Poll: How much digital storage do you have?

Poll: How much digital storage do you have?

When the 1-terabyte HDD broke the Php5,000-barrier ($100-barrier), I thought this will be the year when most PCs will be on the terabyte range. So I thought, let’s put it as a poll.

How much digital storage do you have at home?



As an example, I got 2 x 1TB HDD, 1 x 500GB, 1 x 640GB and 2 x 320GB at home for a total of 3.78TB. That does not include the portable storage I have on laptop/netbooks which adds up to another 570GB.

I’ve posted a poll on the sidebar with the following choices:

How much HDD storage do you have?

  • less than 250GB
  • under 1 terabyte
  • between 1 – 2 TB
  • more than 2TB
  • more than 5TB

You can leave a comment below or submit your answers in the poll.

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53 Responses

  1. I have 1~2TB total if I combine them all (ie. including the HDD serving as secondary backup [unplugged]).

  2. I have 1~2TB total if I combine them all (ie. including the HDD serving as secondary backup [unplugged]).

    Later this year or early next year, I’m going to buy 2x HDD at the TB capacity for daily use :p hehe.

  3. I have 5 TB hardisk and i already have 450 movies stored in that dish

  4. nerbadi says:

    my HDD is 320 GB..
    i want to have an additional 500 GB or 1 TB..
    can anyone suggest me what brand is the best and affordable as well..

  5. Spidey says:

    I have 1 x 160g, 1 x 250g, 2 x 80g, a few thumb drives with 512mb, 1g, 2g and 4g.

  6. Alvin says:

    between 1 – 2TB as of the moment. 2X160GB + 1X320GB for my PC at home, 160GB for my net book, 320GB for external storage, and another 160GB in another portable external storage.

    @Yuga, anything on the 1TB HDD cons? well, high capacity HDD is good but don’t you think it is risky to start with? given that PC crashes and other hardware/software problems that add to the predicament of PC users?

  7. Paul says:

    I’ve just upgraded one of my towers from an 8TB array to a 16TB array (I’m sure Axis Global was very happy as I use Western Digital).

    I moved the 8TB array to another tower, which used to have a 4TB array, which I am not sure what to do with ATM, maybe Tipid. I’ve run out of raid cards and no distributor locally for them.

    So I’ve got 2 arrays totaling 24TBs. Then probably another 6 or 7TBs in non raided drives or laying around

    I’ve been trying to get one of the massive HD rack enclosure makers to find a distributor here but to no avail. If racks weren’t so damned expensive here, I’d move from towers to a rack system.

    I moved to massive storage when it was clear that GMA VAT+stupidity+greed means Bluray discs would be almost 2x as expensive locally as the rest of the world. Then Bluray format sucks with the DRM and region issues. Also, it was clear that HD would never come to Philippines where I could use a HTPC DVR with it, or ever (2 HD channels Sky?! And they suck :()

    So instead of spending money on buying Bluray equipment, discs and a cable bill, I spent it on bandwidth and hard drives.

    BTW, I like this site very much, glad I found it.

  8. bertsan531 says:

    I have 500gb on portable hdd,320gb o laptop,320gb on pc,2-4gb usb flash drives,8gb on mp3/4 player and 4gb each on two mobile phones…above 1 tb

  9. gio says:

    i have of total storage of 1.44TB. 1TB portable hard drive, 320gb hdd at 120gb ipod classic. Ahehe.

  10. gio says:

    i have a total storage of 1.44TB. 1TB portable hard drive, 320gb hdd at 120gb ipod classic. Ahehe.

  11. asdasdfgh says:

    I have 10 1.5TB drives on an external NAS server.
    (Mostly Music, HD Movies, Pictures and Misc stuffs)

    4 x 1TB drive in (RAID 10) mode on my desktop.

    6 x 2TB Seagate Free Agent XTreme external drives

    2 x 500GB Seagate Free Agent external drives

    2 x 256GB SSD on my laptop.

    Total Storage = Do the math!

  12. Vance says:

    I got 3 640 Gb Western Digital Drives. If I have waited for a few more days I would have bought an additional 1 Tb. hehe..

    2 x 640Gb Western Digital Caviar Blue
    1 x 640Gb Western Digital Caviar Black

    Soon: 1 x Tb Western Digital Black.

    I won’t buy a 1.5 or 2Tb yet, heard a lot of issues with these drives, I will wait for it to stabilized.

  13. denisexy says:

    i have a 320 gb hdd for my desktop, 320 gb hdd for my laptop and 160 gb portable hdd. not to mention, i still have 2 flash drives: 8 gb and 4 gb. i think i need to buy a new portable hdd so i won’t have to delete some of my precious csi episodes…

  14. Rodney Garcia says:

    My current macbook pro was jacked to 500GB. I have a 160gb external Maxtor drive. I have a couple of 1GB and 4GB USB thumb drives.

    It would be sweet to upgrade to an 1TB external hard drive especially for all the videos I foresee editing.

  15. val says:

    between 1 – 2 TB
    1 x 1TB external
    1 x 500GB external
    2 x 80GB internal

  16. We have an 80GB, our PC is too old. Maybe you guys can donate?

  17. bijz says:

    i got:

    1x 300gb WD velociraptor – for my OS
    1x 1.5tb Seagate – for my DATA
    1x 32gb ocz rally2 flash drive.

  18. EITHAN says:

    i got 2 gb thumb drive :))

  19. Vatch says:

    using a WD 640gb Desktop for 6 months from previous 200gb.
    in my next upgrade i might get 1tb or more.
    depends on price.

  20. pedro says:

    wow… i’m still getting used to GB, now the topic is TB yikes… either our PC is too old or I’m too old for our PC…waaaaah…

  21. I only have my 128 MB flash drive… May be you can donate some of those digital storage to me? :)

  22. Lezuric says:

    I have

    2 x 1T
    1 x 500GB
    1 x 160GB

  23. taddah says:

    i got 50TB on my upgraded cpu. ;p

    beat that! ;p

  24. lewell says:

    1.5tb from my seagate desktop drive

  25. I just have one 150GB Hard Disk an external 40GB Hard Disk ;)

  26. jdGONEMAD says:

    Less than 250GB currently leads the poll. I guess having a high capacity HD isn’t anyone’s priority just yet.

  27. someone you met outside says:

    I have a 500gb external hard disk and 640gb in my desktop. Im planning on adding a terabyte to my desktop since my anime collection is really getting out of hand. hehe :P

  28. someone you met outside says:

    oh… I forgot to mention my old laptop which has 80gb and my msi wind which has 160gb :P

  29. boo says:

    i’ve got 1x1TB on desktop, 2x160GB on externals, 1x120GB on laptop, 1x8GB music player

  30. 2 GB flash drive x 5 :)
    250 GB at work
    100 GB at home
    360 GB in total!!

    heheh… still planning to upgrade my PC or may be switch to a Mac.


  31. 2 GB flash drive x 5 :)
    250 GB at work
    100 GB at home
    360 GB in total!!

    heheh… still planning to upgrade my PC or may be switch to a Mac. ;)

  32. RJCA says:

    1 x 500 GB HDD
    1 x 500 GB External HDD
    1 x 80 GB HDD
    1 x 4 GB Sony Memory Stick
    1 x 8 GB Ridata Flash Drive
    1 x 40 GB PS3 HDD
    1 x 80 GB Zune HDD
    1 x 1 GB PQI Flash Drive
    1 x 120 GB Xbox 360 HDD
    1 x 8 GB Micro SD Memory Card

    1.341 Terabytes of digital storage

  33. nico says:

    i have a total of 320 gb…and it’s sooooo not enough hahahaha…i need 320 tb hahahaha

  34. D'Motion says:

    Mayron ako 8gb na SD Card at 2gb na USB Card.

  35. mhon_ says:

    haha ano ba mga brand niyan…

    i only have 160 GB seagate SATA Hard drive…
    40 GB Seagate Hard drive (2nd PC)
    40 Gb Western Digital Hard drive (Black Edition)(3rd PC)
    4 Gb pqi Intelligent Stick (RED)
    1 Gb pqi Intelligent Stick (Blue)
    2 GB pqi MicroSD
    1 GB pqi MicroSD
    2 Gb Ipod NANO
    512 Mb Memory Stick Duo (on my SE P910i)

    For the Total of 250 GB and 512 MB… LOL

    I am planing to have a 500 GB in the future….
    is seagate the best hard drive for you guys?
    or western digital?

    i am afraid to use Samsung cause that is my first Hard drive 3 years ago. 80 GB Samsung IDE Hard drive… After it fails I try to carry it and make it fixed by a professional Intel employee. By they said my files cannot be recovered. How sad. Now It is laid in my Techie Gadget junk case and everytime I see it, I feel sad. coz all my pictures files and colleges projects laid on that stupid hard drive…
    the lesson is… Now I learn to Back up things important to me…

  36. Ryan says:

    I’ve got around 5 TB’s of HD movies using my Popcorn Hour player streaming on a NAS.. :D

  37. Edgar says:

    160GB- External HD
    16GB-Various thumbdr

    That’s about it.

  38. Edgar says:

    2x 1MB Memory Stick Pro Duo for Sony DSC-T9

  39. loadex says:

    Less than 300 GB all in all.

  40. myke says:

    1 x 500Gb + 2 x 160GB + 2 x 80GB + 1 x 20GB + 1 x 4GB + 2 x 1GB = 1,006 GB

  41. boddah says:

    Including external HD and usb thumb drives I got 1.325TB, plus that SD card on my nintendo wii w/c i forgot the size :)

  42. Darren says:

    less than 250GB, I’m a few porn collector~ LOL

  43. Jameson says:

    Mine is

    320GB External
    160GB External
    160GB ipod
    250GB Laptop

    890 GB Total

    To be honest hindi pa puno yun. Next time I need a Hard Disk I’ll take 2.5″ 500GB or 1TB

  44. Tey Aragon says:

    40 GB on my iBook
    250 GB on my Wind
    3 2-gig SDs for my cameras
    a gig each on my mobile, and a couple of thumbdrives

  45. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    1 x 40G Samsung
    1 x 80G Maxtor
    1 x 120G Seagate

  46. Cheftonio says:

    1 x 20GB 3.5″ External HD
    1 x 40GB 3.5″ External HD
    1 x 40GB Giga Vu Pro (For photography needs)
    1 x 500GB WD Passport
    1 x 80GB my Laptop HD
    1 x 8GB SD for my SLR
    1 x 4GB SD for my SLR
    1 x 8GB iPhone 3g
    1 x 80GB My trusty ol’ PC

    780GB? not much compared to the others. hehe

  47. I have a

    1x 1TB NAS Storage
    1x 1TB QuadCore PC
    1x 320GB old Intel P4 PC (now a media server)
    1x 320GB XPC (linux machine)

    The PHP5k is my gauge. Whenever a previously high priced high capacity HD gets down to 5k pesos, it’s considered cheap.

    Probably once I exhausted these storage, baka may available na 5TB at the 5k price range. That’s the time to buy again.

  48. GensanBoy says:

    PC = 1 80g + 1 120g + 1 160g + 1 tb external wd my book
    Laptop = 80g + 80g portable HDD
    Flash disk = 1 16g + 1 8g
    Ipod = 160g

    ok pa sya for the moment.

  49. jazzme says:

    i got 250gig wd mobile drive
    320 seagate mobile drive inserted on my seagate hard drive player
    32 gig mem card on my phone
    8 gig on my digi cam
    120gig on my hd hdd video cam
    2 8 gig mini sds
    8 gig on my psp 3000
    320 gig on my laptop
    and last but not the least 1tb external hard drive

  50. Nestor L. Anito says:

    Have total of 3.120Tb of storage.

  51. james braselton says:

    hi there i have about 350 gb flash storage a 750 gb hdd on a 24 inch imac 2 80 gb ps3 and a 20 gb hdd xbox 360 soo thats about 1.24 tb or 1.24 terabytes of flash ssd and hdd the list off all the systems useing flash memory or ssd’s are too long too list all can not wait for flash capacity too exeede hard drive capacity all i need is a 512 gb ssd laptop 2 256 gb ssd 1 1tb ssd will make me have more flash memory caacity then hard drive space or 4 128 gb ssd or 8 64 gb ssd or 16 32 gb ssd or 32 16 gb ssd 64 8 gb ssd all i need is 580 gb of flash too brak even soo 581 gb of flash by 1 gb over hard drive capacity soo yes if i buy every thing useing flash memory i will have more flash memory then hard drive space in no time

  52. Grace says:

    250 – Laptop
    160 – Netbook
    4 GB- flash drive
    4 Gb- ipod shuffle
    160 – ipod classic

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