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Twitter now has GIF support!

Earlier today, Twitter has announced support for animated GIFs (graphic interchange format), allowing users to upload moving pictures to the social network via the desktop or via iPhone or Android app.

yugatech GIF


If images can express things you can’t express in words, GIFs can apparently do it much better, gaining traction in Tumblr, Google Plus, Hangouts, 9GAG and a lot more sites. Try it out now!


Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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3 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    I sure hope there’s a size limit, I don’t want those poorly animated massive 5mb gif’s eating up an already crippled Globe data plan (thanks for removing Powersurf, Globe.)

  2. rape says:

    ang tunay na gwapo, walang twitter account.

  3. Nonoy says:

    Mashable posted an article that said Twitter doesn’t actually support animated GIFs but MP4 files.

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