Do you like the new Yahoo! look?

Do you like the new Yahoo! look?

Yahoo! finally showed us their new portal re-design and this time, it’s allowing users to somewhat customize the sections of the homepage.

Parts of the homepage are now widgetized and users can add 3rd party apps. What I liked the most is the Favorites bar which shows a preview of what’s inside the service (Twitter, Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, etc) just by hovering your mouse on the links. And oh, GMail is in there too! You can even add your own blog to the list.


new yahoo

The reboot is only available for the global version at the moment. The Yahoo! Philippines homepage still uses the old layout.

So what do you think of the new Yahoo! Portal?

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32 Responses

  1. Jam. says:

    I love the new yahoo mobile portal!.

  2. Darren says:

    feel like just follow the trend ~

  3. Reuben says:

    It was just ok, but the new Mobile Version of Yahoo has better upgrade.

  4. Teknisyan says:

    yeah… their optimizing on their page layout for customization and personalization… which was adopted by AOL via the then google through and now the :)

  5. creepy-chan says:

    i like it doesn’t look as crowded as before..

  6. Raven says:

    Yes! l0oks better. Same as the new yah0o m0bile.

  7. AdRian says:

    looks better, but same layout..

    and too bad.. geocities and 360 are going down :(

  8. Vance says:

    THe new yahoo layout is not bad, it also lets you add your own website like Flickr or facebook..

    Well, the new layout is still on beta…

    The yahoo ph is still using the purple layout as part of their blackberry campaign..

  9. Juan de La Cruz says:

    Pangit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. dinah says:

    looks better, cool! (^_^)

  11. Jhay says:

    Finally they’re sporting a new look. Perhaps this is just a sign of new & better things to come from Yahoo!

  12. sky says:

    people ACTUALLY still visit Yahoo??

    oh, from what i read, it sounds very igoogle-ish.

  13. ricojake says:

    not a big change but nicer looking.

  14. Emz says:

    Jeez, reading from the above comments i feel like a loner now because I absolutely hate the new layout and wish I could use the old one. The new layout looks so cold to me. Brrrr!

  15. Jez says:

    I think they just imitated iGoogle’s concept

  16. Rome says:

    I actually don’t care much about that “new look”. I prefer Google Reader; instead of me going thru all those websites and reading the contents, I would rather have the contents delivered to me.

  17. Adrian says:

    the color is bad.

  18. What?! That’s it? There’s nothing new about their look

  19. lance says:

    The makeover is a welcome. Though sometimes the huge hover panes are somewhat annoying. :)

  20. Its been a long time since I visited yahoo main page. I only use ym.

    Looking at the new page design, it still looks the same.. over-crowded with info.

  21. alejojoe says:

    its more eye-friendly. the neater the better. i like the widget/icons on the left side of the page. plus the fact that you can add more fave on it.

  22. The Yahoo! makeover is really great. Easy to use and easy to customize, just right for your taste.


  23. Vicoi says:

    Yes, it’s a great improvement! :-D

  24. wall-e says:

    I like the new look.Its way better than the old one.

  25. Better than nothing :p
    The world is probably already Web 2.7, Yahoo just switched to Web 2.0 (sarcasm meant)

    It is cool, maybe I’ll go back into using Yahoo instead of Google ;)

    “Maybe”, what will affect my decision is whoever will be the first to use their dot-Asia domain names –; Such a waste if they don’t ;)

  26. Vance says:


    Another big change will come to YAHOO! if this is true! Yahoo will be officially part of Microsoft.. in 2010 after 3 to 6 months Yahoo search will become Bing..

    again rumors…

  27. mrOreo says:

    love the “favorites” sidebar. Although Yahoo didn’t do lot of changes at least they added some feature like the “favorites”

  28. anne says:

    They overused AJAX on the page. It gets to the point it became very annoying.

    While I’m viewing the video link (buffering on the place where the slideshow at the center of the page is), I happened to hover on the other links below it (thumbnails that when hovered updates the slideshow box at the top)… and yes, it did its job, changing the video at the top – and so the buffering stops – and so I have to click on the video link to buffer once again…

    Can’t they just have the videos opened as lightbox pop ups or to another page?

    And the same as the Favorites at the side, hovering that shows pop ups are annoying to eyes especially when I wanted to skim and hover to decide which link to click.

    Maybe it is more acceptable if the loading doesn’t keep repeating once it was previously been loaded…

    This is a no-no considering there are users who likes to play with the cursor and hovers everything on the page while browsing.

    So why do the people behind the design say that the page is fast? Because it is over-ajaxified.

    I therefore like the old one, clean and uninterrupted.

  29. MarK says:

    I hate the new yahoo.

    Especially when you click on “Contacts”. In old yahoo you could see all contacts online/offline. Now, you must click one by one to see that. This is regression not progression!

    Nobody ask us if we want the changes.

  30. nICK says:

    This is just a sign of new & better things to come from Yahoo!. because previous yahoo is good but due to not any change people using google more,but after this yahoo may come on the top….

    good features…. the “favorites” sidebar. Although Yahoo didn’t do lot of changes at least they added some feature like the “favorites”. in which u can have now lots of things facebook, gmail,twitter….so its nmake yahoo more good….

    now we dn’t have to install the toolbars….simply go to favorites….and run the applications….

    i like it look as crowded. but provide us the information of daily activities going on….

    i think yahoo…has it own quality……

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