order to be able to post a comment.

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  11. Spyware says:

    dapat lang kaya dapat kunti lang lagay sa info

  12. dell says:

    dapat kunti lang lagay sa info..

  13. RJ says:

    For me, privacy is no issue..
    @frogprince28 is right. Media is EXAGGERATING the topic. If I’m in the US or UK, I will be concerned (but not that much) about privacy.. Pero dahil nasa Pinas ako, kahit kunin pa nila yung personal info ko, they will have limited (or no) use of it. :D They may display targeted ads on Facebook based on my browsing activity, like what Google does. But my eye is trained to ignore ads. ;) And its up to you if you click the ads or not. Google or Facebook does not really care who you are, for them you are just a NUMBER in their vast database.

  14. ZZz says:

    hoping for an open source alternative to facebook…. an alternative is always a good thing… if diaspora will be good i’ll switch

  15. Euan says:

    @Carlo Angelo: Try using Lists in Facebook. :D And every time you add your relatives, you should put them under that list. That way, when you post status messages, you can choose to Hide your posts to them (you can even make that a default). :D Ako ang dami kong Lists sa fb, I have lists for Family/Relatives, Workmates, Schoolmates/Friends.. So pag minsan inis ako sa ka-work ko and gusto ko lang i-express sa shoutout, I ha-hide ko lang yun sa mga ka-work ko. Or kaya may gala ako na ayaw kong malaman ng mga relatives ko, iha-hide ko naman sa kanila posts ko. ;)

  16. blitzkrieg says:

    While I do respect your personal opinion, I disagree. While Facebook is using personal information and one’s “behavior” to deliver targeted ads to its users, the pieces can easily be put together to complete the puzzle. What I mean is, they can easily use everything in your FB profile and figure out what kind of person you are. I doesn’t sound too dangerous to say they’re just giving you targeted ads. But in reality, these ads are delivered to a user because FB SELLS this information to 3rd party ad agencies. It’s not like FB is a mediator between the user and the agency, wherein FB tells the advertisers “hey just give me your ads and I will display them on my wesite.” And when FB sells this information, the 3rd party can keep this information for as long as they want and nobody is stopping them from selling this information, again.

  17. wyrlo says:

    As Filipinos now one by one joins a lot of social sites, I think security is important. Ayaw naman nating mangyari sa atin ang mga nangyayari sa US na nagpapatayan dahil lang sa status sa FB or sa twitter.

    Here’s a good site to check if your FB account is safe.


  18. I have a lot of online acounts like facebook, twitter, plurk, digg etc. and I have an online presence but I make sure that my real name, address, numbers aren’t published online. Sometimes I make use of a pseudonym, one that all my close friends and relatives know me by but one that will not connect to me if by chance a “stalker” googles my name.

    I make it a point to check or uncheck privacy concerns in facebook. It’s a chore but at least they have the option.

  19. shaq says:

    @Carlo Angelo

    i agree with you!

  20. manong says:

    a nice twist to this topic is:

    can BIR use the information on the web to check if you are paying your taxes right?

    can NBI use the information on the web to check your whereabouts if you are a wanted criminal?

    i believe those people who need to hide.. don’t join facebook!

  21. cArLo_AnGeLo says:

    @Euan: thanks! I’ll try that. ;]

  22. Karl Mac says:

    Why would you put your private information in a free/public site and expect them to secure it for you?

  23. Herce says:

    I’m worried about privacy period. Which is why I don’t use facebook. :)

  24. Linghu Chong says:

    I’ve got impersonators on FB. Fcuk FB. I hope their offices get destroyed by terrorists!

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