Twelve of the Most Common Instagram Posts

Twelve of the Most Common Instagram Posts

Everyone loves taking a snapshot or two of the favorite moments they don’t want to end. Our excitement at times lead us to sharing them on social media. Here are twelve of the most common Instagram posts you can see on the popular photo-sharing social media website.


Instagram, for one, is a popular medium for those captured memories. Like we mentioned before, it’s a haven for you to express your creativity in your shots and a medium for telling the world things you fancy. Looking at my feed once in awhile, I can’t help but see common denominators in Instagram posts from people I follow, and myself too.

1. A Photo of body, whatever part it may be, wherever you are: If you’ve got a summer beach body or just simply taking a picture of your legs or feet to say “Hello from (insert place here)!”, then yeah, it’s an Instagram-worthy post. I guess.

2. Of Clouds and Sunsets: Hello, Can we exchange seats so I would be able to take a picture of the clouds?”  No one can deny that taking photos of clouds on a sunny or sunsets filling in the dusk create a picturesque scene that brings joy to anyone.

  “Ang ganda ng clouds oh” “Ay wait! Picturan pang-instagram!”   A photo posted by @herinkstainedhands on

3. Food porn: I don’t really mind people I follow flood me with food photos. Its one kind of porn that’s totally safe for work, but I might end up at a restaurant after and slashing some moolah off my hard-earned savings, just because I craved. #gluttony

Flavor of life. #vscocam

A photo posted by Carl Lamiel (@carlolamiel) on

4. The Inspirational Quotes: Whether you’re feeling jubilant, distressed, angry, or hopeful, there always has to be a corresponding quote to match those feelings kept deep down inside. Yep, even those #hugot moments.

Correct!!!!! ???????????????? #Hugot #Qoute #ForTheDay #Belt A photo posted by @callmedhenz on

5. The Random Street Shot: Be it a scene of tall buildings from the ground, falling leaves from afar, or just a random street photo, this has been one of the most popular posts I’ve seen on Instagram to date. In fact, I do it too.

Traverse. #vscocam

A photo posted by Carl Lamiel (@carlolamiel) on


6. Those SMS Conversations: Have you ever received sweet messages from your loved one, a (somewhat) funny joke from a friend, or just simply sharing SMS from unscruptulous scammers? There are always conversations meant to be shared for the world to see. Or not.

7. It’s all about the travel: If you’re lucky enough to travel a lot during a single calendar period or you’re just a little too ecstatic to show your followers and friends how much you are looking forward to an impending trip, there might be a huge chance that you’ve posted any of these: your boarding tickets, a shot of the really cool place you visited, or just simply documenting every single step of your journey.

A photo posted by Carl Lamiel (@carlolamiel) on

8. The Beauty Guru: Got a new hair or had your nails done? Whenever something new has changed on your physical appearance, There’s always Instagram for sharing those moments.

9. ‘Friends forever’: For friendships that span beyond space and time, how about a photo to commemorate it?

10. Party afficionados: We do know that you like to have some TGIF and have a little party to take a break from all the work-induces stress and such, and Instagram is a way to share those happy moments spent with your clique.

Insta-filter brought to you by #valkyrieatthepalace’s flashing lights. #shitthefilter A photo posted by Iyana Katrina (@vanillakatrina) on

11. Your lovely workspace: Well, we’re proud of where we all work, don’t we? That’s why I see a lot of people show them on the photo-sharing app.

Today may be Sunday, but it’s time to get back to work. #energized

A photo posted by Carl Lamiel (@carlolamiel) on

12. The #Selfie: Last but not the least, who can’t resist taking selfies? Taken in front of the mirror of your bathroom, or the dressing room, at a restaurant or even in the comforts of your own bed, a selfie has been a staple in one’s instagram account. Don’t forget to read our tips on how to make those selfies, and take some pointers from the selfie guy himself:

new panda cap + underlook + kamot batok pose selfie ???? A photo posted by Bob Freking (@bobfreking) on

That’s it for some of the most common types of photos you can see on Instagram. Do you have more to add? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Marky says:

    This is a good-read since I can relate to most of what’s stated in here! Haha! I was hesitant at first to open the article knowing full well how most people feel about Instagram posts. I believe it’s a good place to express yourself regardless of what you wish to share to the world. People can follow or unfollow if they like or dislike what’s on your page. This article was written beautifully in such a way that those (we) who can relate won’t feel bad or offended, but have fun reading the sillyness of what they (we) do. :) Now this is what I call a light reading on a Sunday morning! Thanks! :)

    • Paul says:

      I never mind if someone unfollow me. More than that, I do mass unfollows from such people. Tried to use Instagress, but it works too slowly, less than 500 unfollows a day. Unlike it can do up to 5000 unfollows daily, and besides it’s cheaper. So I prefer not to think of the fact that someone doesn’t follow me. After all I have much more important questions.

  2. Easy E says:

    Oh bobbie frecking!

  3. fandroid says:


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