Is your WordPress blog updated?

Is your WordPress blog updated?

Sometimes, it takes a huge/serious security alert like the one we have now with WordPress to force people to upgrade their blogs to the latest secure version.


I’m pretty sure most bloggers out there are already aware of the latest growing incidents of WordPress hacking. As always, the old versions are the ones affected and even if you thought you’re always updated, don’t forget the other less important blogs and the subdomains you’ve set up before but abandoned. They could the doorway to hacking your main blog.

WordPress has that built-in system to alert you if ever you’re not updated (WP 2.8.4 is the current/latest version) and there’s also that automatic upgrade feature that makes it easier to do so. Just go and hit the upgrade button and spare yourself a lot of headaches later on.

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8 Responses

  1. Jhay says:

    My blog recently fell victim to a hack attack. It took me almost a month to fully realize it!

    Since then, I’ve beefed up my blog’s security.

  2. I started to be fickle about security since my blog got hacked last year. I try to get the latest wordpress patch whenever I see the prompt on my dashboard. :D

    And a note on security, a backup is an absolute must!

  3. as far as my blog is concern, i have no major problems encountered through WordPress and i would give them a two-thumbs up!

  4. victor says:

    security will always be a concern.

  5. Gwapito says:

    Make sure to make a backup before upgrading!

  6. Hmm.. on a side note, I noticed that the number of blogs I’m maintaining is already reaching the point that it’s a hassle to keep all the wordpress installation up-to-date…. so I decided to create a bash script to do it for me. Anyone want a copy?

  7. Calvin says:

    backed up my blog and luckily had no issues updating from 2.7 to 2.8.4 automatically.

  8. this is why i switched to blogspot. All free no problems like this

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