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Nokia E66, E71 + AA = Free WiFi

I wonder why Nokia Philippines isn’t offering this to other WiFi-capable NSeries phones but they keep on giving away free wifi from Airborne Access to owners of Nokia E66 and E71.

free wifiOwners of Nokia ESeries phones will be happy to learn they could hook up their phones in any Airborne Access hotspots nationwide:


Starting October 6, 2008 until December 31, 2008, consumers who purchase the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 devices will be given 2 months free instant Internet access at all Airborne Access Wi-Fi hotspots. Not only that, every week, the user with the most number of logins into Airborne Access’ Wi-Fi network will get an additional 6 months free Wi-Fi access to the Internet.

They did this before with the Nokia E51 and have been doing so since 2007. It would be nice if they offer this to all Nokia wifi-enabled phones they sell in the Philippines.

The Nokia E71 (review here) and Nokia E66 are the latest business phones coming out of Nokia recently. SRP for the E66 is Php22,890 while the E71 is Php23,690.

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10 Responses

  1. vanessa says:

    its super unfair.. I’m n95 8gb user, dapat lahat ng wifi capable nokia phone binibigyan nila ng free Airborne access use.

  2. sultanjr says:

    I hope this isn’t a dumb question, but is this applicable to those already bought an E71 prior to 06 October?

  3. Good luck looking for an Airborne Access hotspot that’s actually online. This promo would probably deserve a second look if they partnered with Globe’s WiFi service which in my opinion is more reliable.

  4. lance says:

    My N78 comes with 2 months free wifi too, but usuellss since im here in tacloban

  5. John Alvero says:

    I’m wondering how this is implemented. If traffic will be allowed based on browser User-Agent, then regular laptop users can simply change their User-Agent to get passed through the captive portal.

  6. yuga says:

    @John – I think it’s multiple authentication — browser User-Agent and device ID.

  7. Gee Please says:

    YUga, the Right Float of the photo overlaps the blockquote in FireFox at 1024×768 resolution. Just a heads up.

  8. denz says:

    How much the cost now of Nokia E66.??? because I have a plan to buy it soon.

  9. mike says:

    I think this offer is now accessible thru other (if not all) WLAN-capable Nokia handsets! Its a good deal, since a lot of new Airborne hotspots have sprouted, like in some Wendy’s and Jollibee stores.

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