Should I stay with iOS or shift to Android?

Let me start this article by giving you a brief background on how I started shifting from one mobile ecosystem to another. Like most people, my first love was with Nokia and its Symbian OS. Not because it is a revolutionary OS but primarily because I don’t really have any choice.

On the positive side you get to choose from a wide variety of cellphone models since Nokia led the mobile hardware race back then.

I’ve had four Nokia phones before with the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic as the last one. It was also the device that introduced me to flashing custom ROMs, it was exciting. However, that excitement ran out when I had my first encounter with an Android phone. My then girlfriend (who’s now my wife) bought a Samsung Galaxy Spica running Android 2.1 Eclair.

I instantly fell in love with it but not because of the phone’s design or the widgets or the fluid interface. I fell in love with Android because of its threaded SMS system. If you’re an experienced Nokia user coming from the likes of 3210 then you’ll understand how wonderful threaded SMS is.

I immediately sold my 2 year old Nokia 5800 and planned to buy a Spica myself but for some reason I skimped and decided to wait for a better Android phone. I then had my sights on the HTC Hero until a friend came along with his iPod Touch 3rd Gen. I’ve seen the iPod Touch before and considered it as a great device. But I needed a phone, the iPod Touch is not a phone. And the iPhone 3G is too damn expensive at that time. I played with the iPod Touch and I fell in love again. This time because of the apps and the really neat UI. To cut things short, I went for the iPod Touch 3rd Gen and just used a really cheap “that-you-can-toss-it-around” Samsung phone that came as a freebie when my mom bought a refrigerator.

I was really satisfied with the iPod Touch and even went for the 4th Gen. If I have the resources I’d immediately buy the iPhone 4. All the while I kept in touch with Android with my wife’s Spica. I loved the idea on how you can customize Android in different levels – something that iOS cannot achieve even with a jailbreak. Like what I told a friend – “If you want elegant simplicity, go for iOS. But if you want complex badassery, go for Android.” I was lucky enough to play both worlds, until I bricked the Spica. Maybe I’m not badass enough.

And so I stuck with iOS and kept on tinkering with the jailbroken iPod Touch 4th Gen. Currently I have the iPhone 4S and things are great so far. I’ve jailbroken it and customized it to a point that it’s lagging and crashing. I was forced to restore it to its “pristine” state but decided not to completely go back. I want something better. I ended up updating from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6 beta 3. It’s neat, it has new features but I wasn’t completely satisfied. The geek inside me is screaming for something more difficult to tinker on. I flashed my wife’s Kindle Fire with a custom Android Jellybean and the voice subsided. What the fuck was that?? Is Android becoming the right kind of dealer for my needs?

I started comparing the philosophies behind iOS and Android. iOS is going for something that really works seamlessly but somewhat capped. Android, however, is accepted to be far from perfect but it is constantly evolving. A smartphone, in my opinion, is more than just a gadget. It’s an extension of who you are and its identity is how you want your life to work. As I remember holding the HTC One X on one hand and the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other with my iPhone 4S in the middle, I just can’t reject the fact that I needed change. The question now is, it Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS that’s going to give me the satisfaction of change? Should I stay with iOS or shift to Android? To our dear readers, help me weigh in the options. Convince me, entice me, coax me. iOS or Android? Share your thoughts below.

Editor’s Note: At one time or another, we can all relate to this transition and have faced the same dillema. – Yuga

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  1. WAIT FOR FIREFOX OS! (f.k.a. boot to gecko)
    this OS will sooth your geeky nerves.
    Firefox OS will rock your world. (based on some anonymous leaks)

  2. Don’t make it complicated, you can’t have everything in one device, that’s y there’s pc, laptop and smartphone. You can play in each, not do soft devt and not even 3d stuffs, if you’re not content with one smartphone feature, get the other kind.

    After all, it’s all but getting contented or giving in to ur tech porn. Follow you heart, dig in if you can get all those gadgets.

  3. All I can say is, if you have this geeky, tinkering appetite, then you should go for Android. The iOS is great and simple at the same time. Android focuses more on the preference and creativeness of a person..

    You’re right when you said that Apple works seamlessly but is somewhat capped. It has this perfect interface and smoothness like no other. Pero parang may kulang. Android on the other hand is like the iOS, only with a few extra kicks.

    and it’s upto you po, sir abe! kung ano mas trip nyo :))

  4. If you want something that “just works”, definitely go for iOS, but if, like me, you love tinkering with your phone in, as you say, “all levels,” then definitely Android is the way to go. The latter platform is still growing and will continue to evolve in the coming iterations. :)

  5. jego207

    perhaps you are just overthinking. both android and iOS are great platforms with their own pros & cons. :)

  6. I’ve been through symbian, WM, back to symbian, then maemo, ios and now to android. All I can say is that perfect is what you make of it. Each on of the devices I used are perfect at the time I used them until I found something more perfect or I gave my unit to my wife or my smartphone got stolen. I loved each one of my devices and still thinks fondly of each one of them.

    It is imperative that you understand what you really want first, get all the details about it. Buy it and never regret your decision. Make the most our of your gadgets. Me, I go to the extent of getting all possible accessories that I find useful and use them to the fullest.

    This way, I maximize my gadget and at the same time, enjoy it. By the way, I am no expert and I do not understand the computer language. But I do learn to jailbreak my Iphone and flash ROMs as early as my WM devices and now to my SGN, just to keep them interesting.

    On hindsight, the reason I gave up my Iphone 4 after a year or so of using it, is that even with all the advancements made with the IOs from the ipod gen 2 to iphone ios5, I got bored with it. I love change, I love improvements. If things get as stable as the IOS, I feel like something’s going to go wrong because I’m being complacent and rely too much on something. I don’t like that feeling. I like to be on my toes. I guess that’s what I crave. That’s why I shifted to using Android.

    It is the cold finger feeling that you get when you thought you bricked your device and also the euphoria when you finally brought your device back to life. It is the feeling of not knowing what you are doing but also the feeling of wanting to get something and being able to do so. I guess that’s what I love the most.

    This is for me, perfection. Perfection in the most basic form. Perfection in the most unexpected places. Perfection in the most unperfect world.

  7. couldn’t help but smile while i was reading this…naubusan ng topic?hehe.parang nagpapapansin lang ah;)peace man…u know ur needs better than anyone :)

    • Tama! If don’t meet your needs with one device, grab the other, after all u seem to be capable of going for the gold! Haha!

  8. No harm done. To each his own. Everyone’s entitled to his opinion. Though I was kinda sleepy when I was typing. Guess I got carried away. lol. :)

  9. seems to me that you have the money to spend on. So here is my advise, stay with the iOS by having the latest iPod touch, with it you can still experience ur beloved iOS, ika nga asawa mo yan eh. Then get a flagship android phone, one to sawa kalikot gawin mo dyan, parang kabit lang, tapos pag me bago bli ulit. haha.

  10. Hi Louie. I suggest you maintain both devices within your reach and use it to your liking, cost of ownership aside. Sooner or later, you’ll realize which platform and hardware better suit your needs. You may (or may not) drop the other in the long run. It can never be simpler than that I guess. I hope that helps.

    • Hi Marco, Zo, thank you for the suggestions. I was thinking of taking that route. I think I have found an economical way of doing this so hopefully I’d be able to buy a flagship Android soon. The One X is really attractive.

  11. Had this dilemma too. Actually i keep having it, with regard to my phone choice.

    But am happily sticking to my Galaxy Nexus for the coming months.

    I am someone who lives to tinker with things and so android really suits my cravings.

    But I also love the simplicity of how did i go about this?

    Bought the new iPad. So now I have a really reliable android phone and the goodness of iOS. Not the most budget friendly of solutions but hey it works.

  12. both are great platforms but Android is really better because of OPTIONS not unlike iOS… you dont have any option except for 1 – which they provided you.

    iOS has no simple and should-be-present stuffs like microSD to expand and copy paste function

    • Matagal ng may copy paste ang iOS. Don’t tell me you’re still using the 2007 iOS device?

  13. You should have created a poll Abe. Landslide Android!

  14. i agree that andoid OS is the one for you. but keep an iOS gadget like the iTouch for other purpose like gamings :)

  15. Go for both. I have an Android as my daily driver. The homescreen that gives you access to many functions, agenda info, news, shortcuts is just indispensable. Android does a better task at integrating with 3rd party apps (i.e. open a link and it will offer you a choice between different browsers; open a file and it will offer you a choice of the different viewers/readers you have).
    The iPad is my top choice for a tablet. I use it for reading books, mostly. and for that I need a device that requires minimal tinkering. I personally think that iOS is optimized for the iPad than the iPhone.

  16. Almost all commenters here go for Android for…


    And that’s not the reason why most of us buy tablets or smartphones…it’s the quality apps and how they perform on the device, that’s the main life of these gadgets…

    Android apps? Never mind…

    • 4 Thumbs up. :)

      Customization, is a really good thing to do in a phone. But we should focus more on the performance. :P

      I am no android hater but it’s like having a B&W phone and then being able to customize it to do “thread messaging, customised ringtones, etc” but it takes 4 seconds or so to open every command. :)

      Just a come back, Android is catching up with iOS faster than everyone has amticipated. If MAC wouldn’t do something about that, they should start saying their goodbyes on their LOYAL consumers. :)

  17. Here try to watch this one might shed light to your agony hehe

  18. i dont care about the OS. i care about the quality of the screen/display (i dont care about the size either)

    fk that AMOLED/IPS crap and their over saturated fake colours..

    still iOS for its Apps and Retina Display.

  19. i dont care about the OS. i care about the quality of the screen/display (i dont care about the size either)

    fk that AMOLED/IPS crap and their over saturated fake colours..

    still iOS for its Apps and Retina Display. owo

  20. pawpilot

    well, with out steve jobs.. how can apple continue? remember when they kicked out steve jobs from apple? they thought they can sustain it.
    right now apple doesnt know where they’re going..

  21. having 2 smart phones at the same time, is normal nowadays. keep one each of ios and android, get the best of both worlds.

  22. When it comes to fluid UI and high class apps then iOS is the clear choice, iOS in general is simplicity at it’s best unfortunately its aging from iOS version 1 to 6 and still having the same UI. However Android is completely different its something like an iOS merged with Symbian(RIP) more options more freedom (connectivity options & PC sync), memory card support, easy to modify, etc… its like Symbian an open OS but with the same UI experience as iOS but not as fluid “laggy at times” and not the same class of apps “specially ported apps originally made for iOS” (but with new version of android “JB” it could change).

    So if you want a touch phone with more options you can play with then go with android, but if you want high class and apps/UI and simple to use and CAN AFFORD then go with iOS (iphones)

    Another thing with android is the problem with their versions, it doesn’t support all models ICS/JB for example supports only select high end android phones most mid-range android phones aren’t even supported by ICS. So if you want the best of Andriod OS you need to have a high end Android phones.

    • Anonimi

      What’s with this high class? An app is an app, there are no low, mid or high class. Its just the pricing. And android can be more fluid than iOS. if you compare an iPhone 4s to a android device with lower specs then it is normal that the latter will be inferior. Try to compare iPhone 3gs with Samsung Galaxy S2, or with the older Samsung Galaxy S. Its obvious which is which. You are commenting as if you compare both hardware and software of iPhone to the android OS. I used both platform and I really liked the iOS but flexibility and multiple support is what the android is all about. Combined with a beastly hardware, it is better than the latest iPhone and iOS today.

  23. Daniel – there is copy paste in IOS.

    I have both IOS and Android, and enjoying both of them.

  24. For me it’s always been android. From the term android alone you get this notion that it is smarter than most phones. The only disadvantage of having a smartphone is the battery life. But now companies are coming up with cellphones that have 3300 mah batteries like Motorola Droid Razr MAXX. Now android has become THE ultimate phone.

  25. watch first I love my s3 but when I watched the makes me wanna buy iphone 5..


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